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The Savage Resurrection - The Savage Resurrection - (1968 great us psychedelic rock - Wave)

On their only album, the Savage Resurrection mined a psychedelic sound that was not as heavy and metallic as Blue Cheer (also produced by Abe "Voco" Kesh), but at the same time more garagey in feel than that of the average Bay Area psychedelic band. Sometimes it's pedestrian blues-rock with overlong riffing, as on the accurately titled "Jammin.'" At its best, it has the spacier, folkier, and more melodic feel that was characteristic of much '60s Californian psychedelic music, as on "Someone's Changing." More dissonant and Middle Eastern influences make themselves known on "Every Little Song" and "Tahitian Melody," and the backup vocals on "Remlap's Cave, Pt. 2" indicate that they did their share of listening to the Who's "A Quick One, While He's Away." Randy Hammon and John Palmer create an intense and thick dual-guitar sound throughout (separated so that Hammon's playing is on the left channel, and Palmer's on the right). The CD reissue on Mod Lang adds informative historical liner notes and three previously unissued rehearsal recordings as bonus cuts, including different versions of "Thing in 'E'" and "Tahitian Melody," and a cover of "River Deep Mountain High." (Richie Unterberger, All Music Guide) 

Original copies of this 1968 album (the group's only release) now change hands for hallucinogenic prices. Guitarist Randy Hammon recently managed to wrestle licensing rights from PolyGram and now you can hear this young, punk-psychedelic outfit without breaking the bank or going bootleg.
Their self-confessed Hendrix obsession is immediately obvious. First track, Thing In E, is a speeded up version of Jimi's first album, first track, Foxy Lady. Throughout one hears similarly loud echoes. Love obviously motivated the intricate structure and well-executed tempo switches of Someone's Changin', and Country Joe is conjured up by the good-humoured, hippy-funk of Fox Is Sick.
What saves the group from dismissal as well-meaning imitators (and from the vaults of collectors) are the glimpses of raw power they show on fuzzed-up R&B doodlebugs such as Appeal To The Happy and, conversely, moments of left-field, ethnic delicacy, as on Tahitian Melody. Undeveloped potential to go. 
(Mojo Music Magazine, 1999)

Band line-up 
Bill Harper - lead vocals, percussion 
Randy Hammon - lead guitar, vocals 
John Palmer - lead guitar, vocals 
Steve Lage - bass, vocals 
Jeff Myer - drums 

Tracks Listing 
01- Thing In "E" 3:06 (Palmer) 
02- Every Little Song 1:51 (Hammon) 
03- Talking To You 2:45 (Palmer, Harper) 
04- Tahitian Melody 3:45 (Palmer) 
05- Jammin' 8:07 (Palmer, Hammon) 
06- Fox Is Sick 2:42 (Palmer) 
07- Someone's Changing 2:35 (Palmer, Hammon) 
08- Remlap's Cave Part II 2:55 (Palmer) 
09- Appeal To The Happy 4:20 (Palmer, Harper) 
10- Expectations 4:59 (Palmer) 
Bonus Tracks
11- Thing In "E" 3:30 (Palmer) 
12- Tahitian Melody 3:39 (Palmer) 
13- River Deep Mountain High 3:29 (Spector, Barry, Greenwich) 

Recorded At Amigo Studios, North Hollywood, Calif. 
Produced By Abe 'Voco' Kesh (Randy Hammon & Alec Palao) 
Sleeve Redesign: Patrick Roques 
Special Thanks To: Alec Palao, Nick Saloman, . . . 

Robert Savage - The Adventures Of Robert Savage Vol. 1 (1971 great us psychedelic hard rock - Wave)

Volume 1 is the First and only Album by the American Hard-Rock Psychedelic Band The Adventures Of Robert Savage.
Little is known about this Band, apart from having recorded this Album in California, United States, so it is thought that they are Americans. I really don't know what i can say about them, because there is really no information, and the fact that they are Americans is already a supposition. The Cover-Art may be misleading, i thought this was a Medieval Rock Album, while it is a 70's Hard-Rock Album. It is very good nonetheless, a fantastic drawing of an hero slaying a Dragon on the top of a cliff.
The opening song, "Beaver Baby" starts with a strong Guitar Riff, very groovy, and some extraordinary Vocal work, especially the Female. The song is very powerful, and it is undoubtedly one of the best songs in the Album. "Milk Run" there are parts of the song thar are extremely enjoyable, the Vocals for instance, have some great moments (some weren't so great) and the Guitar Solo is also something which should not be discarded. "Don´t Run And Hide" best part is the Refrain, which unfortunately is repeated only a few times, for a music this long. The Drums take the lead role in "A Hard One", which is a very Soul-full song, with Jimi Hendrix like Vocals. This one, "7 Days Drunk", would be better of without the Guitars, because it as some very catchy moments, but they don't correspond to the Guitar lines. The largest song in the Album is probably also the weakest "Save Us From The Cyclops", is extremely tedious, and has the smell of something that has been rotten for ages. "Amy" starts bad, but it starts getting better and better, until the moment where a Guitar full of effects, starts a Kick-Ass Solo. "Road Apples" is truly a great finale. A 4 and an half minutes instrumental Jam, with a fantastic Guitar work and an amazing Beat. It is truly the best end this Record could have.
Volume 1 indicates that they intended to record more Albums, but it never happened.(From Red Hippie Blog)

01- Beaver Baby (3:05)
02- Milk Run (3:10)
03- Don't Run And Hide (4:03)
04- A Hard One (3:19)
05- 7 Days Drunk (4:29)
06- Save Us From The Cyclops (5:46)
07- Amy (3:55)
08- Lonely World (3:08)
09- Road Apples (4:24)

Don Parish - Vocals, Bass
Robert Savage - Vocals, Guitar
Tommy Richards - Drums


Robert Savage Group - 1971-02-19- Swing Auditorium, Orange Show Fairgrounds,San Bernadino, CA - Soundboard - Wave)

Rare and great concert by Robert Savage Group , great sound .....
Many thanks to SIRMick for sharing this gem & rockrarecollectionfetish for the artwork

* There is some occasional feedback but it isn't really distracting.
* There is a small tape problem during "7 Days Drunk", I had to cut out around 3 seconds.

01- Stage announcements/tuning and intro
02- Milk Run
03- Tomorrow's Menu
04- Amy (The Insane)
05- Beaver Run
06- Lonely World
07- The Stumble
08- Don´t Run And Hide
09- 7 Days//Drunk

Robert Savage - guitar, vocals
Don Parish - bass
Tommy Richards - drums
Unknown - keyboards


Juicy Groove - First Tate (1978 great us psych garage with members of Steppenwolf & Captain Beefheart - Wave)

Juicy Groove was a short-lived supergroup of sorts, featuring former members of Steppenwolf (guitarist Mars Bonfire, a.k.a. Dennis Edmonton) and Captain Beefheart's Magic Band (guitarist Mercury Flyer, a.k.a. Elliot Ingber, and bassist Gary "Magic" Marker). There were numerous drummers involved; the drums are credited to Thundercloud, a nickname for Mike Cassidy, son of Spirit drummer Ed Cassidy. The elder Cassidy is not credited, but Ed reportedly drummed on some of the songs, and Iron Butterfly's Ron Bushy drummed on one. Their lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist was a character named Michael "Rainbow" Neal, an associate of Sky Saxon who was involved in some of Saxon's post-Seeds activities. On their 1978 album, Juicy Groove played unashamed '60's-style garage psychedelia as if the previous decade had never ended.
Juicy Groove's only album was titled First Taste. It was a picture disc released on a label called Payola. It's a hilariously anachronistic set of acid-fried hippie-rock tunes, recorded with a relatively lo-fi quality for a late-'70's album. There are no songwriting credits on the disc, but at least three songs ("Starry Ride", "Drums Guitars Stars", "Tired Of Bein' Poor") were co-written by Seeds leader Sky Saxon. The uninhibited frontman "Rainbow" Neal alternately moans like a stoner and howls like a lunatic. The trippy "Starry Ride" feels like just that. "Drums Guitars Stars" is a Jefferson Airplane-like anthem (complete with a Grace Slick soundalike named Victoria Reid) about rocking and rolling your way to fame. The similar-minded "Concert Fever" (which features Iron Butterfly drummer Ron Bushy) is filled with obviously dubbed sounds of audience applause. The album's carefree drug-soaked party vibe results in infectious, delirious enjoyment. Fans of Rhino's Nuggets box sets may want to dig this record up, because they'll probably dig it.

01. Secret Lover
02. Juicy Groove
03. Late Last Night
04. Drums Guitars Stars
05. Tired Of Bein' Poor
06. Concert Fever
07. Two Shy
08. Starry Ride
09. Spread Love
10. Havin' Fun

Rainbow Neal: Rhythm Guitar, Lead Vocals
Magic Marker: (Captain Beefheart): Bass
Mars Bonfire (Steppenwolf): Guitar
Elliot Ingber:(Captain Beefheart): Guitar
Ron Bushy (Iron Butterfly): Drums
Mike Cassidy (Thundercloud): Drums
Victoria Reid: Vocals