lundi 15 avril 2013

John Dummer Band Featuring Mick Pickett - Blue (1972 great uk blues & blues rock - wave)

Excellent British Blues Boom album with great guitars by Nick Pickett & Adrian Pietryga .

Tracks listing
01.If I Could Keep from Laughing (06:43)
02.Medicine Weasel (04:44)
03.Rambling Boy (03:11)
04.Me and Your Boogie (03:56)
05.Time Will Tell (03:22)
06.End Game (03:48)
07.Me and the Lady (09:35)
08.Medicine Weasel (Single Version/Mono) (04:44)
09.End Game (Single Version/Mono) (03:49)

John Dummer: Drums
Nick Pickett: Guitar, Violin, Keyboards, Vocals
Adrian Pietryga: Guitar
Iain Thompson: Bass, Vocals


dimanche 14 avril 2013

Spirit - My Father's Place, Old Roslyn, New York - August 8th 1976 - 1st & 2nd show (Wave)

Randy California, Ed Cassidy, John Locke, John Turlep.

1st Show. (decent audience)
01. Nature's Way
02. Veruska
03. Little Time To Fly
04. Like A Rolling Stone
05. Farther Along
06. Mr Skin
07. Stoney Night
08. Fresh Garbage
09. World Eat World Dog
10. 1984
11. It's All The Same
12. I Got A Line On You
13. Animal Zoo
14, Hey Joe

2nd Show. (discreet FM)
01. Prelude > Nothing To Hide >
02. Nature's Way
03. Like A Rolling Stone
04. World Eat World Dog
05. Mr Skin
06. Farther Along
07. Stoney Night
08. Mega Star
09. I Got A Line On You
10. Reelin' In The Night
11. Dark Eyed Woman
12. 1984

Filler .
Original reunion with Neil Young, Santa Monica, Ca., August 28 1976
13. Just Like Thumb's Blues
14. Like A Rolling Stone

Fantastic show with Randy's guitar on fire , thanks to my friend Cipcal for his advice and to 38f for the original seed ...
Enjoy !!!

"Stoney Night" Live 08/76 Roslyn NY

Cd 01
Cd 02

samedi 13 avril 2013

Bachman Turner Overdrive - Bachman Turner Overdrive II (1973 great canadian heavy rock - Wave)

Bachman Turner Overdrive was a muscular boogie band from canada, both musically and literally (frontmen Randy Bachman and Fred Turner could have played line for any number of football teams! )this album marked the band's commercial breakthrough with the monster hit "Takin' care of business" (still heard regularly on office depot commercials) and minor hits "Let it ride" and "Welcome home." the sound is hard rock from start to finish, but not as metallic as the next effort 'not fragile' would be. the boogie is still here (eg., "business" and "tramp"), as well as a glimpse of mr. Bachman's jazz chops (check out the end of "welcome home," an almost completely different song as the band gets into a brubeck groove), as was "Blue collar" from their first album. this album captures the live feel, not far removed from the bar room. no studio gimmicks, no subtlety, just power chords and hard rock joy! (By P Dizzle)

01- "Blown" (R. Bachman, T. Bachman) – 4:18 - (vocals: T. Bachman)
02- "Welcome Home" (R. Bachman) – 5:29 - (vocals: R. Bachman)
03- "Stonegates" (Turner) – 5:35 - (vocals: Turner)
04- "Let It Ride" (R. Bachman, Turner) – 4:27 - (vocals: Turner)
05- "Give It Time" (Turner) – 5:44 - (vocals: Turner)
06- "Tramp" (R. Bachman, T. Bachman) – 4:02 - (vocals: R. Bachman)
07- "I Don't Have to Hide" (T. Bachman) – 4:22 - (vocals: T. Bachman)
08- "Takin' Care of Business" (R. Bachman) – 4:50 - (vocals: R. Bachman)

Randy Bachman - guitar, vocals
Robbie Bachman - percussion, drums
Tim Bachman - guitar, vocals
Fred Turner - bass, vocals
Norman Durkee - piano on "Takin' Care of Business"


Bachman Turner Overdrive - Bachman Turner Overdrive (1973 great canadian heavy rock - Wave)

The first was the best...
Some bands need time to get up to stride; others come up with their best stuff when they still toiled in relative obscurity. BTO fits in the latter. Their first album is easily their best, starting off right away with "Gimme Your Money Please", a tune sure to please with the heavy guitar riffs and snarling vocals of C F Turner. That's followed by "Hold Back the Water", which was the flip side of the single "Blue Collar", which is also great. You may remember "Blue Collar" as a bluesy tune; unfortunately the band never explored that side of their music much, because this track works. Other good tracks include "Stayed Awake All Night" and "Down and Out Man", a rare vocal by early member Tim Bachman. Commercial success probably led them to go down the safe and easy path with subsequent releases, although their fourth album "Four Wheel Drive" rebounds a bit before the band personnel changed and BTO plummeted. This album and "Four Wheel Drive" are the ones you want. If you're a fan, the other albums work, too. But this is their best one, hands down.(By Mark R. Van Wagenen)

Track listing
"Gimme Your Money Please" (C.F. Turner) – 4:41 (Lead Vocal: Turner)
"Hold Back The Water" (Randy Bachman, Rob Bachman, Kirk Kelly) – 5:06 (Lead Vocal: Turner)
"Blue Collar" (C.F. Turner) – 6:10 (Lead Vocal: Turner)
"Little Gandy Dancer" (Randy Bachman) – 4:22 (Lead Vocal: Turner)
"Stayed Awake All Night" (Randy Bachman) – 4:07 (Lead Vocal: Randy and Tim Bachman)
"Down And Out Man" (Tim Bachman, R.B. Charles) – 3:12 (Lead Vocal: Tim Bachman)
"Don't Get Yourself In Trouble" (Randy Bachman) – 4:54 (Lead Vocal: Turner)
"Thank You For The Feelin'" (C.F. Turner) – 4:07 (Lead Vocal: Turner)

Randy Bachman - guitar, electric guitar, vocals
Robbie Bachman - percussion, drums
Tim Bachman - guitar, rhythm guitar, vocals, background vocals
C.F. Turner - bass, vocals
Barry Keane - congas
Will MacCalder - piano
Garry Peterson - percussion, drums, background vocals

lundi 8 avril 2013

Captain Beyond - Live In Arlington Texas 1973 (great us-uk psychedelic rock - wave)

Far Beyond a Distant Sun - Live in Arlington Texas is Captain Beyond's only official live album to date. It was recorded in 1973 (but wasn't officially released until 2002), after the release of Sufficiently Breathless, with the four original member reuniting for a brief tour before Rod Evans leaves. The album was recorded at the University of Texas at Arlington in support of King Crimson.

01."Intro/Distant Sun" – 6:33
02."Drifting in Open Space" – 4:04
03."Pandora's Box/1000 Days of Yesterday" (Rod Evans, Bobby Caldwell) – 14:55
04."Dancing Madly Backwards" (Evans, Caldwell) – 18:15
05."Mesmerization Eclipse" (Evans, Caldwell) – 18:05
06."Stone Free" (Jimi Hendrix) – 5:21

•Rod Evans – Lead vocals, Tambourine
•Rhino – Lead guitar, Backing vocals
•Lee Dorman – Bass guitar, Backing vocals
•Bobby Caldwell – Drums


dimanche 7 avril 2013

Rich Hopkins & Barry "The Fish" Melton - Duel In The Desert - 2007 ("Fantastic" californian guitar based music)

This is a guitar album, and if you do not like loud electric rock music, this CD is not for you. Elder rock legend Barry "The Fish" Melton meets up with one of his biggest fans, Rich Hopkins. Rich, is the rock prince of Tucson, Arizona. Together these two musicians had a plan...turn back the clocks to 1969 and crank it out. 
  Barry, was one of those players that set San Francisco on fire during the mid 1960's, and along with John Cipollina of Quicksilver Messenger Service, he among the very finest guitarists that California had to brag about. English musicians such as: Clapton, Beck and Page, would watch him closely as a study of change that occurred in early 1967, that would forever alter the way that rock music would be performed.
  Over Thanksgiving weekend in 2005 Barry and Rich met up in Arizona, set up their vintage guitars and amps, found a bass guitar player and drummer, and set the clocks back to another time, forty years back near The Golden Gate. 
  Key tracks are: "Alabama Bound", "The Highway Is A Devil", "Thirty Days", "Pretty Polly" and right in the center of the disc, the insrumental track entitled: "Duel In The Desert" that is a classic guitar "Freak-Out" between Barry and Rich of massive distortion and waa-fuzz pedal wonder that really captures the spirit of times long past. This kind of rock music belongs to the young, or the young at heart. Both artists share vocal duties, and Barry has a few moments infront of the microphone on this CD, and he is a welcome surprise as the better vocalist of the two.
  This bluesy, raw rock is way out of place today, in this pop world of: "American Idol" and fans of Jessica's latest release. It is the music of small bars and roadhouses from Tallahassee to Tacoma. This is good rock music that is so much more akin to time way back and of decades past. 
The music here will only appeal to a limited audience, it is the sound of guys playing for the fun of playing.(By Philip S Wolf) 

Track List
01. Alabama Bound
02. I’ve Seen The World From Your Eyes
03. Please Forgive Me
04. Without You
05. The Highway Is A Devil
06. Duel In The Desert
07. Pretty Polly
08. O Death
09. Thirty Days
Line Up
Barry Melton : Guitar, Vocals
Rich Hopkins : Guitar, Vocals
Nick Augustine : Bass Guitar 
Tom Larkin : Drums 

samedi 6 avril 2013

Morly Grey - The Only Truth - (1972- Great and Tremendous us psychedelic rock - reissue with 5 bonus tracks - Wave)

Morly Grey : this legendary American group with a proven track record only one album released in 1972. Why is 'legendary'? Bo has released the album themselves and disappeared. And the only reissue on CD was released after 35-five years in an equally small number of copies...The original vinyl Starshine label and have the number 69000.... costs over 1000 bucks, so it is worth while to hunt for a compact a reissued digitally remastered by Comet Records ..added 5 bonus tracks, hmm although it is quite difficult task..CD also quickly had disappeared!

Perhaps the best privately released Heavy psych album around. Amazing album.
Music? The heavy, psychedelic rock, guitar orgy and cool melodies. 8 tracks, 46 minutes of music....vinyl version
Music recorded in two different studios:
1971, Cleveland Recording Corporation, Cleveland, Ohio. Inzynieria: Ken Hamen.
1972, Peppermint Studios, Youngstown, Ohio. Inzynieria: Gary Rhamy.
and differing in quality, but from start to finish excellent. Guitar overthrow. Playing a very 'American', which is embedded in the blues,near progressive structures almost hard, that is a very psychedelic blues-rock-hard 
The Morly Grey can play loudly of course (phenomenal Our Time with frequent changes of tempo and speedy guitar solos and the album-opener, uncompromising Peace Officer). Sometimes, however, music is a little quieter and more melancholic (Who Can I Say You Are, ballad A Feeling For You). The go-aheads riffs (especially in You Came To Me), a variety of solos and cleverly used a wah-wah effects make the guitar player standing in the foreground on in the album. The album ends with a 17-minute suite The Only Truth. The song opens with heavy guitars, but little by little the music takes the listeners to the world of subtle psychedelia. From the guitar sounds landscape there discretely appears the song from the Civil War When Johnny Comes Marching Home.
When Johnny comes marching home again, Hurrah! Hurrah!
Let love and friendship on that day, Hurrah, Hurrah!
Really a great album. A feast for all who love old stuff and austere beginning of hard rock... Amazing album and real rocker (By Adamus67)

Unofficial page

Tracks Listing
01. Peace Officer (5:30)
02. You Came To Me (4:12)
03. Who Can I Say You Are (3:40)
04. I'm Afraid (4:32)
05. Our Time (6:29)
06. After Me Again (3:07)
07. A Feeling For You (2:33)
08. The Only Truth (17:02)
09. None Are For Me (10:21)
10. Come Down (8:59)
11. Love Me (3:39)
12. I'll Space You (3:47)
13. Be Your King (3:23)

Tim Roller - Guitars, Backing Vocals
Mark Roller - Bass, Lead Vocals
Paul Cassidy - Drums, Guest Vocals (01 to 05)
Bob LaKnave - Drums, Percussion, Lead vocals (06 to 13)
Producer - Floyd Phillips 


The Good Rats - My Father's Place - Roslyn - New York - August 20th 1974 (Wave)

This is a WLIR FM broadcast... Fantastic concert by the Good Rats during their best era ...
Enjoy !!!  

Disc 1
01 - Intro Ken Cole/ WLIR 
02 - Back To My Music
03 - Injun Joe
04 - Tasty
05 - City Acting
06 - Louise The Tease
07 - Poppa Poppa
08 - Fred Upstairs and Ginger Snappers
09 - Phil Fleish
10 - Rat City in Blue
11 - Beat Up Rambler
12 - 300 Boys (Tape Flip)
Time: - 45:50

Disc 2
01 - Klash Ka-Bob
02 - Songwriter
03 - Fireball Express
04 - Hourglass
05 - Yellow Flower
06 - Mean Mother Fucker
07 - WLIR-FM Tasty
08 - Takin' it to Detroit
09 - Does it Make You Feel Good?
10 - Coo Coo Blues
Time: - 43:06

The Good Rats are:
Peppy Marchello: Lead Vocals, Baseball Bat
Mickey Marchello: Rhythm Guitar, Backing Vocals
Lenny Kottke: Bass, Vocals
John (The Cat) Gato: Lead Guitar
Joe Franco: Drums and percussion

Disc 01
Disc 02

mercredi 3 avril 2013

Liquid Smoke - Liquid Smoke (1970 Great Us Hard Blues Rock - Wave)

Liquid Smoke were a Long Island, New York group that consisted of Sandy Pantaleo (lead vocals), Vince Fersak (guitar), Ben Ninnman (keyboards), Mike Archuleta (bass), and Chas Kimbrell (drums).
The group formed while students at ECU and signed with Avco Embassy in 1969, releasing their lone lp in early 1970 which was produced by Vinny Testa who also produced Frijid Pink and co-produced with Shadow Morton the Merchants Of Dream’s 1968 psych masterpiece “Strange Night Voyage”.
The group’s killer psych track “Lookin’ For Tomorrow” was the highlight of Peruvian band Gerardo Manuel & El Humo’s debut lp “Apocallypsis”. The album also includes their single “I, Who Have Nothing” a cover of the Ben E. King hit which was also covered earlier by Terry Knight And The Pack (see December 21, 2009 post) and later by Tom Jones and Sylvester.
Sandy Panaleo would later go on to a successful acting/vocalist/composer career as Sonny Rose. (Jack Dominilla)

Tracks Listing
01. I Who Have Nothing (Leiber, Stoller, Donida, Rapetti) - 3:18
02. Lookin' For Tomorrow (Vince Fersak) - 4:30
03. Hard To Handle (Otis Redding, Allen Alvoid Jones, Jr., Alvertis Isbell) - 3:43
04. Reflection (Vince Fersak) - 4:00
05. Warm Touch (Vince Fersak, Sandy Pantaleo) - 3:31
06 . Shelter Of Your Arms (JerrySamuels) - 4:05
07. Set Me Free (Vince Fersak) - 4:55
08. It's A Man's World (J. Brown, Betty Jean Newsome) - 5:10
09. Let Me Down Easy (Vince Fersak) - 4:2

Sandy Pantaleo - Lead Vocals
Ben Ninnman - Keyboards
Mike Archuleta - Bass
Vince Fersak - Lead Guitar
Chas Kimbrell - Drums


The Good Rats - Tasty (1974 us great mix of hard rock, jazz & blues - Wave)

"Tasty" is by far the greatest accomplishment by "America's Favorite Unknown Band": The Good Rats. I was first aquainted with the "Tasty" album at a young age when my father, who was a Good Rats fan in his youth, passed his taste in music down to me. I first became familiar with the popular title track, "Tasty", the upbeat lead-off track, "Back To My Music", and the eeire but lyrically ingenius and funny "300 Boys". Later on, I came to recognize the musical brilliance in "Klash Ka Bob", "Poppa Papa", "Phil Fliesh", the vocal magnificance in "Songwriter", "Injun Joe", and "Fireball Express", and the nostalgic ingenius in "Fred Upstairs and Ginger Snappers". And then it hit me. There is not a single song on this album that isn't worth listening to. Peppi Marchello posseses the rock and roll voice that most bands dream of having, John Gatto's guitar playing is flawless (check out "Klash Ka Bob" to hear Gatto at his best!), Lenny Kotke's fingers fly on the bass, Micky Marchello's guitar and vocal harmonies are always dead on, and Joe Franco's drumming is admirable. Essentially, The Good Rats are the model band for 70's rock. Why then did not make it big is beyond mystery to me. The "Tasty" album is a must-have for rock fans of all ages.(By The 5th Beatle)

01 "Back To My Music" 2:34
02 "Injun Joe" 5:28
03 "Tasty" 3:22
04 "Papa Poppa" 5:08
05 "Klash-Ka-Bob" 3:34
06 "Fireball Express" 3:16
07 "Fred Upstairs & Ginger Snappers" 3:11
08 "300 Boys" 3:49
09 "Phil Fleish" 4:00
10 "Songwriter" 3:50
Recorded at House of Music, West Orange, New Jersey, 1974

Peppi Marchello – lead vocals, harmonica, and bats
Mickey Marchello – guitar, vocals
John "The Cat" Gatto - guitar
Lenny Kotke - bass, vocals
Joe Franco - drums