jeudi 29 août 2013

Eric Burdon - I'm Ready - The Unreleased Eric Burdon Vol II (70's & early 80's Great Classic Rock - Wave)

The follow-up to the first volume of THE UNRELEASED ERIC BURDON flips the ratio of that release by including six studio tracks--mostly alternate takes and extended versions of tracks previously released on Burdon's more recent solo albums--and only four live cuts. The highlights are a powerful, lengthy version of "House of the Rising Sun" recorded at the Whiskey A-Go-Go (or at least that's what Burdon says at one point; the liner notes don't divulge recording dates or locations) and a hypnotic, storming 14-minute live take on the John D. Loudermilk classic "Tobacco Road."
Subtitled "The Unreleased Eric Burdon, Volume 2," the performances on this disc date back to the early 1970s and extend up to the early '80s, a prime creative period for the singer. Kicking off with a solid minor-key treatment of Muddy Waters' title track, this disc features six studio and four live tracks that are seeing their first U.S. release, and two of the tracks (the unedited long version of "Tobacco Road" and "Yes, Indeed, Yeah") are previously unreleased items. Burdon is in strong vocal shape throughout, and this makes a nice bookend to the first volume and an excellent addition to his later recordings. ~ Cub Koda, Rovi

Tracks List
01. I'm Ready (3:42)
02. I'm A Wicked Man (5:01)
03. We Gotta Get Out Of This Place (9:31)
04. Stop What You're Doing (4:59)
05. House Of The Rising Sun (6:11)
06. Got The Funky Fever (2:58)
07. Sweet Blood Call (4:55)
08. Yes, Indeed, Yeah (6:08)
09. Tobacco Road (13:28)
10. Take It Easy (4:48)
All tracks previously unreleased in USA. Track #9 previously unreleased anywhere in its entirety. Track #10 previously unreleased anywhere.
Tracks 1 and 10 "studio". Track 2 "studio alternate slow version". Tracks 4 and 6 "studio alternate verison". Tracks 3, 5, 7 and 9 "live". Track 8 "out take".

Aalon Butler, Pat Couchois, John Sterling , W.G. Snuffy Walden (guitar)
Ronnie Baron, Andy Chapin, Terry Ryan, Mike Ruff (keyboards)
George Suranovich, Alvin Taylor, Jaybird Mitthaver, Billy Ray Morris, Chris Couchois, Jaybird Mitthauer, Tony Braunagel (drums)
Nippy Noya (percussion)
Kim Kesterson, Terry Wilson, Howard Messer, Mark Leonard, Randy Rice (Bass)
Producers include: John Sterling, Snuffy Walden


samedi 24 août 2013

Free Will - Live At Jordan Elbridge High School (1970 great us hard rock - wave)

01- Dust My Broom
02- I'm Talking About You
03- Not Fade Away
04- Candy Man
05- Little Queenie
06- Mama Talk To You Daughtor
07- Stormy Monday Blues
08- Rock & Roll Medley

Mark Doyle - Lead Guitar
Joe Whiting - Lead Vocals
George Egosarian - Second Guitar
John DeMaso - Bass
Tom Glaister - Drums

For Fans Only – Lots of distortion on the original tape, but if any one wonders how electric the band’s shows were back in the day, look no further.

samedi 17 août 2013

Frumious Bandersnatch - Golden Songs Of Libra (1966-69 us great psychedelic rock - flac)

Frumious Bandersnatch was a psychedelic rock band in the late 1960s. The band was named after a character from the Lewis Carroll poem "Jabberwocky". Based out of San Francisco, California, the band was active from 1967 to 1969. Their initial three-song EP produced a minor underground hit with the song "Hearts to Cry". A recording of their live work, titled A Young Man's Song, was released on the Big Beat label.
Four members of Frumious Bandersnatch (Bobby Winkelman, Jack King, Ross Valory, and David Denny) would be regular members of the Steve Miller Band. Valory, along with fellow Frumious Bandersnatch member George Tickner and manager Herbie Herbert would join with ex-Santana members Neal Schon and Gregg Rolie to form the band Journey in 1973.

01. Hearts to Cry 5:26   
02. Chain Reaction 2:35  
03. Pulpit Huff 4:54  
04. Cheshire 9:42  
05. Pulpit Hough 4:55 
06. Can-a-bliss 15:34 
07. Hearts To Cry 5:03 (From EP)
08. Mysty Cloudy 1:54 (From EP)
09. Cheshire 7:03 (From EP)

David Denny - Guitar
Jack King - Drums , Vocals
Ross Valory - Bass , Vocals
Bobby Winkelman - Rhythm Guitar, Vocals
Jimmy Warner - Guitar
Jack Notenstein - Bass , Vocals


samedi 10 août 2013

Gary Wright - Gary Wright's Extraction & Footprint (1971-1972- uk great classic rock - wave)

Gary Wright, like Steve Miller and Peter Frampton, was a musical journeyman who just kept plugging away until he earned some well-deserved success in the mid-70's. But, his best work came well before "The Dreamweaver" was released, as you will hear when you listen to these two albums.
"Extraction" and "Footprint" are nearly cut from the same mold, they are so similar in structure and style, and they fit together seamlessly in this re-release. Wright was good at melding punchy uptempo rockers with reflective ballads. He featured a good deal of electric piano on these tunes, and partly as a result, the work is lighter and more buoyant than his work with Spooky Tooth.
Highlights include "Get On the Right Road", "I Know a Place", "The Wrong Time" and "Too Late to Cry" from "Extraction", and "Gimme The Good Earth", "Two-Faced Man", 'Whether It's Right or Wrong" and "Fascinating Things' from 'Footprint'. If you have some familiarity with the albums, you'll understand that I favor Wright's harder rocking tunes. 'I Know a Place" is a particularly special treat, showcasing Blodwyn Pig/Jethro Tull guitarist Mick Abrahams in a rare appearance as a sideman for another rocker.
"Footprint" is the more assured, mature record of the two. It features a really stellar cast of musicians, including George Harrison and Jim Gordon--check out the energy that Gordon adds to "Two-Faced Man", "Whether It's Right or Wrong" and "Fascinating Things". "Fascinating Things", an ominous track that blows in like a summer thunderstorm, also features Wright trading wicked licks (on organ) with the excellent guitarist Jerry Donahue (Fotheringay, Fairport Convention) who is still active and contributing to contemporary albums like Linda Thompson's 'Fashionably Late" .
"Two-Faced Man", featuring Harrison's slide guitar, deserved to be a hit . Wright and Harrison performed the song on the Dick Cavett show in 1972, and anyone wishing to view the footage should buy the Cavett 'Rock Stars' dvd which is now widely available. Yes, it's on Youtube as well.
Though Wright's "Extraction" and "Footprint' are dated somewhat in their themes of ecological and altruistic concerns, they still sound fresh musically, and this cd is remastered to bring out the best in the music.
Fans of Spooky Tooth, Wright's old band, should also check out bandmate Mike Harrison's albums, "Mike Harrison with Junkyard Angel", and "Smokestack Lightning'. Considering that the Spooky Tooth album, 'Last Puff' was largely a solo project for Harrison, a case can be made that he more than matched Wright's early efforts.(By Peter Baklava)

1971- Gary Wright's Extraction

01. Get On The Right Road
02. Get Hold Of Yourself
03. Singf A Song
04. We Try Hard
05. I Know A Place
06. Wrong Time
07. Over You Now
08. Woo Late To Cry
09. I've Got A Story

Gary Wright - Keyboards,Vocals
Mick Abrahams - Guitar
Hugh McCracken - Guitar 
Mike Kellie - Drums
Klaus Voormann - Bass
Trevor Burton - Bass
Alan White - Drums

Madeline Bell - Nanette Newman - Doris Troy - Vocals 

1972 - Footprint

10. Give Me The Good Earth
11. Two Faced Man
12. Love To Survive
13. Whether It's Right Or Wrong
14. Stand For Our Rights
15. Fascinating Things
16. Forgotten
17. If You Treat Someone Right
18. I Know (Bonus Track)

Gary Wright - Keyboards, Vocals 
Klaus Voorman - Bass Guitar
Hugh McCracken, Jerry Donahue - Guitar  
George Harrison - Guitar, Slide Guitar
Alan White, Colin Allan, Jim Gordon, Jim Keltner - Drums, Percussion 
Bobby Keys - Tenor Saxophone
Jim Price - Trumpet, Trombone
Barry St. John, Doris Troy, Jimmy Thomas, Liza Strike, Madeline Bell, Nanette Workman, Pat Arnold - Backing Vocals

Bedlam (Cozy Powell) - Live In London 1973 (1973 uk hard-blues mp3 @320)

Liner Notes from Denny Ball:
 Monday 22nd October: Command Studios Theatre in Picadilly. Show set up by Chrysalis records and our management. The idea was to record the band in a live environment and then send those recordings out to America for use by FM radio stations to promote our forthcoming support slot on Black Sabbath's 1974 tour there. 
 We were actually quite rude to the audience that night, treating them as extras in the evening's proceedings. We were so focused on getting the music down on tape that, when the tape ran out during the show, the audience were expected to amuse themselves whilst the engineer got things back on track.
 They hadn't paid to see the show; Chrysalis had sent free tickets out for the event.

Frank Aiello - Vocals
Dave Ball - Guitar
Denny Ball - Bass Guitar
Cozy Powell - Drums

01- I Believe In You (Live/London) (4:29)
02- Hot Lips (Live/London) (6:15)
03- Putting On The Flesh (Live/London) (4:23)
04- Sarah (Live/London) (4:58)
05- Drum Solo/Seven Long Years (Live/London) (5:47)
06- Mother In Law (Live/London) (1:10)
07- The Fool (Live/London) (11:30)
08- The Beast (Live/London) (5:57)
09- Set Me Free (Live/London) (6:43)


mardi 6 août 2013

Morgen - Morgen - (1969 us psychedelic hard rock - wave)

From New York, this short lived band evolved around the namesake guitarist Steve Morgen.
A foreboding bass riff and staccato drumming introduce ‘Welcome To The Void’, and for the next thirty-eight minutes one is hurled headlong into a vortex of dual-guitar overload, lyrically woven with romantic and Victorian imagery residing on a tab of microdot.
There are some cool passages here, like the sudden rush of Jimi Hendrix/the Who-hybrid notes in “Love” as a jungle beat throbs in the background, and the lasciviously fey vocal and sweetly fuzzy guitar sustains in “Of Dreams.” “Eternity in Between” does make it clear Morgen was a big Who fan, with its lifts of the chord sequence from “Underture” and the stuttering distortion of “My Generation”.

- Steve Morgen : vocals, guitar
- Rennie Genossa : bass
- Bob Maiman : drums
- Barry Stock : rhythm guitar

01. Welcome To The Void – 4:47
02. Of Dreams – 5:37
03. Beggin Your Pardon (Miss Joan) – 4:49
04. Eternity In Between – 5:06
05. Purple – 4:11
06. She’s The Nitetime – 3:30
07. Love – 10:53


Hackensack - Up the Hardway (1974 uk strong hard rock - Wave)

Hackensack - Up the Hardway, title track from their debut (and only official album for Polydor) album, released in 1974. Hackensack existed between 1968 and 1974 and released the abovementioned album and one single. They were formed by vocalist Nicky Moore, one of England's best frontmen. Their stage act was reminiscent of The Who and they built up a good reputation as a hard working and hard rocking blues/rock quartet. Their only album release is quite collectible today, and had a good mix of solid rockers as well as the odd tasteful blues track. Unfortunately its failure to do much led to the demise of the band in 1974. Moore subsequently joined Tiger, Samson and Mammoth, with drummer Simon Fox moving on to Be Bop Deluxe and guitarist Ray Smith (a.k.a. Ray Major ) moving on to The British Lions, an offshoot of Mott the Hoople.(From Chris Goes Rock)

1. Up The Hardway  
2. Long Way To Go  
3. Goodbye World  
4. Lazy Cow  
5. Angels Theme-Goodboy Badb  
6. Blindman  
7. Northern Girl  
8. Hot Damn Home-Made Wine 

Line Up
Nicky Moore - Lead Vocals, Guitar, Electric Piano
Paul Martinez - Bass Guitar
Ray Smith - Vocals, Lead Guitar
Simon Fox - Drums, Percussion
Sue Lynch, Joy Yates, Jacky Sullivan - Background Vocals  

lundi 5 août 2013

Eric Burdon – The Unreleased Eric Burdon Vol 1 (Recorded During The 70's - Great Classic Rock - Wave)

All songs contained on this CD have never been released in the versions that appear here. Part of this version of "Crawling Kingsnake" were used throughout the "Comeback" film and have appeared in a much edited version on various albums. This 10 minute plus extended version is the first time one can hear the actual studio session as it was recorded. For more information see booklet !! A must have for the fan and/or collector !!

All tracks except "Heart Attack"
Eric Burdon - vocals
Snuffy Walden - guitar
Terry Wilson - bass
Tony Braunagle - drums
Bobby Martin, Rosa King - saxes
Ronnie Barron, Bobby Martin, Michael Ruff - keyboards
Bobby Martin - Harmonica
Kynn Carey, Debbi Neal, Lisa Scott, Kate Markowitz - backing vocals

Personnel on "Heart Attack"
Eric Burdon -vocals
Pat Couchois - guitar
John Sterling - rhythm guitar
Howard Messer - bass
Chris Couchois – drums

Tracks list:
01. Crawling King Snake (unreleased extended studio version)
02. The Road (unreleased studio version)
03. Power Company (unreleased studio version)
04. Heart Attack (unreleased live)
05. Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood (unreleased live)
06. Boom Boom (unreleased live)
07. Don't Bring Me Down (unreleased live)
08. It Hurts Me Too (unreleased live)
09. No More Elmore (unreleased live)
10. I'm Crying (unreleased live)

Produced by John Sterling and Snuffy Walden


dimanche 4 août 2013

Charlee - Charlee (1972 canada fantastic hard rock with Walter Rossi - Wave audio format)

Their album, which got a U.S. release on Mind Dust four years after its initial Canadian exposure, is full of good pulsating hard rock numbers featuring lots of superb guitar work from the hands of Walter Rossi.

The instrumental opening cut, Wizard, sets the tone and driving hard rockers like Lord Knows I've Won, the imaginative Just You And Me and Wheel Of Fortune. Let's Keep Silent is notable for lots of fuzz guitar work and A Way To Die is a slower song featuring lots of Rossi's fine guitar work. All bar one cut were penned by Rossi (four were co-written with Danny Ippersiel). An album well worth checking out.

Before forming this great band, Canadian guitar wizzard Walter Rossi had cut his teeth in the late 60s with some pretty big names like, Wilson Picket, and The Buddy Miles Express. He even turned down offers from Three Dog Night and Janis Joplin. Walter also had the pleasure of jamming with Jimi Hendrix and Buddy Miles on several occassions during their Band of Gypsies days.

Then back in Canada, Walter co-founded the progressive rock band Influence in 1969.

After being signed by ABC records, they went on tour opening for The Doors and Steppenwolf. In 1971 he formed Charlee. This is heavy rock at it's very best! This lost, virtually unheard album from the early 70's is absolutely amazing and essential to anyone interested in metal. It ranks up there with Montrose, Sad Wings of Destiny and early Trower.

This one and only album by Charlee is a stone dead classic. I've only known one person who ever owned it but back then we all made tapes and cherished it as the great lost classic of rock that it still is (By Rate Your Music).

01.Wizzard (3:29)
02.Lord Knows I've Won (2:45)
03.Just You and Me (3:32)
04.A Way to Die (6:50)
05.Let's Keep Silent (3:28)
06.Wheel of Fortune Turning (6:32)
07.It Isn't the First Time (6:09)
08.Let's Keep Silent (1:57)

Walter Rossi - Guitar, Vocals
Jack Geisinger - Bass
Mike Driscoll - Drums


DR Fong & Friends - Cataclizm On 8th Avenue - (2007 Spacy Psychedelic Rock - Wave)

Don't miss this record . It's 45mn of Spacy , Psychedelic , Cosmic etc....GUITAR
One of the best instrumental track I've heard since a long time !!!
Long ago and far away, way out in the boonies of rural Hoosierland a young boy picked up his ax and started hammering out riffs. From tiny garage bands to eventually performing with some of the best musicians on the planet, Dr. Fong is no doubt one of rock's best kept secrets!Cataclizm is a bold move into a totally real, unrehearsed, unedited long jam.... Cataclizm was not rehearsed and was done in one take without any overdubs of any kind.
Cataclizm is 45 minutes of lettin' a Strat rip, rock, cry and weep in every way imaginable! Check out the good Doc's super guitar licks and the amazing bass work of Gary "Brotherman" Branchaud, Nashville "Alister"!Crank it way up and hit play! Have a taste of CataClizm on 8th Avenue!

Sam Apple Pie - East 17 (1973 great uk blues rock - Wave)

Sam Apple Pie recorded their second album East 17 in 1973, with Sam Sampson and Bob Rennie from the first album supported by Andy Johnson and Denny "Pancho" Barnes on guitars, and Lee Baxter Hayes on drums. East 17 is a bit more polished and diverse than their first album but probably lacked a real killer track to get them wider publicity and recognition. Flying is my favourite track reminding me of Wishbone Ash in dual guitar mode. All tracks are worth a listen - exciting and memorable live band who deserved more success than they achieved.

01.Good Time Music
03.Out On The Road
04.Route 66
05.She's The Queen
06. Old Tom
08.Call Me Boss
09.Another Orpheus

Sam "Tomcat" Sampson - Harmonica, Vocals
Bob "Dog" Rennie - Bass
Andy Johnson - Guitar
Denny "Pancho" Barnes - Guitar
Lee Baxter Hayes - Drums


Sam Apple Pie - Sam Apple Pie (1969 great uk blues rock - 2003 cd reissue - Wave)

Formed in Walthamstow, London, where they ran their own club 'The Bottleneck Blues Club', Sam Apple Pie soon attracted a large live following, with a mix of goodtime blues and boogie, interspersed with humour. In October 1969 they played the Amougies festival, in Belgium, where Frank Zappa jammed with them.
They wrote all but one of the songs on their first album Sam Apple Pie (1969) which featured lead singer Sam "Tomcat" Sampson with Mike "Tinkerbell" Smith and Steve Jolly on guitars, bassist Bob "Dog" Rennie, Malcolm Morley on keyboards and Dave Charles on drums.
In 1970 they played the first Glastonbury Festival, after which Morley and Charles left to form Help Yourself and Steve Jolly to join Procol Harum offshoot Freedom. After several more line up changes, the band recorded their second album East 17 in 1973, with Sam Sampson and Bob Rennie from the first album supported by Andy Johnson and Denny "Pancho" Barnes on guitars, and Lee Baxter Hayes on drums.
They disbanded in 1974, but reformed the next year. During the hiatus, from mid 1974 to February 1975, the band members performed with Vincent Crane as Vincent Crane's Atomic Rooster. Further line up changes included bassist Gary Fletcher, who subsequently joined The Blues Band and drummer Martin Bell. The band continued into the late 1970s, changing its name to The Vipers, (not to be confused with the new wave band of the same name) before disbanding.

The British blues-rock boom was such a big deal at the end of the 1960s that plenty of also-ran bands got the chance to fill out the bottom of concert and festival bills, and also to record. Sam Apple Pie were among them, and their self-titled debut album didn't offer much in the style that was out of the ordinary, though it did possess basic competence. You needed more than basic competence to make a mark, however, even in a genre that could be as hidebound as British blues. Sam Apple Pie didn't have those extra special somethings, relying too much upon stock blues riffs and good-time energy that might have been effective in a concert setting, but are pretty dull on record. If any influence from their peers seems strongest, it's early Fleetwood Mac (in both their stinging blues modes and their quieter, more reflective ones). 
Songs like "Stranger," "Sometime Girl," and "Winter of My Love," with its swooping slide, downcast lyrics, and minor keys, definitely recall some of the Mac's early tunes. But this is way below the level of the Peter Green-helmed Fleetwood Mac in singing, playing, and songwriting, though at least the band wrote every song on the album except one ("Tiger Man [King of the Jungle]," where the macho bluster is so callow that it's uncertain whether it's a parody or a sincere attempt at the real thing). Certainly the standout track, though the least typical one, is "Annabelle," with a soft jazz-classical-rock blend -- and little of the blues -- that's, again, very reminiscent of some of Fleetwood Mac's work in the 1969-1970 period. The sudden detour into a jazzy jam with flute in "Moonlight Man" is another promising avenue that, alas, wasn't explored elsewhere on this release.

01. Hawk 4:08
02. Winter of My Love 7:16
03. Stranger 4:27
04. Swan Song 7:12
05. Tiger Man (King of the Jungle) 2:24
06. Something Nation 4:00
07. Sometime Girl 4:02
08. Uncle Sam's Blues 2:37
09. Annabelle 5:20
10. Moonlight Man 7:19
11. Tiger Man [Mono Single Mix] 2:24
12. Sometime Girl [Mono Single Mix]

Sam "Tomcat" Sampson - Lead Vocals, Harmonica
Mike "Tinkerbell" Smith - Guitar
Steve Jolly - Guitar
Bob "Dog" Rennie - Bass
Malcolm Morley - Keyboards
Dave Charles - Drums


Wigwam - Fresh Garbage Rarities (1969-1977 Finland Psych Prog - Flac)

This is an album with 7 single tracks and lot of fantastic live through years, 
it starts with the first single from March 1969 and ends up with on jam from the last tour
recorded in Stockholm in December 1977, so here you got a double with lot of marvelous music,
and on this album you got all the line-ups in a chronical order, so all you have to do is to
enjoy these tracks, because is lot of goodies in this album, it has a nearly 14 minutes live
version of the mavelous track Fairyport and 18 minutes of No New Games/Grass For Blades, 
because a great song always gonna be better if it's expanded a little, and you got the second
and third single with Finnish vocal, and is a treasure to listen to these rare singles,
but by now I bet that you know what Wigwan is all about. 


Cd 01: 1969-1973

01. Must Be The Devil (Pembroke) 4:25
02. Greasy Kids' Stuff (Pembroke) 2:58
          single LRS 1021 March 1969 
03. Luulosairas (Gustavson) 4:07
          single LRS 1028A October 1969 
04. Pedagogi (Gustavson) 3:28
05. Häätö (Huldén) 4:08
          single LRS 1047 March 1970 
06. Chest Fever (Robertson) 5:52
07. Fresh Garbage (Ferguson) 5:36
          live, Kulttuuritalo, Helsinki 27.2.1970 
08. King Harvest (Has Surely Come) (Robertson) 2:57
09. Losing Hold (Pohjola, Gustavson - Pembroke) 6:36
10. Nothing Shows (Pembroke) 2:51
11. Captain Supernatural (Pembroke) 3:49
          live, N-Club, Helsinki 11.2.1971 
12. Imagine (Lennon) 3:42
13. Nipistys (Pohjola) 8:06
14. Marvelry Skimmer (Friend From The Fields) (Pembroke) 3:35
15. Fairyport (Gustavson) 13:46
          live, Liisankadun studio, Helsinki 7.11.1973 

Total length: 76:40

Cd 02: 1974-1977

01. Do The Pigworm (Pembroke) 9:30
02. Just My Situation / Sweet Marie (Pembroke) 9:17
          live, N-Club, Helsinki 3.6.1974 
03. A Better Hold (And A Little View) (Pembroke) 3:52
04. Never Turn You In (Rechardt - Pembroke) 6:46
05. No New Games (Pembroke) 6:39
          live, Töölönrannan kesäteatteri, Helsinki 18.6.1975 
06. Tramdriver (Pembroke) 3:48
07. Wardance (Rechardt - Pembroke) 3:42
          single LRS 2100 November 1975 
08. No New Games / Grass For Blades (Pembroke) 18:15
          live, Ylioppilastalo, Tampere 23.11.1977 
09. In And Out (Montgomery) 8:00
          live, Ylioppilastalo, Tampere 24.11.1977 
10. Looking For The Eddie And The Boys (Jam Session) (Rechardt) 7:54
          live, Bullerbyn, Stockholm 14.12.1977 

Total length: 78:03

Mats Huldén bass (A1-A7)
Vladimir Nikamo guitar (A1-A7)
Jim Pembroke vocals, keyboards (A1, A2, A5-A15, B1-B10)
Ronnie Österberg drums (A1-A15, B1-B10)
Jukka Gustavson keyboards, vocals (A3-A15, B1, B2, B8, B9)
Pekka Pohjola bass, violin (A4, A5, A8-A15, B1, B2)
Otto Donner voice (A5)
Pekka Rechardt guitar (B1-B7, B10)
Måns Groundstroem bass (B3-B10)
Heikki Hietanen keyboards (B3-B7)
Esa Kotilainen keyboards (B8-B10)
Heikki Silvennoinen guitar (B9)

Re-mastered at Finnvox Studios, Helsinki (17.-21.08.2000) by Pauli Saastamoinen
Compilation by Mikko Meriläinen, Suonna Kononen, Timo Vuorio
Cover by Mats Huldén