jeudi 16 octobre 2014

Ancient Grease - Women and Children First (1970 great uk hard rock - Flac)

Ancient Grease is a clever moniker for a band, although Strawberry Dust were rather baffled to find themselves so named on their 1970 debut album, Women and Children First. Dust's reputation as a rousing live act was already cemented by several years of plying cover songs around the South Wales club circuit, which is where drummer John Weathers came across them. Impressed, he oversaw their demo, which landed Dust a deal at Mercury, then co-wrote, arranged, and co-produced their full-length. And thus begins the Racing Cars story, for Dust/Grease featured both the band's future frontman, Gareth "Morty" Mortimer, and guitarist, Graham Williams. However, this album is very much a child of its time, only hinting at what's to come. It's a heady mixture of pub rock, hard-rocking R&B, blues, psychedelia, and San Francisco prog rock, with nods to the British hard rock scene along the way, Dust/Grease hit just about every musical touchstone of their day. Incidentally, Weathers' Eyes of Blue bandmate, Phil Ryan, provides the fabulous keyboard work on the gorgeous "Where the Snow Lies Forever," the genre-bending "Odd Song," and presumably the rest of the album, although no keyboardist is actually credited. The album's title track captures the excitement they engendered on-stage, "Freedom Train" their propensity to roam around genres, "Mother Grease the Cat" their proggy best, "Prelude to a Blind Man" their pubby predilections and bluesy flair, "Time to Die" their emotive power, and "Mystic Mountain" their pop sensibilities. Even though Women and Children First is a strong set, there are flaws, from the so-so production to the set's lack of cohesion, a reflection of too many songwriters stirring the musical pot. Dust/Grease were ferociously talented musicians, but they were still a covers band struggling to find their own sound. They never got the chance. Mercury failed to publicize Women, and it sank without a trace. The band followed it into oblivion, as the members swiftly departed for new projects. Morty and Williams, of course, reunited later in the decade, and the rest is history.(All Music)

When Welsh-based covers band Strawberry Dust got some gigs supporting The Eyes Of Blue they impressed John Weathers and he approached their then record company boss, Lou Reizner, about signing them. This he did but he changed their name to Ancient Grease. When they entered the studio to record Women And Children First Weathers and other Eyes Of Blue members also helped out. After the album was released in July 1970 the band reverted to its original monicker, Strawberry Dust, and spent a short while in Hamburg. They disintegrated on their return but Mortimer and Williams later lined up in Racing Cars.
Gary Pickford Hopkins was later involved in lots of other projects including Cutting Crew, Drivers, etc.

01 - Freedom Train
02 - Don't Want
03 - Odd Song
04 - Eagle Song
05 - Where The Snow Lies Forever
06 - Mother Grease The Cat
07 - Time To Die
08 - Prelude To A Blind Man
09 - Mystic Mountain
10 - Women And Children First
11 - Freedom Train (Alt.Take) 

Graham Mortimer (Morty) - vocais
Graham Williams - guitar
Jack Bass - bass
Dick Ferndale - drums
Additional musicians:
Phil Ryan - keyboards
Gary Pickford-Hopkins - vocals


jeudi 9 octobre 2014

Harvey Mandel & The Snake Band - Belly Up Tavern, Solano Beach, CA - 1990-08-16 (Soundboard) Flac

CD 1
1. Introduction
2. Blues Shuffle
3. Jive Samba
4. Miami Rain
5. The Divining Rod
6. When A Man Loves A Woman
7. I Got You (I Feel Good)
8. Dancing In The Street
9. The Thrill Is Gone
10. Got My Mojo Working (cut)
11. Come On Down
12. Midnight Sun (Fades Out)

CD 2
1. Baby Batter
2. The Snake
3. Green Apple Quickstep
4. Hot Stuff
5. Tobacco Road
6. I Know a Place
7. Red House
8. Peruvian Flake
9. Wade In The Water

Total time 1:33:54

Harvey Mandel - guitar
George Makovsky - keyboards
Bobby Scott - bass
Ernest Carter - drums


mercredi 8 octobre 2014

Rockets - Live Rockets (1983 great us classic rock - vinyl rip - wave)

The last record by Rockets in 1983 . A great live album .......
Enjoy !!!

Jim McCarty - Guitar, Background Vocals
John "Bee" Badanjek - Drums, Background Vocals
David Gilbert - Lead Vocals
Donnie Backus - Keyboards, Synthesizer, Background Vocals
Bobby Neil Harrelson - Bass
Chuck Perraut - Sax
Shaun Murphy - Background Vocals
Suzi Jennings - Background Vocals
Mary Kay Lalla - Background Vocals

Recorded at the Royal Oak Music Theatre near Detroit

01- Rollin' By The Record Machine
02- Desire
03- Can't Sleep
04- Sally Can't Dance
05- Takin' It Back
06- Open The Door To Your Heart
07- Oh Well
08- Turn Up The Radio0
09- Born In Detroit


lundi 6 octobre 2014

Plan 9 - I’ve Just Killed A Man And I Don’t Want To See Any Meat - Live (1985 Us neo-psychedelic rock - Vinyl Rip - Wave)

01- Intro Poem By Kenne Highland (Rat Club, Boston)
02- Dealing With The Dead (Rat Club)
03- I'm Gone (Rat Club)
04- Gotta Move (9:30 Club, Wash D.C.)
05- I Like Girls (Grotto, New Haven)
06- Step Out Of Time (Rat Club)
07- Looking At You (Living Room, Prov. RI.)
08- B-3-11 (Rat Club)
09- Try To Run (Grotto)
10- I Can Only Give You Everything (Rat Club, Boston)


dimanche 5 octobre 2014

Bobby Keys - Bobby Keys (1972 Uk/Us Instrumental Jam Brass Rock - Vinyl Rip - Wave)

Bobby Keys' self-titled debut is a bit of an odd beast. He's got one of the most amazing résumés in rock music as a sideman, so it's no surprise that there's quite a lineup on this album. Appearing are George Harrison, Jack Bruce, Ringo Starr, and possibly Eric Clapton, amongst many other famous players (proper credits would have been nice). Horn charts were by Keys' cohort Jim Price (who also played trumpet and keyboards) and the album was produced by Keys, Jim Gordon, and Andy Johns. It sounds great on paper, but the sound is more like backing tracks in search of a song, and only slightly more than a jam session with nice horn charts. It's not bad, it's just a bit disappointing. The liner notes indicate that the album took almost a year and suggest that Keys was not entirely into it. He only played live on one track ("Altar Rock") and it opens and closes as a bit of a proto-smooth jazz snoozer. Keys was also quick to note that the album was not the beginning of a solo career and kind of knocks his own playing. Of course, some people are better sidemen than bandleaders, but this was also a time of notorious partying (recording began after Keys, Price, and Nicky Hopkins wrapped up the Exile on Main St. tour). That said, the album isn't bad, just a bit on the slight side. The horn charts are great and there are some nice solos, particularly on guitar on what was once side two of the album. If you like the sound of the "Apple Jam" LP from All Things Must Pass (which also featured many of the players here), you'll probably like Bobby Keys.(Review by Sean Westergaard)

01. Steal From A King  4:52 
02. Smokefoot 3:51 
03. Boot-Leg 3:45
04. Altar Rock 4:53 
05. Key West 3:54 
06. Command Performance  4:11 
07. Crispy Duck 3:09 
08. Sand & Foam 5:24 

 Jack Bruce - Bass  
 Charlie Freeman - Guitar  
 Jim Gordon - Drums  
 George Harrison - Guitar  
 Nicky Hopkins - Keyboards  
 Bobby Keys - Saxophone  
 Corky Laing - Drums  
 Dave Mason - Guitar  
 Felix Pappalardi - Bass  
 Jim Price - Horn, Keyboards  
 Carl Radle - Bass  
 Ringo Starr - Drums  
 John Uribe - Guitar  
 Mike Utley - Keyboards  
 Klaus Voormann - Bass  
 Leslie West - Guitar 


jeudi 2 octobre 2014

Plan 9 - Plan 9 (1984 Great US psychedelic garage rock - Vinyl rip - Flac)

My introduction to Plan 9 came one afternoon in 1984 when I showed up at my guitarist's house to load our gear into the car for a show that evening. When I went into the kitchen there was this bear of a man sitting at the table. He had hair halfway down his back and a full beard, looking totally badass. I thought for a minute that our manager might have borrowed money from a loan shark to pay our studio time and this giant biker was here to collect. My fears were assuged as he introduced himself as Eric Stumpo from Plan 9 and handed me a copy of the album Dealing With The Dead. He told us that he really like our single and while driving through NJ he saw the exit for our town on the Garden State Parkway and decided to look us up. Little did I know that day would mark the beginning of a 25 year plus run where Plan 9 would become one of my all-time favorite bands and stay in heavy rotation on my turntable.

Plan 9 is a psychedelic commune from Rhode Island. During their heyday in the 1980's they toured extensively as an eight or nine piece band with anywhere between 3 and 5 guitars. They are led by guitar guru Eric Stumpo, a man with a Roky Erickson snarl whose encyclopedic knowledge of 60's garage/punk/psychedelia is legendary. With a 15 album discography, Plan 9 has been following their collective muse since 1979, when they first burst onto the east coast's paisley underground.

I would say that there are three characteristics to Plan 9's music. The first is an almost scholarly approach to the Pebbles/Nuggets era of American garage/punk/psychedelic music. Eric Stumpo and Debora DeMarco approach that music with the same reverence American and British artists like Eric Clapton approached the music of the Mississippi Delta. Not only do they know the complete history of bands most of us have never heard of, but they expand upon that music the same way Clapton and Page expanded upon the music of Robert Johnson, Muddy Waters and Son House. The second characteristic of Plan 9 is the layering of anywhere between three and five guitars and the interweaving of Deborah DeMarco's swirling organ lines. The band solos as an ensemble and the whole is far greater than the sum of its parts. Guitar solos are not intended to draw attention to the virtuousity of the player, but the the overall trancelike groove that brings the listeners mind to the outter limits of psychedelia. The third characteristic is the solid, energetic bottom groove provided by bassist John Florence. John was barely taller than the Fender bass slung across his hips and, legend has it, was still in high school during the early years of the band. But John Florence was definately one of the best bass players of the entire 1980's US indie rock underground. While most fans of Plan 9 give props to Eric's guitar and Debora's organ playing, John Florence is the person who held down the rhythm section as the band went through a number of different drummers.

During the early to mid-1980's there was a thriving psychedelic scene in the northeastern United States. Boston gave us The Prime Movers and The Lyres. New York was home to bands like The Fleshtones, The Fuzztones and The Vipers. The manicured suburbs of New Jersey spawned The Smithereens, The Db's and Mod Fun. Most of the psychedelic bands of the northeast combined the punk ethos with pop sensibilities. The songs were raw, catchy and rarely broke the three minute mark. Stylisticly the bands were clean shaven, had medium length hair and dressed like they were part of the swinging London of Austin Powers' heyday. Plan 9 was different. They were hippies who waved their freak flags proudly. They were one of the few bands in that scene where the males sported super long hair and beards. Live, it wasn't unusual for their extended jams to pass the ten minute mark. This was super radical in the early to mid-eighties and the complete opposite of what most bands were doing to gain "indie cred." Plan 9 was heavy and trancelike. At their best their jams sounded like a cross between "In a Gadda DaVida" and Ted Nugent's "Stranglehold." The band recorded most of their records at Wallingford, Connecticut's legendary Trod Nossel studios, the studio where much of the Connecticut and Rhode Island garage/punk/psychedelic underground of the 1960's cut their records.(By RevMatt -

A1- Try To Run (2:54)
A2- It's One Thing To Say  (3:24)
A3- Flashback  (2:48)
A4- Echoing Sunshine  (3:30)
A5- 5 Years Ahead Of My Time  (7:47)
B1- Where Is Love  (2:30)
B2- Hideaway  (4:50)
B3- You Don't Want Me  (2:30)
B4- Green Animals  (4:10)
B5- Lookin' At You  (8:52)

Guitar, Vocals – Eric Stumpo
Guitar – Evan Williams , John De Vault, Tom Champlin
Guitar, Percussion – Michael Ripa
Keyboards, Organ – Deborah De Marco
Bass – John Florence
Drums – Michael Meehan

Producer, Arranged By – Plan 9 
Engineer – Richard P. Robinson

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