mardi 29 janvier 2013

Man - Welsh Connection (1976 great uk psyche-prog rock - wave)

This was to be Man's last studio album for two decades, and with its weak sales (it failed to chart) and underpowered material it's easy to see why the band called it quits for the time being. There's some irony, then, in the closing track being "Born with a Future." It's a good final bow, though, as it's well harmonized and ultimately one of the best cuts on the album. Perhaps this releases's most nagging overall problem is the mix-Phil Ryan's keyboards are high up, while Deke Leonard's bracing guitar parts are less evident than usual. Although this isn't always a liability-the lengthy title track lazily wends its way through some pleasant moog solos and electric piano flourishes-the grittiness of the band's sound is largely squandered here.

01. "The Ride and the View"   Deke Leonard 5:01
02. "Out of Your Head"   Leonard 4:04
03. "Love Can Find a Way"   John McKenzie 5:13
04. "The Welsh Connection"   Phil Ryan, Micky Jones 7:18
05. "Something is Happening"   Ryan 6:21
06. "Car Toon"   Leonard, Ryan 6:01
07. "Born With a Future"   Jones, Leonard, Ryan 7:07
08. "(I'm A) Love-Taker"   Leonard 2:47

Terry Williams – Vocals & Drums
Phil Ryan – Vocals & Keyboards
John McKenzie – Vocals & Bass
Deke Leonard – Vocals & Guitar
Micky Jones – Vocals & Guitar
Caromay Dixon – Vocal on "Something is Happening"
Jeffrey Hooper – Vocal on "Out of Your Head"
Anton Matthews – Vocal on "Out of Your Head"
Pete Brown – African Talking Drums on "The Welsh Connection" and "Something is Happening"