jeudi 2 mai 2013

Mystery Train With Jim McCarty - Love Lost (2001 us great blues - wave)

"I'm the only guy in rock'n'roll that plays that hollow body jazz guitar and it's because in 1960 I   saw Jimmy McCarty creating those big fat full chords like I do on "Stranglehold"; I learned that  from Jimmy McCarty.   Remember the name Jimmy McCarty. He is as important as Bo Diddley and Chuck Berry and Les Paul...a god on guitar." (By Ted Nugent !!!)

01 I Need You
02 Your Loss Now
03 I'm all alone
04 Where were you baby?
05 Allman Joy
06 Hold it right there
07 Love is a Rough Business
08 Come back to me
09 I'll never turn my back on you
10 Cold wind