lundi 5 novembre 2012

The Parlour Band - He's A Friend - 1972 (Progressive Melodic/Hard Rock "Pre Band Called O" - Wave)

01. Forgotten Dreams (2:41)
02. Pretty Haired Girl (2:52)
03. Springs' Sweet Comfort (5:09)
04. Early Morning Eyes (3:52)
05. Follow Me (4:56)
06. Evening (4:58)
07. Don't Be Sad (3:21)
08. Little Goldie (3:20)
09. To Happiness (3:04)
10. Home (7:37)

Peter Filleul - lead vocals, keyboards, rhythm acoustic
Pix - vocals, lead vocals (6), wah wah Gibson
Craig Anders - vocals, electric & acoustic & slide guitar
Mark Ashley Anders - vocals, bass
Jerry Robins - percussion

"Parlour Band's only LP is progressive rock-tinged mainstream early-'70s British album-oriented rock, competent but no more than that. Both keyboard and guitar parts take a strong role, and there's a bit of the multiple tempo changes and classical-tinged organ burble of bands like Yes in songs like 'Forgotten Dreams.' Some other songs steer well clear of art rock, though, 'Pretty Haired Girl' coming across like prototypical early-'70s mellow California harmony rock. Even when it doesn't sound as Californian, though, the album's a pretty laid-back affair and, though it's agreeable, it's lacking in both power and first-rate songs. 'Little Goldie' sounds a good deal like the early-'70s work of Todd Rundgren in its bouncy pop optimism and relatively sophisticated keyboard-based arrangement, though it's not typical of the record. A bit, though no more than a crumb, of art rock pretension creeps into the final cut, the three-part, seven-minute mini-opus 'Home.'"