lundi 5 décembre 2011

Repost by request : Mitch Ryder Band With Special Guest Willy DeVille - Lone Star Café - New York City - July 30th 1986

In Memory of Willy DeVille (1953-2009)

Mitch Ryder - vocals, tambourine
Robert Gillespie - guitar, vocals
Joe Gutc - guitar, vocals
Billy Csernits - keys, vocals
Mark Gougeon - bass, vocals
Wilson Owens - drums
Willy DeVille - slide guitar 5-12, co-lead vocal 8

01. it ain't easy
02. rock and roll
03. bow wow wow wow
04. where's the next one coming from?
05. walkin' the dog
06. take me to the river
07. i got you (i feel good)
08. bring it on home
09. the thrill of it all
10. war
11. soul kitchen
12. liberty

jeudi 13 octobre 2011

The Good Rats - Live 1977 & 1979 - (Great Us Mix of Hard Rock & Jazz)

Good Rats - The Rat, Boston, MA, 24 July 1977
Master audience recording taped by Dan Lampinski

01 Advertisement In The Voice
02 Reason To Kill >
03 Local Zero
04 Klash-Ka-Bob

Good Rats - Location unknown - 1979
Master audience recording taped by Dan Lampinski

01 School Days
02 You're Still Doing It
03 Ordinary Man
04 Cherry River
05 Injun Joe (spliced)
06 Klash-Ka-Bob

Peppi Marchello – lead vocals, harmonica, and bats
Mickey Marchello – guitar, vocals
John (The Cat) Gatto - guitar
Lenny Kotke - bass, vocals
Joe Franco - drums

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vendredi 12 août 2011

Spirit - My Father's Place, Old Roslyn, New York - August 8th 1976 - 1st & 2nd show

Randy California, Ed Cassidy, John Locke, John Turlep.

1st Show. (decent audience)
01. Nature's Way
02. Veruska
03. Little Time To Fly
04. Like A Rolling Stone
05. Farther Along
06. Mr Skin
07. Stoney Night
08. Fresh Garbage
09. World Eat World Dog
10. 1984
11. It's All The Same
12. I Got A Line On You
13. Animal Zoo
14, Hey Joe

2nd Show. (discreet FM)
01. Prelude > Nothing To Hide >
02. Nature's Way
03. Like A Rolling Stone
04. World Eat World Dog
05. Mr Skin
06. Farther Along
07. Stoney Night
08. Mega Star
09. I Got A Line On You
10. Reelin' In The Night
11. Dark Eyed Woman
12. 1984

Filler .
Original reunion with Neil Young, Santa Monica, Ca., August 28 1976
13. Just Like Thumb's Blues
14. Like A Rolling Stone

Fantastic show with Randy's guitar on fire , thanks to my friend Cipcal for his advice and to 38f for the original seed ...
Enjoy !!!

"Stoney Night" Live 08/76 Roslyn NY

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mercredi 10 août 2011

The Rockets - Oh Well

Suggested by my friend Cipcal , one of the best version of "Oh Well" with a killer solo by the Great Jim McCarty ... Enjoy !!!

dimanche 24 juillet 2011

Dave Mason - 2008-03-02- Bull Run Restaurant - Shirley, MA

Great concert by Dave Mason 'but read the excellent comment of an anonymous writer
"I've seen him four times since 08. All I can say is, he's just one of those guys who keeps getting better and better. He loves to rap with the audience, especially about his past experiences in the biz. And he's got a great sense of humor! He's constantly laughing and hamming it up. The wife and I agree that he probably still does burn one from time to time. As great a guitarist as you'll ever see. Especially these days. His newest studio album proves that it isn't just the live work that gets him giving. See him if he passes by your way."

01. How Do I Get To Heaven ( beginning cut )
02. Let It Go, Let It Flow
03. 40,000 Headmen
04. Look At You, Look At Me
05. We Just Disagree
06. Aren't Your Legs Tired Baby
07. Let Me Go
08. Shouldn't Have Took More Than You Gave
09. Only You Know And I Know
10. Dear Mr. Fantasy
11. All Along The Watchtower
12. Feelin Alright

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mercredi 20 avril 2011

Santana - Olympia, Paris - 1971-04-25

Carlos Santana - guitar, vocals, percussions
Neal Schon - guitar
Gregg Rolie - keyboards, vocals
David Brown - bass
Michael Shrieve - drums
Coke Escovedo - percussions
Michael Carabello - percussions
Jose "Chepito" Areas - percussions

01.Jungle Strut (fades in) (3:18)
02.Taboo (5:03)
03.Toussaint L'Overture / (6:43)
04.Evil Ways (4:33)
05.Soul Sacrifice (13:58)
06.Samba Pa Ti (4:05)
07.Black Magic Woman / Gypsy Queen (6:16)
08.Oye Como Va (4:14)
09.Jingo / Percussions solo / Jingo (reprise) (8:58)

lundi 21 mars 2011

Hydra - Live, After All These Years - 2005

One of the South's, or the world's for that matter, finest rock bands and true legends of the 1970's, Hydra is back with a smoking new album "Live - After All These Years", on Emphasis Records. Band members Wayne Bruce (guitar-vocals), Spencer Kirkpatrick (guitar), Steve Pace (drums) and Tommy Vickery (bass), perform some the band's best and most popular songs, sounding as great, if not better than ever.The performances captured on this live CD release are the true essence of Hydra, which showcase the tremendous seasoned talents of Bruce-Kirkpatrick-Pace and Vickery, placing a vivid exclamation point on their place in the realm of music history as one of the all time great rock bands. The vocals and musicianship are self-defining.If you are into "Real Rock & Roll" music, put on Hydra, "Live - After All These Years", and turn up the volume. This is the great stuff, kids.Others have used the name, but this is the real HYDRA!!!
Track List:
01. Hydra Introduction
02. Glitter Queen
03. Wasting Time
04. Feel A Pain
05. You're The One
06. Baby Please Stop Messing Round
07. Making Plans
08. Feel Like Running
09. Diamond In The Rough
10. Land Of Money
11. Keep You Around
12. Miriam
13. Rattlesnake Shake
14. Going Down

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lundi 14 mars 2011

Cactus - BB Kings NYC - 2010-04-10

Disc 1 ( 75:43 )
01: Intro
02: Let Me Swim
03: Long Tall Sally
04: Sweet Sixteen
05: One Way Or Another
06: Bro Bill
07: Cactus Music
08: Alaska
09: Muscle And Soul
10: Oleo
11: Name Of The Game
12: The Groover

Disc 2 ( 37:53 )
01: Evil
02: Bad Mother Boogie
03: Parchman Farm
04: Encore: Rock N'Roll Children

The Band:
Jimmy Kunes: Vocals
Jim McCarty: Guitar
Elliot Dean: Bass
Carmine Appice: Drums
Randy Pratt: Harmonica
Paul Gifford: Back-Up Vocals
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mardi 8 mars 2011

Fish & Chip - The Saloon - San Francisco - 1984-08-03

Barry "The Fish" Melton (Country Joe & The Fish) Guitar/Vocals
John "Chip" Cipollina ( Quicksilver) Guitar/Fangs/Vocals
Peter Albin (Big Brother) Bass/Vocals
Spencer Drydan (Jefferson Airplane) Drums

The Saloon is a very small place, but it's here that John Cipollina gave us a part of his best solos .
Enjoy !!!

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Cd 01
Cd 02

samedi 19 février 2011

Pink Floyd - BBC Archives - 1967-1969

The first part with Syd Barrett and the coming of David Gilmour who oriented the Floyd to another horizons ...
Enjoy !!!

vendredi 18 février 2011

The Ghosts Featuring John Cipollina - Keystone Berkeley - CA - May 8th 1980

Set 1
01 Showboat
02 It Takes Alot To Laugh
03 Easy Living
04 Gomorrah
05 I'll Do It All Again

Set 2
06 tuneup
07 Lonesome and Long Way From Home
08 I Wish I Could Say
09 Sweet Inspration
10 Scarlet Begonias
11 Short Time Fever
12 Stir It Up
13 Like A Thief In The Night
14 All I Know Is I've Got To Go
John Cipollina - guitar
Keith Godchaux - piano, vocals
Donna Godchaux - vocals
Greg Anton - drums
Steve Kimock - guitar
Dexter LaBlanc - bass
Greta Rose - backup vocals
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