jeudi 16 décembre 2010

Rare Earth - Ma - 1973

Check out this release and you will discover one of the best bands of the seventies. This rocking and soulful group from the Motown hitmaking stable had no equals at the time. Their turn on the classic "Smiling Faces Sometimes" is a treasure and the exceptionally long "Ma" (earlier recorded by The Temptations) is a tour de force.
(By Reginald D. Garrard)
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vendredi 1 octobre 2010

Steve Miller Band - Capitol Center - Largo - MD - 1977-08-03

Excellent "Soundboard" concert by Steve Miller Band with Greg Douglass (Mistress-Little Joe-Raven-Terry & The Pirates...) ; David Denny (Frumious Bandersnatch) and Norton Buffalo .
Enjoy !!!
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vendredi 24 septembre 2010

Once With John Cipollina - SF Musicworks - San Francisco - February 20th 1988

01 - Everyday I Got The Blues 8:36
02 - I Shot The Sheriff 7:35
03 - Midnight Hour 6:51
04 - Sweet Love 6:19
05 - Green Onions - My Babe (don't spend no tears) 9:42
06 - Who Do You Love 10:05
Total 49:11

01 - Knock On Wood 8:56
02 - Evil Ways 7:59
03 - Baby Whatcha Gonna Do 7:28
04 - Stormy Monday 9:51
05 - Green Onions - You Gotta Help Me 9:59
06 - Gimme Some Lovin' 7:42
07 - Mona 11:06
Total 63:02

"The name of the band tells all, ONCE, in the sense this band is existed only for this show, 1 show, 1 time... As you can see from the set list it is a covers' performance, some blues, some classics, some reggae, some rock, but this testify the ability of John Cipollina to adapt his great guitar style to every kind of music, showing us his versatility... This is unique, listening to it one more time before to upload this, I had a lot of fun, and I had the proof again of the immense talent of John playing his guitar... even if all of us know it..." - Fabio Nosotti
Enjoy one of the best gig with John Cipollina !!!

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mercredi 26 mai 2010

Spirit - The Country Club Reseda - CA - 1980-11-15

01. Come On Woman
02. So Little Time To Fly
03. Shattered Dreams
04. Someone To Love
05. Five In The Morning
06. It's All The Same
07. I Got A Line On You
08. Turn To The Right
09. Downer

The band was a power trio with Randy, Cass, and Steve "Liberty" Loria on bass.

lundi 26 avril 2010

Jeff Grand - Bobby East - Jim McCarty - Magic Bag Ferndale - Michigan - 2010-01-15

Great concert with Jim McCarty and his friends . A Festival of guitars !!!
Enjoy !!!

Mitch Ryder Band With Special Guest Willy DeVille - Lone Star Café - New York City - July 30th 1986

In Memory of Willy DeVille (1953-2009)
First set:
01 ---q&a---
02. little latin lupe lu
03. when you were mine
04. b.i.g.t.i.m.e.
05. jenny take a ride...
06. it ain't easy07. rock and roll
08. bow wow wow wow
09. where's the next one coming from
10. devil with the blue dress...
11. heart of stone
12. not fade away

Second set:
01. walkin' the dog
02. take me to the river
03. i got you (i feel good)
04. bring it on home (duet w/ Willy)
05. the thrill of it all
06. war07. soul kitchen
08. liberty
Mitch Ryder - vocals, tambourine, cowbell
Robert Gillespie - guitar, vocals
Joe Gutc - guitar, vocals
Billy Csernits - keys, vocals
Mark Gougeon - bass, vocals
Wilson Owens - drums
Willy DeVille - slide guitar, vocals (2nd set)

dimanche 21 février 2010

CHICAGO BLUES REUNION - Cafe Du Nord - San Francisco - CA - January 31th 2006

02-Buried Alive In The Blues
03-Left Handed Soul
04-GM Boogie
05-Miss You Like The Devil
06-Walk Away
07-I've Gotta Find My Baby
08-Someday Baby
09-Whole Lotta Shaking > Hound Dog > Roll Over Bethoven
10-Snake, pt. 1
11-Snake, pt 2
01-Intro to Born in Chicago
02-Born In Chicago
03-Drinking Wine
04-Good night
Nick Gravenites - guitar, vocals (1)
Harvey Mandel - guitar
Barry Goldberg - keyboards
Corky Siegel - harmonica
Sam Lay - vocals (2)
Tracy Nelson - vocals (3)
R. Zach Wagner - rhythm guitar
Rick Reed - bass
Gary Mallaber - drums

Spirit- The Golden Bear- Huntington Beach- CA -1980-10-22

Great concert by Spirit with the first 4 tracks with Randy on acoustic guitar ....Great !!!
This show was posted before by "Cosmicplace" ...So many thanks to him for a lot of beautiful posts !!!
If you love Spirit go to 24 Hour Deja Vu blog ...He's doing a great job about Spirit ...
Bravo Bill !!!

jeudi 18 février 2010

lundi 1 février 2010

Spirit - The Palladium - Dallas - Tx - December 20 1978

Disc One
1 Zandu
2 Fresh Garbage
3 1984
4 These Are Words
5 Cold Rainy Night
6 Nature's Way
7 My Imagination
Disc Two
1 Like A Rolling Stone
2 Animal Zoo
3 Mr. Skin
4 Rock & Roll Planet
5 Looking Down
6 Morning Will Come
7 It's All The Same
Randy California - Ed Cassidy - Larry "Fuzzy" Knight

Spirit - Live at the Whisky a Go-Go Hollywood-CA - September 01 1977 - Early & Late Shows

Randy California - guitar & vocals
Ed Cassidy - drums
John Locke - keyboards
Larry "Fuzzy" Knight - bass & vocals
Early Show
01-Nature's Way
02-Take It In Time
03-Genetic Dreams
04-All Along The Watchtower
05-Rainy Night
06-Like A Rolling Stone
07-Fresh Garbage
09-Morning Light
10-Mr Skin
11-All The Same
12-I Got A Line On You
13-Living In This World
14-Wild Thing
16-Nature's Way ...Reprise
Late Show
01. Hello
02. Instrumental
03. Ticket In Time
04. Same Old
05. Band Introduction
06. Natures Way
07. Dark Eyed Woman
08. Open Up Your Heart
09. 1984
10.A Mule To Ride
11.In The Morning Light

dimanche 31 janvier 2010

Tom Verlaine & Jimmy Rip - Bowery Ballroom - NYC - 1998-07-31

The soundtracks of Tom Verlaine and Jimmy Rip feature Verlaine on lead guitar, and Rip on rhythm guitar and atmospherics. What sets the duo’s soundtracks apart from many other modern silent film soundtracks is as follows. First, they understand that they are there to support the film, not vice versa. Despite what you would think (and what the title of the DVD suggests), Verlaine and Rip do not have a self-indulgent, “the artistes are here” attitude in their performances. The two understand the importance of underscoring the film and putting the film first. Second of all, they purposely create music that is beautiful and atmospheric, rather than ugly, trashy, and postmodern. In doing so, they make the films seem less “artsy” and “experimental”, and more like a series of beautiful dreams that you do not want to wake up from.