vendredi 20 mars 2015

Thunder & Roses - King Of The Black Sunrise (1969 us heavy psych blues rock - flac)

Recorded at a time when prehistoric rock critics were bemoaning Blue Cheer's use of volume over musicianship (But isn't that what rock's all about?), Thunder and Roses firmly inserted themselves into the Cheer's orbit with a late-'60s oh-so-heavy slab of vinyl that was anchored by a Philadelphia rhythm section and recorded at Sigma Sound. 

An early decoder to the glories of the power trio. Creditable sole album from 1969 by this band from Philadelphia featuring the total classic "White Lace And Strange". Largely heavy Hendrix-influenced garage rock, (there's even an excellent cover of "Red House") this is a reissue of a now highly collectable release loaded with acid fret-mayhem...

01. White Lace And Strange - 3.15
02. I Love A Woman - 4.42
03. Country Life - 2.46
04. Red House - 5.43
05. Moon Child - 4.13
06. Dear Dream Maker - 3.37
07. King Of The Black Sunrise - 3.51
08. Open Up Your Eyes - 7.23

Chris Bond: Guitars, Vocals 
Tom Schaffer: Bass, Vocals
George Emme: Drums


dimanche 15 mars 2015

Hanson - Now Hear This & Magic Dragon (1973 & 1974 UK rock blended funk & psychedelic hendrixian guitars - cd reissue - flac)

1973 - Now Hear This

01 "Traveling Like A Gypsy" (6.15)
02 "Love Knows Everything" (3.08)
03 "Mister Music Maker" (4.27)
04 "Catch That Beat" (3.48)
05 "Take You Into My Home" (3.11)
06 "Gospel Truth" (5.03)
07 "Rain" (5.10)
08 "Smokin’ To The Big M" (9.53)

Junior Hanson - Guitar and Vocals (all tracks), Bass (track 7)
Conrad Isidore - Drums (all tracks except 2)
Clive Chaman - Bass (all tracks except 2 and 7)
Jean Roussel - Keyboards (all tracks except 2)
Bob Tench - Guitar (track 4), Backing Vocals (tracks 2, 6 and 7)
Godfrey McLean - Drums (track 2), Percussion (track 2), Backing Vocals (track 2)
Delisle Harper - Bass (track 2)
Jimmy Thomas - Superstring (track 7), Backing Vocals (tracks 5, 6 and 7)
Chris Wood - Flute (track 3)
Ken Cumberbatch - Piano (track 4)
Rebop Kwaku Baah - Percussion (track 7) 

1974- Magic Dragon

01 "Rocking Horseman"
02 "Modern Day Religion"
03 "Down into the Magic"
04 "Rock Me Baby"
05 "Love Yer Need You"
06 "Boy Meets Girl"
07 "American Beauty Rose"
08 "Looking at Tin Soldiers"
09 "Magic Dragon"

Junior Hanson - guitar and vocals
Glen LeFleur - drums
Neil Murray - bass
Brother James - percussion
Marlo Henderson - guitar
Andre Lewis - keyboards

The band HANSON was formed in 1973 by Donald Hanson Marvin Kerr (Junior Kerr, Junior Hanson, Junior Marvin), best known as the enigmatic and dynamic lead guitarist of Bob Marley And The Wailers.

Born in Jamaica, Junior moved to London as a child, where his love of both acting and music was nurtured. He appeared in the Beatles film Help (1965), which was followed by a number of other television appearances. Meanwhile, Junior served his musical apprenticeship in America, playing with the likes of blues legend T-Bone Walker and Ike & Tina Turner. He quickly earned a reputation as an innovative and expressive blues/rock guitarist. Back in England, he played with bands such as Herbie Goins & The Nighttimers, Blue Ace Unit and White Rabbit.

In 1970 Junior landed a role in the critically acclaimed cult stage musical Hair at the Shaftsbury Theatre in London's West End - he can be heard on the Original London Cast recording, released in 1972. After contributing to albums by Gerry Lockran and Rebop Kwaku Baah, Junior was invited to join the Keef Hartley Band, who were pioneers of the burgeoning British blues/rock scene. Junior made a significant contribution as a writer, singer and lead guitarist to their acclaimed Seventy Second Brave album, and also appeared on the follow-up release, Lancashire Hustler.
In early 1973 Junior assembled the band HANSON, and they were swiftly signed to Emerson, Lake & Palmer's Manticore label by Mario "The Big M" Medious. Their debut album, Now Hear This, featured a veritable who's who of musicians from the genre, and they served up a potent fusion of funky psych-tinged blues-rock. The rich blend of talents and influences was expertly engineered by the legendary John Burns, whose previous clientele had included Jethro Tull, Genesis, Humble Pie, Spooky Tooth, King Crimson, Traffic, Mott The Hoople, Fairport Convention, Deep Purple and Marc Bolan. At the beginning of 1974 Junior disbanded the existing line-up of Hanson and assembled an entirely different group of top musicians. The result was the album Magic Dragon, an uncompromising slice of kick-ass funk-rock, which was again released on Manticore and engineered by Burns. After a short American club tour the band split up, and Junior undertook session work for the likes of Island artists Stomu Yamashta, Sandy Denny and Steve Winwood, and reggae stars Bob Marley & The Wailers, Delroy Washington, Toots & The Maytals and Rico Rodriguez. On Valentine’s Day 1977, Junior was invited to join Bob Marley & The Wailers as a full-time member, becoming an integral part of the band's international success, and thus their unparalleled, unique socio-musical legacy. His rich guitar licks, borne of so many influences and such a diverse career experience, adorn the albums Exodus, which was selected by Time magazine as their ‘Best Album Of The 20th Century, Kaya, Babylon By Bus, Survival, Uprising, Confrontation and numerous compilations. For many years after Bob's passing in 1981, Junior continued at the helm of The Wailers, writing new material and contributing lead vocals and lead guitar. During this period the band embarked upon numerous world tours and released a quartet of highly acclaimed albums; ID, Majestic Warriors, Jah Message and My Friends (Live). Junior has also remained a much-in-demand session player, working with the likes of Burning Spear, Alpha Blondy, Bunny Wailer, Israel Vibration, Culture, The Meditations, Beres Hammond, The Congos and O.A.R. Junior is currently putting the finishing touches to his long-awaited solo album Wailin' For Love, which will be released shortly.
The Hanson albums Now Hear This and Magic Dragon were criminally overlooked at the time of their release, and neither has ever appeared on CD. Junior is very keen to rectify this situation, and is currently looking to secure a deal to enable them to be heard again by the music buying public...(By Vvche)

samedi 14 mars 2015

I Don't Care - Ask Anyone (1976 US brass rock with prog & jazz-rock touches - Vinyl Rip)

A1- Fire
A2- Talkin' To You People
A3- Find Your Garden
A4- Appreciate
A5- Pack And Electric Blues
B1- Call It What
B2- Gone Away
B3- I Think Of You
B4- The Answer

Doug Thomas : Lead Vocals
Frank Pellino : Guitar, Piano, Vocals on "Fire"
Gary Boggess : Moog Synthesizer, Organ, Clavinet, Piano
Tim Graziano : Bass
Jose Ortiz : Drums, Vocals on "Gone Away" 
Paul McDonald : Sax, Oboe, Flute  
Peter Knapp : Trumpet, Flugelhorn, Vocals on "Packard Electric Blues"
Frank Bonzie : Vocals on "I Think Of You" 


mardi 3 mars 2015

Thundermother - No Red Rowan (1970-1971 uk heavy fuzzed psych blues rock - flac)

Well, if you found your way to this page you must be a real fan of early 70's heavy psych rock as this one's been out of print (as a standalone) since 1995 but most of the album is available as side 2 of a double album released in 2003 which is still available here Works V.4. I'm surprised this is the first review of this lost classic.
No Red Rowan is a hard, heavy, blues-psych acid rock album released in 1971 out of the UK. Supposedly some kind of studio-musician supergroup and boy do they sound super!! Plays well as an album front to back, good stuff!
If you are a fan of the early 70's sound, this is a very worthwhile addition to your 'obscure gems' collection. (By Tuco)

There is no reliable information about the history of this band. Apparently this album was recorded in Wakefield between 1970-1971, England, engineered and produced by Mike Levon.
It collects Their Contributions to Astral Navigations, Gagalactyca, Loose Routes I and II. "David J. Smith (formerly of David John and the Mood) co-produced and sang on some tracks of an" ad hoc "group (ie They Were the studio creation) called Thundermother During 1969.
This one band shared with lp Light years Away called "Astral Navigations" (Holyground 1971). Thundermother's Contribution was recorded over one weekend.
Acid guitars, Hard Acid rock, heavy Acid Psych, Heavy Acid Prog, Acid Blues !! Progressive/hard rock featuring a lot of fuzzed guitar!!

Tracks List:
01.Someday 13:41
02.Country Lines 1:05
03.Boogie Music 4:48
04.Woman 3:17
05.Lady (Lay By Me) 3:39
06.The People Show 3:55
07.Come on Home 4:53
08.Woman in My Life 4:17
09.Rock Me Babe 6:03
10.Boogie Music (Coke Version) 4:53
11.Duce Blues 1:14
12.Watch Your Step 3:30
13.You Know Me Babe 1:26
14.Come on Home (Space Version) 7:31

David John - lead vocals, percussion
Dave "Ginner" Millen - lead vocals, lead guitar, bass
Frank Newbould - guitar, bass, vocals
Fred Kelly - drums, percussion
Dave Wilkinson - piano
Dave Smith "Daz" - bass
Jerusalem Smith - Drums On "Woman"