samedi 26 mai 2012

Spirit - Gussman Cultural Center - Miami - Florida - September 26th 1976 (Flac)

Disc One
01. Nature's Way
02. Same Old Naturally (Radio Man)
03. Chairman Mao (China Doll)
04. Victim Of Society
05. Miami Blues
06. Reeling In The Night
07. Like A Rolling Stone
08. Animal Zoo
09. 1984
10.Miami Jam
11.Prelude/ Nothing To Hide
12.Midnight Train
13.It's All The Same
14.I Got A Line On You

Disc Two
01. Miss This Train
02. All Along The Watchtower
03. Nature's Way
04. Make It Up To You (Hollywood Dream)
05. Hey Joe

Randy California
Ed Cassidy
John Turlep

Another great concert by Spirit in 1976 ... Enjoy !!!


Captain Marryat - Captain Marryat (1974 great scottish rock with hammond organ/guitar duet - Wave)

Named after the 19th Century mariner and novelist, this Glaswegian band made just one privately-pressed LP. Its back cover announces that ‘Captain Marryat is a Scottish band, and have been playing together for just under a year. They already have a sizeable following in the pubs n’ clubs circuit and this, their first LP, is a sample of the music that brought them success’. The line-up was Tommy Hendry (vocals, acoustic guitar), Ian McEleny (lead guitar, acoustic guitar), Allan Bryce (organ, vocals), Hugh Finnegan (bass, vocals) and Jimmy Rorrison (sic) (drums, vocals). They were originally intending to record a single, but the engineer at the Glasgow studio they’d booked told them that there was time enough to make a whole album. They therefore taped five tracks they’d already written (‘Blindness’, ‘It Happened To Me’, ‘A Friend’, ‘Songwriter’s Lament’ and ‘Changes’) and finished the LP with an improvised jam (‘Dance Of Thor’). The result came in a drab flipback sleeve, and according to one dealer is ‘a progressive rock rarity with psych flourishes – doom-laden organ plus acid guitar riffs and strong male vocals’. The 250 copies pressed were sold at gigs, and two that surfaced on eBay in late 2008 went for around £3000 each. (

01- Blindness
02- It Happened to Me
03- A Friend
04- Songwriter's Lament
05- Changes
06- Dance of Thor
Jimmy Rorrison - Vocals/Drums
Hugh Finnegan - Bass/Vocals
Allan Bryce - Organ/Vocals
Tommy Hendry - Vocals/Acoustic Guitar
Ian McEleny - Lead Guitar/Acoustic Guitar

mercredi 23 mai 2012

Little Joe Featuring John Cipollina & Paul Butterfield - Full Moon Saloon - SF - July 24th 1986 (Wave)

Fantastic concert by Little Joe with special guests John Cipollina & Paul Butterfield .Enjoy !!!
This show is well known as the Butter jam, but actually are Little Joe with John and Paul guesting.
This is also the complete show, since a partial version of it is often circulated.

with special guest 


dimanche 20 mai 2012

Terry & The Pirates - Doubtful Handshake (1980 Great West Coast Rock Featuring John Cipollina - Wave)

Terry & the Pirates were led by guitarist/singer Terry Dolan, a Connecticut native who relocated to San Francisco during the area's notorious Summer of Love in 1967. Dolan played out locally during this time, performing at coffeehouses, clubs, and festivals alongside such renowned national acts as Elvin Bishop, B.B. King, Taj Mahal, and Blue Cheer, among others. (Dolan's merging of both folk and rock tended to confuse some at the time as Dolan refused to be pigeonholed solely to either of the styles.) He befriended another local outfit, Country Weather, from which he would often borrow members for his own recordings and performances throughout the years (while their guitarist, Greg Douglass, would eventually leave the group to permanently focus on working with Dolan). Country Weather backed Dolan for demos he laid down in the summer of 1970, which were aired on local radio stations KSAN and KMPX. 
Two years later, the aforementioned demos led to a recording contract with Warner Bros., which included an all-star supporting cast that included John Cipollina, Douglass, David Weber, Spencer Dryden, Lonnie Turner, Neal Schon, Prairie Prince, Kathi McDonald, Mic Gillette, and the Pointer Sisters, plus featured a side produced by longtime Rolling Stones associate Nicky Hopkins. But for reasons unknown, the album was shelved. Although understandably disappointed, Dolan carried on, forming Terry & the Pirates in the summer of 1973. The group saw Dolan joined by various other musicians who would come and go throughout the years, although both Cipollina and Douglass remained alongside Dolan through it all. The group issued several recordings from the late '70s through the early '80s, including such titles as Too Close for Comfort (1979), The Doubtful Handshake (1980), Wind Dancer (1981), and Rising of the Moon (1982). Terry & the Pirates remained together until 1989, until the death of Cipollina spelled the end of the group for a while. But a few years later, in 1994, Dolan resurrected Terry & the Pirates with a whole new lineup, resulting in the 1998 release Still a Pirate. 2001 saw the release of Comanche Boots (a self-described "vaults compilation"), as well as a reissue of Too Close for Comfort with an expanded track listing. In 2007, a reissue of Return to Silverado, plus a bonus disc of rare, live, and previously unreleased material, came out.

01- Ain´t Livin´ Long Like This
02- Inside & Out
03- Into The Wind
04- Inlaws And Outlaws
05- Montana Eyes
06- Highway
07- I Put A Spell On You
08- All Worth The Price You Pay
09- TD's Natural Blues (bonus)
10- Walking The Plank (bonus)

Terry Dolan - Vocals, Rhythm Guitar
John Cipollina - Lead Guitar
Greg Douglass - Lead & Slide Guitar
David Hates - Bass & Vocals
Jeff Myer - Drums
Pete Sears - Keyboards

Thunder & Lightning With John Cipollina & Nick Gravenites- 1986-07-25 - Chi Chi Club - San Francisco (Flac)

John Cipollina - guitar, vocals
Nick Gravenites - guitar, vocals
Greg Elmore - drums
Doug Kilmer - bass, vocals

This show smokes from start to end ...
Enjoy !!!

vendredi 18 mai 2012

Fish & Stu Featuring John Cipollina - Chi Chi Club - San Francisco - 1987-10-17 (Flac)

John Cipollina - Guitar
Barry Melton - Guitar, Vocals
Stu Blank - Keyboards
Doug Kilmer - Bass
Spencer Dryden - Drums

Fantastic concert with the keyboards sorcerer Mr Stu Blank and guitars on fire by John Cipollina & Barry Melton , it's one of my favourite concert with JC ...
Enjoy !!!

mardi 15 mai 2012

Chicken Bones - Hardrock In Concert (1975 High Energy German Hardrock With Great Guitars - Wave)

The title of Chicken Bones' album Hardrock In Concert (1976) says it all! There are six "very hard rocking tracks" included therein, performed in the good old tradition of the early seventies heavy progressive scene. Most of the album is instrumental, and offers Rainer Geuecke plenty of opportunities to reveal his musical skills. The two longest tracks are the highlights: "Water" with the whisper of the sea and some beautiful acoustic guitar and "Factory Girl" which was in a more typical hard rock vein. This album has an excellent and well-balanced sound for a private release. The recordings were done in only one week live in the studio - or more probably a barn!
These were an obscure heavy progressive, who almost certainly had their roots in the late-1960's, and were definitely inspired by Jimi Hendrix and early British bands, like Back Sabbath, Tractor, et al., but were notably much more free and improvised. Despite the title of their album, Chicken Bones were not at all mundane hard rock, but were highly creative and often moved very close to May Blitz, early UFO or Cargo, but with lots of nice moves and flowery guitar work-outs. Basic, and gutsy admittedly, Chicken Bones were a lot better than the reputation that preceded them, and their album became quite a sought after obscurity.
Chicken Bones existed in various forms for around a decade, afterwards ending up as the vastly inferior more metal oriented Revanche, then eventually disbanding in the 1980's.

01. "Feeling" 4:43
02. "I'm Falling" 6:09
03. "Water" 9:49
04. "Factory Girl" 10:09
05. "Drive" 4:23
06. "The Day Is Cold" 4:50
07. "Stoned Kids" 6:57
08. "Intro" 2:32
09. "Memories Of Dreams" 3:57
10. "On The Road Again" 3:29
11. "Brooklyn" 2:52
12. "Return To The Past" 4:26

Rainer Geuecke - Guitar, Vocals
Hilmar Szameitat - Rhythm Guitar
Werner Hofmann - Bass
Wolfgang Barak - Drums

jeudi 3 mai 2012

Tear Gas - Tear Gas (1971 outstanding uk hard rock - Flac)

Originally known as Mustard. Their first vocalist Andy Mulvey had previously been with The Poets. However, he was soon replaced by David Batchelor and around the same time Gilson Lavis (their original drummer, who later played with Squeeze) was replaced by Richard Monro from Ritchie Blackmore's Mandrake Root. This line-up recorded Piggy Go Getter, which made little impact. In 1970 Hugh McKenna took over Batchelor's vocal role and Ted McKenna (ex-Dream Police) relieved Monro on drums. They recorded a second album and tried to establish themselves on the underground scene but were going nowhere with their brand of tired boogie heavy rock, until they teamed up with Alex Harvey in August 1972 to become The Sensational Alex Harvey Band. This 1st album is a real MUST for those who like UK hardrock from the early 70s.

Tracks List :
01. That's What's Real
02. Love Story
03. Lay It On Me
04. Woman For Sale
05. I'm Glad
06. Where Is My Answer
07. Jailhouse Rock-All Shook Up
08. The First Time
09. The Temptation Of St. Anthony (Live)

Davey Batchelor - Vocals, Guitar
Zal Cleminson - Lead Guitar
Chris Glen - Bass
Eddie McKenna - Drums
Ted McKenna - Drums on Temptation
Hugh McKenna - Keyboards on Temptation
Alex Harvey - Vocals on Temptation


mardi 1 mai 2012

Steve Miller Band - The Matrix, San Francisco, California, January 12th 1967, 1st & 2nd sets, w/Paul Butterfield, Sbd & Aud mix - Flac

Fantastic concert by Steve Miller Blues Band with a lot of psychedelic guitars' it was in 1967 !!!
Many thanks to Fabio-38f the original seeder on Dime....
Sound quality is really various from really good to just sounds to me like a mixture
of audience and soundboard source. 1st set is recorded better than second set. On the other side
the performance is so good that it worths to be heard......I leave it like it was, so in case you
can make your personal sound's manipulations......

Disc One, Set One :
1. Song For My Ancestors (instrumental)(jump in at the very beginning)
2. Mercury Blues
3. Superbird
4. Juke Joy > Your Old Lady (1 drop between the 2 songs and 1 glitch in YOL)

Disc Two, Set Two :
1. Stepping Stone
2. Mercury Blues pt. 1 (3 seconds silence between the 2 parts)
3. Mercury Blues pt. 2
4. Intro > Paul Butterfield Introduction > Blues With A Feeling * 
5. Instrumental *
6. Song For My Ancestors (instrumental) *
7. Instrumental Jam (jump in)
8. Your Old Lady (jump in, some sound problems & cut at the very end)
*w/Paul Butterfield