mardi 8 janvier 2013

Love - Out Here (1969 great us psychedelic rock - Wave)

An underrated masterpiece from Love 
Yes indeed, this is a different band than was behind the beloved Forever Changes, but that's ok, because this is a great record, a truly underrated gem. Sure, this record is all over the dang place with long psychedelic guitar jams, drum solos, short novelty tunes, 3 minute pop songs-sung with much love, soul and passion by Arthur Lee, down and out blues, and acoustic folk songs. But for music nerds who enjoy stuff like that-this is a buried treasure. Yes, maybe it could have been cut down to a single record, but then why not just let this band do their thing and indulge, after all this was 1968! Indeed the sister album to this, "Four Sail", is the superior of the two, but Out Here is really good and kinda Out There...far out man! No kidding, this Love band was a tight, versataile group. Don't compare it to the first 3 Love records and just enjoy it for what it is. Arthur Lee's "White album", ya know -like the Beatles!. A sprawling 2 LP monster full of melodic, half-crazed, blues/rocking/funk/folk, short, medium, long, quiet, loud, funny, serious, sad, happy and big songs. Gary Rowles' lead guitar solo on "Love Is More Than Words..." is amazing, beyond words. 
Favorites are "Gather 'Round", "Listen To My Song", "I'll Pray For You", "Doggone", "Willow Willow", "Run To The Top", "I Still Wonder", "Stand Out", and the slowed down blues version of "Signed D.C." which has one of the greatest harmonica solos ever put down on vinyl, from Arthur of course. Great stuff. If nothing else, you gotta appreciate how awesome and amazing Arthur Lee's vocals were at this point. The guy had range like no other. Believe that! (By Hoagie Mike) 

01 I'll Pray For You - 4:16
02 Abalony - 1:46
03 Signed D.C. - 5:15
04 Listen To My Song - 2:24
05 I'm Down - 3:47
06 Stand Out - 3:00
07 Discharged - 1:36
08 Doggone - 12:00
09 I Still Wonder - 3:05
10 Love Is More Than Words Or Better Late Than Never - 11:20
11 Nice To Be - 1:50
12 Car Lights On In The Day Time Blues - 1:10
13 Run To The Top - 3:00
14 Willow Willow - 3:20
15 Instra-Mental - 3:00
16 You Are Something - 2:05
17 Gather Round - 4:50

Arthur Lee - Lead Vocals, Rhythm Guitar
Frank Fayad - Bass Guitar
George Suranovich - Drums
Jay Donnellan - Lead Guitar