lundi 23 juillet 2012

Thunder & Lightning (Aka Gravenites Cipollina Band) - 1984-03-31 (2 sets) - Stanhope House - Stanhope - New Jersey

Set List:
Disc One (Time 60:10m):
First Set (10:26 PM)
01.  Blues In The Bottle
02.  Pride Of Man
03.  Broke Down Blues (?)
04.  Blues Back Off
05.  Run Out Of West
06.  Small Walk-In Box
07.  Four Floors Or Forty
08.  I'm A Dancing Fool
09.  Right Hand World (?)
10.  Break Song

Disc Two (Time 44:23m):
Second Set (11:59 PM)
01.  Walkin' Blues
02.  Six Weeks In Reno
03.  I Did It For The Band
04.  You Can't Hurt Me No More
05.  Who Do Your Love?
06.  Bad Luck Baby

Disc Three (Time 46:04m):
Second Set (cont.)
01.  Fantasy World
02.  Unknown Instrumental
03.  I'll Pull The Trigger
04.  Trouble In Mind
05.  Mona
06.  Momma Don't Allow Me (?)

John Cipollina - guitar & vocals
Nick Gravenites - guitar & lead vocals
Greg Elmore - drums 
Doug Kilmer - bass

The "Stanhope House" was a fabulous roadhouse in Northwest New Jersey, near Lake
Hopatcong. They booked an eclectic bunch of rock, blues, country, and folk acts. The
area was beautiful, very rural, and the atmosphere in the club was very relaxed. I saw
quite a few acts there, covering many of those genres. Sound and sightlines were 
good, especially if you got there early, and snagged a good table. I heard that it closed
not too long ago, which is a real shame. There were usually two sets, which often made
for a very late evening. 
This was my first time to see John Cipollina, and my favorite of the three bands I saw him
perform with. The added bonus was Nick Gravenites, who I also thought was super. I met
John prior to the show, and had him autograph a few things for me. He was incredibly 
nice, and must have talked to me for half an hour about his career. He would often do
some calligraphy on whatever he signed, as well as his autograph. A great, and very
underappreciated player. The last time I was at the Rock N' Roll Hall Of Fame in Cleveland,
they had his Gibson SG with his wild amplification system, with all the horns, on display.(Comment & original post by bpthree....Many Thanks)