vendredi 26 octobre 2012

Love - Reel to Real (1974 Us Psychedelic Rock Mixed With Soul, Funk And Rhythm & Blues - Vinyl Rip - Wave)

This was quite a surprise. Love had made a lot of twists and turns during their career, from folk-rock to psychedelia to heavy rock. But I still wasn't expecting to hear funk and soul music. Not that Love completely immerse themselves in soul music here - there are plenty of characteristic moments. And, overall, Reel To Real is a truly excellent album, proving that Lee and crew couldn't make a bad record 
even under lousy circumstances (by 1974, lets face it, noone was paying any attention to Love and the budget here is obviously quite streamlined). Despite the bad reviews often hurtled at this album, it's still an extremely worthwhile work and more than worthy of the Love name. 
Too bad the band wouldn't make another studio album for 18 years.(By burritobroth) 

Time Is Like A River 3:00  
Stop The Music 3:02  
Who Are You ? 3:05  
Good Old Fashion Dream 2:50  
Which Witch Is Which 2:00  
With A Little Energy 2:54  
Singing Cowboy 2:55  
Be Thankful For What You Got 4:22  
You Said You Would 3:02  
Busted Feet 2:50  
Everybody's Gotta Live 3:18 

Arthur Lee : Vocals, Electric & Acoustic Rhythm Guitar,Harmonica
Joey Blocker : Drums
Sherwood Akuna : Bass
Robert Rozelle : Bass 
Melvan Whittington : Rhythm & Lead Guitar
John Sterling : Slide & Rhythm Guitar
Herman McCormick : Congas
"Buzzy" Feiten : Lead Guitar on "Who Are You"
Art Fox : Acoustic Guitar
Harvey Mandel : Lead Guitar on "Which Witch Is Which"
Joey Deaguero : Vibes 
Bobby Lyle : Organ,Clavinet,Piano
Gary Bell : ARP synthesizer
Venetta Fields,Carlina Williams,Jesse Smith : Background Vocals
Clifford Solomon,John Clauder,Fred Carter,Wilber Brown,Alan De Ville,Billy Sprague : Horns
Miles Grayson & Arthur Lee : Horn Arrangements