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Love - Four Sail (1969 great us psychedelic rock - 2002 remastered reissue complete scans - Wave)

After having loved their debut, Da Capo, and Forever Changes I was a little skeptical when I first popped Foursail into my cd player. How could Arthur Lee possibly reform Love after coming off of an album that many consider one of rock 'n' roll's greatest? After listening to Foursail, I realize that the acoustic symphonies of Forever Changes are long gone, but replaced by a much more powerful, dynamic rock sound, reminiscent of Cream and Zeppelin at times. In strong contrast with Forever Changes, which was Arthur Lee's death letter to the world, Foursail abandons the longer lyrical patterns for shorter, yet equally witty lyrics. Jay Donnallen shines on lead guitar; every solo just booms with intensity and originality, which almost makes you forget the abscense of Johnny Echols. Still present are the complex rhythm changes that Arthur Lee loves so much, and shows that he can still execute to perfection. While Foursail is not the masterpiece that Forever Changes was, and not as experimental as Da Capo, there is still something to be said for just putting out an exceptionally "cool" album. The track listing does not contain anything of the magnitude of "You Set the Scene" (which I personally consider one of the greatest songs in rock n roll), yet songs like "August", "Robert Montgomery", and "Singing Cowboy" boast excellent guitar riffs, and lyrics that you just can't help but sing along to. "Good Times" is another song off of the album that really just stuck with me. Although the band is different, songs such as "Neil's Song" and "Dream" remind us that Arthur Lee is still at the helm, which means the lyrics are dark and mysterious, despite the campy, sing-songy feeling evoked by "Neil's Song". To cap off the album, Lee ends with "Always See Your Face", a beautiful song that blends the horn sounds of Forever Changes with his newer rock sound characteristic of the rest of the album. Foursail is not the experimental delight that Da Capo was, nor the everlasting classic that Forever Changes is. Keeping this in mind, Foursail is an essential for any Love fan, or any fan of late 60's acid rock. Lee still proves that he is more than just another psychedelic rock band with Foursail, putting his newly-formed band on the top of the rock pedestal of 1969. This album has been unfairly forgotten, and deserves (in my opinion)to earn recognition in the top 50 or so rock albums. Please explore this album and other works by Love so we can all experience the musical genius that was and still is Arthur Lee.(By "leopardskinpillbxht")

01 "August" — 5:00
02 "Your Friend and Mine - Neil's Song" — 3:40
03 "I'm With You" — 2:45
04 "Good Times" — 3:30
05 "Singing Cowboy" (Lee, Jay Donnellan) — 4:30
06 "Dream" — 2:49
07 "Robert Montgomery" — 3:34
08 "Nothing" — 4:44
09 "Talking in My Sleep" — 2:50
10 "Always See Your Face" — 3:30
Bonus Tracks
11 "Robert Montgomery" (alternate vocal) — 3:41
12 "Talking in My Sleep" (alternate mix) — 2:55
13 "Singing Cowboy" (unedited version) (Lee, Donnellan) — 5:52

All songs written and arranged by Arthur Lee, except where noted. 

Arthur Lee - rhythm guitar, piano, conga, harmonica, lead vocals, producer
Jay Donnellan - lead guitar
Frank Fayad - bass, backing vocals (06,07)
George Suranovich - drums (01,05 to 10), backing vocals (06,07)
Drachen Theaker - drums (02 to 04)

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Kevin Ayers - The Confessions Of Dr. Dream And Other Stories (uk 1974 - 2009 reissue with bonus tracks - wave)

Kevin Ayers' fifth album, The Confessions of Doctor Dream and Other Stories, is typical of his work. He sings in his distinctive deep voice with his cultured English accent (sounding a lot like John Cale) in songs set in a variety of pop styles, from hard rock to a kind of music hall approach. He is frequently playful and engaging, although his songs don't ultimately add up to much. The album's second side contains an 18-minute suite called "The Confessions of Doctor Dream," featuring a cameo by Nico, which exemplifies Ayers' amiable if unfocused appeal. ~ William Ruhlmann, All Music Guide

01. Day By Day -  3:50
02. See You Later - 4:40
03. Don't Feel Lonely Till I Thought Of You - 3:05
04. Everybody's Sometime And Some People's All The Time Blues - 5:09
05. It Begins With A Blessing / Once I Awakened / But It Ends With A Curse - 3:08
06. Ballbearing Blues -  0:56
  The Confessions Of Dr. Dream
07. a. Irreversible Neural Damage -  4:41
08. b. Invitation  - 1:12
09. c. The One Chance Dance  -  7:40
10. d. Dr. Dream Theme  - 5:19
11. Two Goes Into Four - 1:39
12. Another Whimsical Song  - 0:24
13. The Lady Rachel -  3:53
14. Stop this Train - 6:14
15. Didn't Feel Lonely 'til I Thought of You -  4:36
    * Tracks 12-15 are recorded 7 July 1974 at the BBC's Maida Vale studios
16. The Up Song  (non-LP single A side)  - 3:18
17. After the Show  (non-LP single A side) - 2:37
18. Thank You Very Much  (B side of the single 'After the Show') - 3:01

Kevin Ayers - Guitar, Vocals
Mark Warner - Guitar
Cal Batchelor - Guitar
Rupert Hine - Keyboards, Producer
Mike Moran - Piano
Steve Nye - Organ
John Perry - Bass
John Gustafson - Bass
Michael Giles - Drums
Mike Oldfield - Guitar
Nico - Vocals on "Irreversible Neural Damage"
Geoff Richardson - Viola
Mike Ratledge - Organ
Ray Cooper - Percussion
Lol Coxhill - Alto Saxophone
Henry Crallan - Piano
Ollie Halsall - Guitar
Rosetta Hightower - Vocals
Hulloo Choir - Vocals
Trevor Jones - Bass
Sean Milligan - Vocals
Sam Mitchell - Guitar
Doris Troy - Vocals
Joanne Williams - Vocals
The G'Deevy Ensemble - Percussion

Ksan Demos - 1967-1971 - Featuring John Cipollina, Ron Nagle, Bruce Stevens, Terry Dolan, Soundhole

I got this tape back in the late seventies from a John Cipollina's friend that was working for KSAN. He made a copy for me of what should be broadcasted at the time, but that then, for reasons i do not know, was only partially broadcasted in various stages. So here you can get bands that were not included in the various KSAN tapes in circulation. Also you can find here the only exsisting demos of the Soundole with John, apart the single, of which i post the pictures, that was printed in 100 copies and never sold, and i obtained for me and some friends,from the lovely Johnny Colla, guitar player of Huey Lewis & the News and Soundhole, that also produced this single. 
So this is like an amazing soundtrack of really good sound quality of some of the cream of the psychedelic era. I hope that sharing this i make somebody happy, like i really was when i got this tape for the first time, tape that i have listen several times during all those years with the same enthusiasm and pleasure..... (By 38f)

Another collection of rarities with John Cipollina on almost tracks....
Enjoy !!!

The Doobie Brothers - Ultrasonic Studios West Hempstead, NY - 1973-05-31

Tracks listing
01.South City Midnight Lady
03.Clear as the Driven Snow
04.Long Train Running
05.Listen to the Music
06.China Grove
07.Rockin' Down the Highway
10.Jesus is Just Alright>Disciple
12.Without You (custom fade out starting at 6:35, recorder runs out of tape before end)
13.Natural Thing (Bonus: Live on Midnight Special - source unknown, audio from mono TV/radio broadcast, date unknown)

This is far and away the best sounding and most well-performed show (circulating) by the original lineup. IMO, these performances show the band at it's peak as a "hard-rock" act. Those only familiar with the relatively tame studio versions of these songs will be surprised/shocked at volume and intensity of these live-in-studio (with small crowd) performances. WARNING: This is not soul/jazz/pop music. This has no association whatsoever with anything by Steely Dan or Michael McDonald. This is pure hard guitar rock. IMO, this is easily the best bootleg ever made featuring the "REAL" line-up!

1979 Terry & The Pirates - Too Close For Comfort (1979 great us west coast rock - re-released 1994 Legend Records - Wave)

The original 'Too Close For Comfort' was mastered by Dan Healy with Terry Dolan and John Cipollina on July 30th, 1970 at Healy's Hell Hole, Forest Knolls, California. All recordings were taken from live shows recorded on cassette using one stereo microphone with the exception of 'Inlaws and Outlaws' which was taken from a 2 track mix of the first studio recordings of what has since become known as Terry & The Pirates originally recorded and mixed in August of 1970 by Dan Healy.
When 'Too Close For Comfort' was released in 1979 as limited edition of 3,000 it disappeared almost as fast as it appeared. Now 15 years later thanks to the folks at Legend Music we bring you the re-issue of a long sought after collectors item. We have taken the original 'Too Close For Comfort' with the exception of 'Fare Thee Well' (we were unable to locate this tape) and we added 6 bonus songs. The bonus songs were taken from soundboard cassette and reel to reel masters with the exception of 'Angie' taken from the infamous August 1970 session, and 'So Who Asked Ya' taken from a 1/4 master reel to reel. In keeping with tradition we brought in Dan Healy to oversee the remaking of this project we hope you enjoy it.
What do you get when you take a Connecticut Yankee, give him an acoustic guitar and thrust him into the midst of the bourgeoning San Francisco music scene during the Summer of Love in August 1965... The answer: Terry Dolan.
Terry was known as the folkie who rocked. he was either too hard for the image of the folkies, or too soft for the rockers. During this time Terry played the various coffee houses, clubs, festivals, benefits and other happenings, opening for - Elvin Bishop, B. B. King, The Loading Zone, Taj Mahal, Blue Cheer, Stoneground and others including Country Weather with whom Terry would share a long association, considering they shared the same manager Robert Strand, and Terry would later snag their guitarist Greg Douglass to be part of his band.
Jumping ahead to August of 1970 we find Terry Dolan ready to record some demos. He is joined by Country Weather and Nicky Hopkins came down to play and produce, at the last minute Nicky called up John Cipollina to sit in and thus the seeds for Terry & The Pirates were planted. The demo of 'Inlaws and Outlaws' received considerable air play on the underground radio stations KSAN and KMPX played it every day and it was even heard as far away as Detroit, Boston and New York.
In 1971 with the help of another musical cohort Dallas Williams, Terry would do a session that would wind up being his first appearance on record. This was 'Break Away' the solo album by William Truckaway aka William Sievers, formerly with the Sopwith Camel. This was a sweet reliable production under the guidance of Erik Jacobsen. Thru this session Terry would have his first encounter with future Pirate David Hayes.
Meanwhile in 1972 on the strength of the demos and with some help from Tom 'Big Daddy' Donahue, Terry was briefly signed to Warner Bros. to record an album. It featured an all star cast John Cipollina, Greg Douglass, David Weber, Spencer Dryden, Lonnie Turner, Neal Schon, Prairie Prince, Kathi McDonald, Mic Gillette & The Pointer Sisters with Nicky Hopkins playing and producing side one and Peter Sears playing and producing on side two.
However the album was never released, and after some down time on Terry's part due to the recovery period over Warner Bros. indecision in dropping him, he recharged his batteries and moved forward.
On June 12, 1973 we found Terry ready to rock. He debuted his first band Terry & The Pirates at the Orphanage, a club in the North Beach section of San Francisco. Joining Terry were John Cipollina, Hutch Hutchinson and David Weber from Copperhead and Greg Douglass from Country Weather, by the way the boys rocked the roof off the place and were asked back later that month for a return engagement.
Continuing throughout the years the line-up of Terry & The Pirates would be constantly revolving and evolving but the mainstay of the band would remain Terry Dolan, John Cipollina and Greg Douglass. Although there were times when John and Greg had other commitments, most of the changes involved the rhythm section. In 1981, Terry & The Pirates began their most stable line up in the history of the band joining Terry, John & Greg were long time Pirate David Hayes and Greg Elmore, this unit would stay together until 1989.
On May 29, 1989 long time Friend & Pirate John Cipollina passed away. It seemed at that point to be an appropriate time to strike the colors and call it a day. David Hayes had been in L.A. for some time doing various sessions and tours. Greg Elmore had a band on the side he wanted to devote more time to, and Greg Douglass wanted to pursue a solo career. So like back in 1965 Terry returned to his roots as a rock-n-roll troubadour.
Now five years later in 1994 we find Terry Dolan celebrating his 51st birthday and ready to rock again. Terry is assembling a new cast of characters that would make Milton Caniff proud to have Terry once again adopt the monicker of his ol' classic comic strip Terry & The Pirates. 
Well here's to another 19 years of The Pirates rockin' & keepin' the beat alive.( )

01. Band Introduction 0:10 
02. Inlaws & Outlaws 4:06 
03. Rainbow 3:31 
04. Brown Skin Monkey Bag 4:22 
05. Don't Do It 8:43 
06. Mystery Train 3:38 
07. Higher & Higher 4:35 
08. Writing You A Letter 3:11 
09. Angie 3:38  
10. Yes I Do 3:13  
11. Inside and Out 3:07 
12. Ain't Living Long Like This 4:33 
13. Something To Lose 4:49 
14. So Who Asked Ya 5:09 

Terry Dolan
John Cipollina
Nicky Hopkins
Greg Douglass
David Hayes
Steve Derr
Dave Carter
Bill Baron
Buddy Cage
Lonnie Turner
Bones Jones
Jeff Myer
Andy Kirby


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John Cipollina & Raven - Live Keystone Berkeley Ca - 1976-07-16

Track Listing
01- Mystery To Me
02- Burning Corte Madera
03- Razorblades & Rattlesnakes
04- Grass Is Allways Greener
05- Band Intro
06- Unvicious Circle
07- Prayers
08- True Golden Touch
09- The Truth
10- Rock & Roll Nurse
11- Clouds
12- Diabolic Preasure
13- Oxblood
14- Chatter
15- Bad News

Line Up
John Cipollina - Guitar
Greg Douglass - Guitar
David Weber - Drums
Skip Olsen - Bass Guitar
Jim McPherson - Keyboards & Vocals
Hutch Hutchinson - Vocals & Synthesizer
Andy Kirby - Drums

Rare audience tracks by John Cipollina & Raven . In fact there's a lot of Copperhead musicians
with the add of another great guitar player ...Mr Greg Douglass ...


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Stack - Above All (1969 great us heavy psychedelic rock - wave)

A local Californian release and one of the rarest and probably the most significant American private press hard rock album of the era. Stack was 'discovered' in the mid-eighties and since then only a half-dozen original copies have ever turned up. Above All is a heavy blaster with echoes of U.K. freakbeat / psych creeping around in the shadows - Stack had an unusually super-distorted guitar sound, the result of using special custom made amps from a private factory in Los Angeles called Quilter. There's also one cover version - a wild garage R&B of Leiber and Stoller's Poison Ivy, and the remaining tracks are sixties style hard rock. 

Stack were a figurehead group in a busy hard rock scene exploding out of the Los Angeles area in the late sixties. Formed out a surf act called The Vandells and another local act called Wabash Spencer, they went on to gig with such notables as Buffalo Springfield, Three Dog Night, Iron Butterfly, Illinois Speed Press and Frank Zappa. They were also often supported by Alice Cooper! However, fame and fortune eluded the band, not for lack of talent but because of a 'bum' deal from their record company. Signed for an eight year contract they were subsequently written off as a tax-loss, which left them contractually bound, no money and nowhere to go but obscurity. 

Thankfully, the Void and Gear Fab reissues have made the album available to a wider audience for the first time, which should help Stack gain the attention they justly deserved. The Gear Fab CD also comes with extensive liner notes. 

01. Poison Ivy    
02. Only Forever    
03. D.A. Blues          
04. Cars    
05. Everyday    
06. Valleys       
07. Time Seller       
08. Hot Days       
09. Do It (Bonus)

Rick Gould - Lead Guitar, Vocals
Kurt Feierabend - Rhythm Guitar, Vocals
Bill Sheppard - Lead Vocals
Buddy Clark - Bass Guitar
Bob Ellis - Drums


Link Wray - The Link Wray Rumble (1974 us fabulous rock - vinyl rip - wave)

01- It Was A Bad Scene - 3:33
02- Good Time Joe - 4:01
03- Walkin' Bulldog - 3:06
04- I Got To Ramble - 4:41
05- Backwoods Preacher Man - 4:02
06- Super 88 - 3:25
07- She's That Kind Of Woman - 4:04
08- Step This Way - 3:45
09- We Said I Do - 3:39
10- Rumble - 2:36

Link Wray - Guitar, Primary Artist, Vocals
Joe Crane - Guitar, Keyboards, Vocals
John Dzerigan - Guitar
Boz Scaggs - Guitar, Vocals
Mark T. Jordan - Keyboards, Vocals
Bernie Krause - Keyboards
Andy Narell - Keyboards, Percussion
Tom Rutley - Bass
Rick Shlosser - Drums
Pete Escovedo - Congas
Dorothy Morrison - Vocals
Greg Adams - Trumpet
Emilio Castillo - Saxophone
Mic Gillette - Trumpet
Stephen "Doc" Kupka - Saxophone
Lenny Pickett - Saxophone
Bill Combs - Vocals
Zeller Hurd - Vocals
Skip Drinkwater - Vocals
Joe Scott - Vocals
Glenn Walters - Vocals
Bruce Steinberg - Art Direction, Cover Design, Harmonica, Photography
Sy Oliver - Composer


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Link Wray - Stuck In Gear - 1975 - (Great Rock Album - Vinyl Rip - Wave)

Track List
01- Southern Lady
02- Tecolote
03- Quicksand
04- I Know You're Leaving Me Now
05- Did You See The Man
06- Midnight Lover
07- Cottoncandy Apples
08- BoJack
09- Jack The Ripper

There is very little info about this particular album.All i know is it was recorded in the UK and is very hard to find.It's been said it can be found at Ebay for about $4o, I had no luck seeing it there myself.I wish a good record label would re-issue all of Link's 70's & 80's material. I for one think it would be quit profitable.My fav tracks here are funky rocker "Bo Jack" and "Midnight Lover" which could have been a huge FM radio hit had someone actually been paying attention. The guitar solo's in "Midnight"will make many drool especially those of you who dig your 70's classic rock. Until then ...Rock On!

Link Wray : Guitars, Vocals
Ruan O'Lochlainn : Keyboards, alto sax
Freddie Smith : Drums, Percussions
Archie Legget : Bass
Gordon Smith : Steel Guitar 
Roger Brown & Carl Bramwell : Backing Vocals
John Greaves : Bass on "Jack The Ripper"
Charlie Charles : Drums on "Jack The Ripper" 


Link Wray - Record Plant - Sausalito - CA - September 1974 - Flac

Track Listing
01 DJ Intro / Rumble
02 It Was A Bad Scene
03 Good Time Joe
04 Walkin' Bulldog
05 She's That Kind of Woman
06 Backwoods Preacher Man
07 Unchain My Heart
08 Yo Walk By 

Even if you don’t know who Link Wray is, you’ve probably heard his music. He played a Gibson SG and was the pioneer of distorted rock guitar, influencing countless musicians. “Rumble” was used for the soundtrack for the movie “Pulp Fiction”. Litterally a four chord song, “Rumble” is a powerhouse of  cranked-up sustaining major chords ringing out with full overdrive. All you’ll need to hear is the first three chords :  D... D... A...  and you’ll recognize this classic instrumental tune. - Sidewindersf
Link mentions that John Cipollina is there in the studio during the broadcast.


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Snafu - Situation Normal (1974 Uk Great Classic Rock - 1993 Reissue - Wave)

On the second LP, “Situation Normal”, Pete Solley had taken over much of the control of the band. There is a strong country-rock influence on this album, which makes you either hate or love it.
Solley’s keyboard/fiddle playing is wonderful throughout the album. At the same time, Micky Moody was exploring music by the likes of Ry Cooder and getting more and more into playing slide guitar. Harrison’s vocal work is sublime and the rhythm section is both tight and soulful.
Surprisingly, it was not as well reviewed as its predecessor. The band toured America as a support act for Emerson Lake and Palmer but wasn’t happy with the results of having to play to a completely different audience.

01. No More – 6:19
02. No Bitter Taste – 3:24
03. Brown Eyed Beauty & The Blue Assed Fly – 3:25
04. Lock And Key – 2:49
05. Big Dog Lusty – 3:41
06. Playboy Blues – 8:16
07. Jessie Lee – 4:37
08. Ragtime Roll – 5:05

Bobby Harrison / vocals, congas
Micky Moody / guitar, mandolin, harmonica
Colin Gibson / bass
Terry Popple / drums, washboard
Pete Solley / keyboards, fiddle, ARP synthesizer

Mel Collins/ Alto & Tenor Saxophones (Track 08) 
Steve Gregory/ Tenor Saxophone (Track 08)
Bud Beadle/ Baritone Saxophone (Track 08)


Thundermother - No Red Rowan (1970-1971 uk heavy hard rock and acid psych hard blues fuzzed - Wave)

Well, if you found your way to this page you must be a real fan of early 70's heavy psych rock as this one's been out of print (as a standalone) since 1995 but most of the album is available as side 2 of a double album released in 2003 which is still available here Works V.4. I'm surprised this is the first review of this lost classic.
No Red Rowan is a hard, heavy, blues-psych acid rock album released in 1971 out of the UK. Supposedly some kind of studio-musician supergroup and boy do they sound super!! Plays well as an album front to back, good stuff!
If you are a fan of the early 70's sound, this is a very worthwhile addition to your 'obscure gems' collection. (By Tuco)

There is no reliable information about the history of this band. Apparently this album was recorded in Wakefield between 1970-1971, England, engineered and produced by Mike Levon.
It collects Their Contributions to Astral Navigations, Gagalactyca, Loose Routes I and II. "David J. Smith (formerly of David John and the Mood) co-produced and sang on some tracks of an" ad hoc "group (ie They Were the studio creation) called Thundermother During 1969.
This one band shared with lp Light years Away called "Astral Navigations" (Holyground 1971). Thundermother's Contribution was recorded over one weekend.
Acid guitars, Hard Acid rock, heavy Acid Psych, Heavy Acid Prog, Acid Blues !! Progressive/hard rock featuring a lot of fuzzed guitar!!

Tracks List:
01.Someday 13:41
02.Country Lines 1:05
03.Boogie Music 4:48
04.Woman 3:17
05.Lady (Lay By Me) 3:39
06.The People Show 3:55
07.Come on Home 4:53
08.Woman in My Life 4:17
09.Rock Me Babe 6:03
10.Boogie Music (Coke Version) 4:53
11.Duce Blues 1:14
12.Watch Your Step 3:30
13.You Know Me Babe 1:26
14.Come on Home (Space Version) 7:31

David John - lead vocals, percussion
Dave "Ginner" Millen - lead vocals, lead guitar, bass
Frank Newbould - guitar, bass, vocals
Fred Kelly - drums, percussion
Dave Wilkinson - piano
Dave Smith "Daz" - bass
Jerusalem Smith - Drums On "Woman"


Snafu - Snafu (1973 Uk Great Classic Rock - 1993 Reissue - Wave)

When Paladin folded in 1973 I noted that their keyboard player/violinist Pete Solley had joined Snafu. This was a progressive rock band formed by Bobby Harrison (ex Procol Harum) and Mick Moody (guitarist ex Juicy Lucy - check the latter out too!) which produced 3 albums. A year or two later I picked up a vinyl copy of Snafu's second album "Situation Normal". This was influenced by Pete Solley and was an OK country-rock based album. Having read that this first album had been re-released on CD and was reputed to be better and more rock than country I bought it.
It's all round a better album to me, more rock with excellent slide guitar, some mandolin on one track and violin included on a couple of others. The album opens with a rocking "Long Gone", some great vocals by Harrison on the track and nice guitar from Moody. "Said he the Judge" reminds me of a slow rock song in the Lynyrd Skynyrd mold. "Monday morning" features the mandolin and violin and has a country hoe-down theme. The next track, "Drowning in the sea of love" has a soulful/rock feel with backing wah-wah guitar work. "Country nest" is another laidback country-style song which has what sounds like a steel-pedal guitar rather than slide. "Funky friend" is what it says, a funky rocking track with some violin work again. "Goodbye USA" is another slow rock song with synthesiser work by Solley. The final track "That's the song" is back to rock with plenty of guitar and Hammond organ.
The CD comes in a cardboard gatefold sleeve which replicates the original vinyl copy. The front cover includes a Roger Dean design and when opened there's a photo of the group and their names/roles on the left side, track listing and other production credits on the right hand side. Enclosed in one sleeve is a pull-out sheet of excellent extensive notes on Snafu and the individual musicians put together by Chris Welch with input from Micky Moody. The latter also gives fairly detailed notes on each track.
I liked this CD at the first hearing and the package, whilst only cardboard is far superior because of its original-design finish and the included notes than many bland, noteless plastic-cased CD's. I understand that their last album, "All funked up" is another good funky rock album with no country influence as Solley had left by this time. Must seek that out next.
A short-lived act, like Paladin, but one that I never had the opportunity to see live unfortunately. And the name Snafu? From the American TV series, Sergeant Bilko, it was short for "situation normal, all fouled up" but not applicable to the group or this album! (By J. Bodicoat "Digger")

01- Long Gone
02- Said The Judge
03- Monday Morning
04- Drowning In The Sea Of Love
05- Country Nest
06- Funky Friend
07- Goodbye U.S.A.
08- That's The Song
09- Dixie Queen
10- Sad Sunday

Lead Vocals, Percussion – Bobby Harrison
Guitar, Mandolin, Backing Vocals – Micky Moody
Bass Guitar – Colin Gibson
Drums – Terry Popple
Keyboards, Backing Vocals – Pete Solley

Snafu - All Funked Up (1975 uk heavy classic rock blended funk & country - flac)

Solley left the band to join Procol Harum. Brian Chatton and Tim Hinkley was recruited to complete the lineup that would record the band’s third album.
As the title suggests, the overall sound is very funky rock with an evident blues debt. Micky Moody’s overdriven slide adds a touch of Southern boogie to the mixture. The laidback country-rock groove sustained throughout has held up remarkably well in the quarter-century since its release.
Shortly after the release of the album, the general feeling of disillusionment and loss of direction which dominated the established British rock scene in the mid-seventies finally caught up with Snafu as well. During a tour of Germany, Micky Moody was invited to join David Coverdale (for the band which would become Whitesnake) and he accepted. Snafu was no more.

01. Don’t Keep Me Wondering – 5:21 
02. Bloodhound – 5:25
03. Lock And Key – 2:56
04. Hard to Handle – 3:22
05. Every Little Bit Hurts – 4:41
06. Turn Around – 4:23
07. Deep Water – 5:27
08. Keep on Running – 3:24
09. Barroom Tan – 3:48
10. Dancing Feet – 5:51
11. Are You Sure (Bonus Track) - 3:43

Bobby Harrison - vocals
Micky Moody - guitar
Colin Gibson - bass
Brian Chatton - keyboards
Tim Hinkley - piano, organ
Terry Popple - drums, percussion
Mel Collins - saxophone
Liza Strike, Viola Wills - background vocals


mardi 5 février 2013

Stack Waddy - Bugger Off! - (1972 great uk heavy rock with outstanding vocals - Wave)

Stack Waddy's second and final studio album Bugger Off. Originally released in 1972 John Peel favorites Stack Waddy were a raucous Rock 'N' Roll quartet from Manchester who were signed to the late DJ's Dandelion Records in the early '70s. This release also includes the 'lost' BBC Peel Session of 1972 as bonus tracks.
"John doesn't claim to sing, his voice acting more as an instrument than a method of conveying words... Mick produces the most incredible noises out of his old battered machine... Stuart's bass chews its way through a number, while his hair flies as he leaps about like a soul in everlasting torment... Steve provides a form of percussion of an alpine rockfall intensity..."

01 Rosalyn      
02 Willie the Pimp      
03 I'm Your Hoochie-Coochie Man      
04 It's All Over Now      
05 Several Yards      
06 You Really Got Me      
07 I'm a Lover Not a Fighter      
08 Meat Pies 'Ave Come But Band's Not 'Ere Yet      
09 It Ain't Easy      
10 Long Tall Shorty (Mainly)      
11 Repossession Boogie      
12 The Girl from Ipanema      
13 Mama Keep Your Big Mouth Shut   

John Knail - Vocals, Harmonica
Steve Revell - Drums
Mick Stott - Guitar
Stuart Banham - Bass

Stack Waddy - Stack Waddy (1971 great uk heavy rock with outstanding vocals - Wave)

Stack Waddy's debut album is one of the "must hear" discs of the early 1970s, an uncompromising roar that might cavort through that shell-shocked no man's land that sprawls between Captain Beefheart and the Edgar Broughton Band, but which winds up defiantly beholden to absolutely nothing else you've ever heard — one reason, perhaps, why the group vanished with so little trace.Recorded live in the studio (or thereabouts, Stack Waddy is a blurring blend of brutal band originals and deliciously mauled covers. Beefheart's "Sure Nuff Yes I Do" is an unblinking highlight, while raw takes on "Suzie Q" and "Road Runner" remind us of the group's mid 60s genesis on the Manchester R&B scene. 
There's also a version of Jethro Tull's "Love Story" that comes close to topping the Sensational Alex Harvey Band in terms of lascivious power and ferocity. Certainly John Knail takes no prisoners as he howls his way through and, while Stack Waddy holds back from completely recreating the live band experience (there's no breaking bottles, for a start), still this is one of those few albums that genuinely requires you to wear protective clothing.

01. Roadrunner (McDaniel) 3:26
02. Bring It to Jerome (Green) 5:18
03. Mothballs (Banham, Knail, Revell, Stott) 3:35
04. Sure Nuff 'N' Yes I Do (Bermann, VanVilet) 2:29
05. Love Story (Anderson) 2:19
06. Suzie Q (Broodwater, Hawkins, Lewis) 2:27
07. Country Line Special (Davies) 3:55
08. Rolling Stone (Waters) 3:25
09. Mystic Eyes (Morrison) 6:05
10. Kentucky (Banham, Knail, Revell, Stott) 2:42 

John Knail - Vocals, Harmonica
Steve Revell - Drums
Mick Stott - Guitar
Stuart Banham - Bass