mardi 19 juin 2012

Top Drawer - Solid Oak (1969 great us psychedelic rock with guitar/keyboards duet - wave)

Top Drawer is without a doubt one of those bands that has been long forgotten about. If it wasn’t for this wonderful compilation record, I don’t know if I ever would have stumbled upon these guys. This obscure band hailed from the rural center of the United States, coming right out of Kentucky. There aren’t many facts to be said about the band, considering they were around back in 1969-1970 and they only have one album that I am aware of. Their one and only album, titled “Solid Oak”, was recorded back in 1969 at Fultz Recording Studio over in Kentucky, and if you have one of these original records in mint condition, it could sell for well over a hundred dollars. The album is constantly being sought out due to it’s rarity. According to the record sleeve of the compilation I mentioned above, the album was only repressed one time back in 1980 on Akarma Records from Italy, and has never been pressed since. On top of that, none of the band’s original members have ever surfaced to talk about the music, and it’s not looking like they’re about to show up anytime soon. This song was included on the compilation in hopes that the band members would take notice of the praise that their almost-perfect record “Solid Oak” has continually received over the years. Then perhaps the band members can give us their side of the story on what it was like to be twenty-something years old in the middle of America and release a psychedelic masterpiece, and then vanish back into normal life without a trace. Listen to the first track of their forgotten masterpiece right here on YouTube. This track is the main reason the album is so sought out, with its monumental guitar soloing and the constant loop of the keyboard, this song undeniably flirts with perfection. That’s enough from me, now it’s time to find out for yourself. Check out the amazing “Solid Oak” with the link below…and…oh yeah…

Imagine a talented high quality psychedelic mix of Cream and Grateful Dead with great songs and near progressive structures that remain firmly in Psych land. Perhaps the best privately released Heavy psych album around. Amazing album.
Top Drawer was a organ/guitar driven Hard psych/late 60's style psych band that released this great album in 1969. It is late 60's underground hardrock/psych, but the lead guitar and organ is way psychedelic and wasted with a vibe similar to Bolder Damns way out there psychedelic leadguitar style (I hope ya know what I mean). Both albums have a great underground vibe and talent and songwriting skills you'd expect from the best out there. Both albums are keepers. Enjoy them and share your views! 

01 Song Of A Sinner - 8:42
02 What Happened Before They Took The People Away - 5:19
03 Middle Class America - 4:55
04 Time Passes Much Too Quickly - 3:30
05 Messed Up - 3:46
06 Baker's Boogie - 3:39
07 What's In Store - 4:26
08 Sweet Memories - 4:56
09 Lies - 5:10

Alan Berry - Bass Guitar  
John Baker - Guitar, Vocals  
Ron Linn - Organ, Harpsichord, Rhythm Guitar  
Ray Herr - Percussion, Vocals  
Steve Geary - Trumpet, Vocals 

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lundi 18 juin 2012

Sam Apple Pie - East 17 (1973 great uk blues rock - Wave)

Sam Apple Pie recorded their second album East 17 in 1973, with Sam Sampson and Bob Rennie from the first album supported by Andy Johnson and Denny "Pancho" Barnes on guitars, and Lee Baxter Hayes on drums. East 17 is a bit more polished and diverse than their first album but probably lacked a real killer track to get them wider publicity and recognition. Flying is my favourite track reminding me of Wishbone Ash in dual guitar mode. All tracks are worth a listen - exciting and memorable live band who deserved more success than they achieved.

01.Good Time Music
03.Out On The Road
04.Route 66
05.She's The Queen
06. Old Tom
08.Call Me Boss
09.Another Orpheus

Sam "Tomcat" Sampson - Harmonica, Vocals
Bob "Dog" Rennie - Bass
Andy Johnson - Guitar
Denny "Pancho" Barnes - Guitar
Lee Baxter Hayes - Drums


vendredi 15 juin 2012

Juicy Lucy - Juicy Lucy (1969 great uk rock with outstanding guitars & vocals - Wave)

Steel guitarist, Glenn Fernando Campbell, was the star behind this band. He'd joined them from The Misunderstood. Their vinyl zenith is usually considered to be their first album which contained a number of tight, well constructed songs, including a fine cover of Bo Diddley's Who Do You Love?, which also took them into the 45 Charts. It came on the now highly collectable spiral Vertigo label in an attractive gatefold sleeve. Sadly it was downhill thereafter, their fortunes were hardly helped by several personnel changes. Paul Williams, ex-Zoot Money, came in on vocals, replacing Roy Owen on the second album, but the result was a disappointment. None of the original line-up survived for their fourth and final effort, Pieces. The line-up for this included Andy Pyle, whilst he took a brief break from Savoy Brown. The final verdict must be that they failed to achieve their early promise.

Saucy blues-rockers Juicy Lucy formed in 1969 from the ashes of cult-favorite garage band the Misunderstood, reuniting vocalist Ray Owen, steel guitarist Glenn "Ross" Campbell and keyboardist Chris Mercer; with the additions of guitarist Neil Hubbard, bassist Keith Ellis and drummer Pete Dobson, the group immediately notched a UK Top 20 hit with their reading of the Bo Diddley perennial "Who Do You Love," with their self-titled debut LP falling just shy of the Top 40. Ex-Zoot Money singer Paul Williams, guitarist Mick Moody and drummer Rod Coombes replaced Owen (who exited for a solo career), Hubbard and Dobson for 1970's Lie Back and Enjoy It, with bassist Jim Leverton assuming Ellis' duties for the follow-up, 1971's Get a Whiff a This. The constant turnover clearly took its toll on the group both creatively and commercially, with co-founders Campbell and Mercer both exiting prior to the fourth Juicy Lucy album, 1972's Pieces, which was recorded by a makeshift lineup of Williams, Moody, keyboardist Jean Roussel and the former Blodwyn Pig rhythm section of bassist Andy Pyle and drummer Ron Berg. Juicy Lucy finally disbanded shortly thereafter. 

01. Mississippi Woman - 3.48
02. Who Do You Love - 3.03
03. She´s Mine, She´s Yours - 5.46
04. Just One Time - 4.40
05. Chicago North-Western - 4.04
06. Train - 5.53
07. Nadine - 2.49
08. Are You Satisfied - 6.18
09. Walking Down The Highway (Bonus) - 4.49

Glenn "Ross" Campbell - Steel Guitar, Mandolin, Marimbas, Vocals
Ray Owens - Lead Vocals
Chris Mercer - Saxophone, Piano, Organ
Neil Hubbard - Acoustic & Electric Guitars
Keith Ellis - Bass Guitar & Vocals
Pete Dobson - Drums & Percussion
Remy & Lofty - Miscellaneous Percussion

mercredi 13 juin 2012

Stan Webb's Broken Glass - Broken Glass (1975 great uk classic rock & blues - Flac)

Following his sojourn with Savoy Brown, Stan Webb's next recorded output was with Broken Glass. This featured Robbie Blunt on guitar, and also Miller Anderson.   This was recorded in 22 days in November 1975 and released the following month.

Track listing:
Standing on the Border
It's Alright
Keep Your Love
Can't Keep You Satisfied
Jersey Lightning
It's Evil
Ain't No Magic
Crying Smiling
Take the Water
Broken Glass

Stan Webb (lead & rhythm guitars, acoustic guitars, vocals)
Robbie Blunt (rhythm guitars, background vocals)
Tony Ashton (piano, organ)
Rob Rawlinson (bass)
Mac Poole (drums)
Miller Anderson (electric & acoustic guitars, dobro, additional vocals)


jeudi 7 juin 2012

The Novato Frank Band With John Cipollina - Cotati Cabaret - California - November 7th 1984 (Flac)

Great live album by Novato Frank Band with John Cipollina, Barry Melton & Steve Kimock and a lot of friends ....Great sound & great music ...Enjoy !!!

Frank Bonomolo vocals, guitar
John Cipollina lead guitar, vocals
Barry Melton lead guitar, vocals
Steve Kimock lead guitar
Greg Anton drums
Steve Wolf bass
Greg Elmore drums
Jimmy Smith keyboards
Ben Perkoff sax
Collene Callahan vocals