mercredi 3 avril 2013

Liquid Smoke - Liquid Smoke (1970 Great Us Hard Blues Rock - Wave)

Liquid Smoke were a Long Island, New York group that consisted of Sandy Pantaleo (lead vocals), Vince Fersak (guitar), Ben Ninnman (keyboards), Mike Archuleta (bass), and Chas Kimbrell (drums).
The group formed while students at ECU and signed with Avco Embassy in 1969, releasing their lone lp in early 1970 which was produced by Vinny Testa who also produced Frijid Pink and co-produced with Shadow Morton the Merchants Of Dream’s 1968 psych masterpiece “Strange Night Voyage”.
The group’s killer psych track “Lookin’ For Tomorrow” was the highlight of Peruvian band Gerardo Manuel & El Humo’s debut lp “Apocallypsis”. The album also includes their single “I, Who Have Nothing” a cover of the Ben E. King hit which was also covered earlier by Terry Knight And The Pack (see December 21, 2009 post) and later by Tom Jones and Sylvester.
Sandy Panaleo would later go on to a successful acting/vocalist/composer career as Sonny Rose. (Jack Dominilla)

Tracks Listing
01. I Who Have Nothing (Leiber, Stoller, Donida, Rapetti) - 3:18
02. Lookin' For Tomorrow (Vince Fersak) - 4:30
03. Hard To Handle (Otis Redding, Allen Alvoid Jones, Jr., Alvertis Isbell) - 3:43
04. Reflection (Vince Fersak) - 4:00
05. Warm Touch (Vince Fersak, Sandy Pantaleo) - 3:31
06 . Shelter Of Your Arms (JerrySamuels) - 4:05
07. Set Me Free (Vince Fersak) - 4:55
08. It's A Man's World (J. Brown, Betty Jean Newsome) - 5:10
09. Let Me Down Easy (Vince Fersak) - 4:2

Sandy Pantaleo - Lead Vocals
Ben Ninnman - Keyboards
Mike Archuleta - Bass
Vince Fersak - Lead Guitar
Chas Kimbrell - Drums


The Good Rats - Tasty (1974 us great mix of hard rock, jazz & blues - Wave)

"Tasty" is by far the greatest accomplishment by "America's Favorite Unknown Band": The Good Rats. I was first aquainted with the "Tasty" album at a young age when my father, who was a Good Rats fan in his youth, passed his taste in music down to me. I first became familiar with the popular title track, "Tasty", the upbeat lead-off track, "Back To My Music", and the eeire but lyrically ingenius and funny "300 Boys". Later on, I came to recognize the musical brilliance in "Klash Ka Bob", "Poppa Papa", "Phil Fliesh", the vocal magnificance in "Songwriter", "Injun Joe", and "Fireball Express", and the nostalgic ingenius in "Fred Upstairs and Ginger Snappers". And then it hit me. There is not a single song on this album that isn't worth listening to. Peppi Marchello posseses the rock and roll voice that most bands dream of having, John Gatto's guitar playing is flawless (check out "Klash Ka Bob" to hear Gatto at his best!), Lenny Kotke's fingers fly on the bass, Micky Marchello's guitar and vocal harmonies are always dead on, and Joe Franco's drumming is admirable. Essentially, The Good Rats are the model band for 70's rock. Why then did not make it big is beyond mystery to me. The "Tasty" album is a must-have for rock fans of all ages.(By The 5th Beatle)

01 "Back To My Music" 2:34
02 "Injun Joe" 5:28
03 "Tasty" 3:22
04 "Papa Poppa" 5:08
05 "Klash-Ka-Bob" 3:34
06 "Fireball Express" 3:16
07 "Fred Upstairs & Ginger Snappers" 3:11
08 "300 Boys" 3:49
09 "Phil Fleish" 4:00
10 "Songwriter" 3:50
Recorded at House of Music, West Orange, New Jersey, 1974

Peppi Marchello – lead vocals, harmonica, and bats
Mickey Marchello – guitar, vocals
John "The Cat" Gatto - guitar
Lenny Kotke - bass, vocals
Joe Franco - drums