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Jean-Jacques Kravetz - Kravetz (1972 great germany heavy prog - flac)

Jean Jacques Kravetz is a french multi-instrumentalist (piano, keyboard, sax) and fruitful composer who released his whole career in Germany. He first made a name in Hamburg musical scene. In a relative discretion he published a solo effort simply called Kravetz (1972). In this solo excursion he was accompanied by the famous Udo Lindenberg on drums. Musically, the album is a pleasant combination between heavy fuzzy organs and krauty improvs. Kravetz is mostly known for being the keyboardist of Frumpy, Kin Pink Meh and Atlantis. Today he is recognised as one the great pionniers of German rock.

 This is one of my all time favourite early 70's Krautrock related LP's. Highly underrated, and I've never grown tired of listening to it.
'Jean-Jacques Kravetz' is of course the renowned keyboardist of the great German band Frumpy.
Born in Paris in 1947, he moved to Hamburg Germany in 1967, where he was one of the co founders of the great aforementioned German band.
 This was his first solo album released in 1972. Jean is backed by the superb musicianship of Udo Lindenberg(drums), Carl-G. Stephan(bass) and Thomas Kretzschmer(guitar).
 The lineup here is actually 'The Udo Lindenberg Band' with Kravetz at the helm. Though this was much more in the 'heavy progressive' vein in comparisonn to Udo's much more commercial sounding solo output that came later.
 Female vocalist spectacular 'Inga Rumpf' (Frumpy/Atlantis) also makes a guest appearance on the opening track 'I'd Like To Be A Child Again'. Udo takes over the vocal duties on the rest of the album.
 The band are super tight here, and musically it definitely surpasses anything recorded by Atlantis, and in my opinion, rivals some of Frumpy's best material as well.
 The only real downside I can see are the somewhat patchy vocal arrangements. But the instrumental passages (and there's many) are worth the price of admission alone. Highly recommended!
(Review By Doc_Smiley) 

01- I'd Like To Be A Child Again  9:35
02- Ann Toomuch  7:55
03- Routes  7:27
04- When The Dream Is Over  3:14
05- Master Of Time 9:51

Jean-Jacques Kravetz - Organ, Piano, Percussion, Synthesizer, 
Carl-G. Stephan - Bass
Udo Lindenberg - Drums, Percussion, Vocals 
Thomas Kretzschmer - Guitar 
Inga Rumpf - Vocals On 01
Roger Hook - 12 Strings Guitar On 01 & 04

Eric Quincy Tate - Chattahoochee River - Atlanta - Georgia - May '74 (Flac)

Tracks Listing
01.White Line
02.Papst Blue Ribbon
03.Father Michaels
04.The Bream are still biting in Ferriday
05.Flying Machine
06.Half ain´t been told *

Donnie McCormick - Lead Vocals,Drums,and everything else at one time
David Cantonwine - Bass
Joe Rogers - Piano
Wayne "Bear" Sauls - Guitars,Lead Vocals on *
Jerome Joseph - Congas

Great Blend of R&B,Blues,Rock,Psychedelic......played the southern way.
They just owned the Strip ,Piedmont Park...... just like the Booger Band,The Sweet Younguns,the Allman Bros. etc.....everybody played with places like the Bottom of the Barrel,The Bowery,Hot´Lanta.......(Many Thanks to Traink)


Eric Quincy Tate - Old Fairfax Th. - Fairfax - Va - December 12th 1975 (Flac)

01.Whiskey Woman Blues
02.Flying Machine
03.White Line > Half ain´t been told *
04.Brown Sugar
05.Texas Sand > The Bream are still biting in Ferriday
06.Who´s got the time to bother
07.What´s nude
08.Honky Tonk Man > No rollin´Boogie
09.Food,Phone,Gas and Lodging *
10.Chattahoochee Coochee Man
11.Things I think I think I´ll find
12.Texas *
13.Whiskey Woman Blues (different mix)

Donnie McCormick - Lead Vocals, Drums,and everything else at one time
David Cantonwine - Bass
Joe Rogers - Piano, Hammond B3
Wayne "Bear" Sauls - Guitars, Lead Vocals on *


Eric Quincy Tate - Lake Spivey - 1974 (Flac)

You can tell by this Show....they never played the same show twice the same way.......pure energy !! The took the late night club onto the big Stage.
They had about 130 songs at this time

01. Instrumental
02. I love the life I live > The Thrill is gone
03. Can´t get home for your Party
04. Big Legged Mama *
05. No rollin´ Boogie // No rollin´Boogie
06. Brown Sugar > Things
07. Past Blue Ribbon
08. Chattahoochee Coochee Man
09. The Letter
10. Summertime
11. Whiskey Woman Blues //

Donnie McCormick - Lead Vocals,Drums,and everything else at one time
David Cantonwine - Bass
Joe Rogers - B3 organ
Wayne "Bear" Sauls - Guitars,Lead Vocals on *
Tommy Carlise - Guitar,Slide
Jerome Joseph - Congas