mardi 25 décembre 2012

Damnation - The Second Damnation...Plus (1970 heavy psych and hard rock - Akarma cd edition with bonus tracks live - Wave)

DAMNATION's second offering, released in 1970 by United Artists. What strikes first is the amazing lead vocals. This guy rocks hard! Then the terrific groove and guitar sounds.
Solid songs, catchy tunes all the way. Want pounding rhythm sections? Want ballads? Want innovative Hard Rock? Rush on DAMNATION (initially known as the DAMNATION OF ADAM BLESSING), the Cleveland's forgotten sons.
The Damnation of Adam Blessing's second LP (sometimes attributed in discographies to Damnation) went in a harder rock direction than their 1969 self-titled debut. The result was a more stylistically consistent, yet overall less interesting effort that was closer to the standard of competent, but below-top-of-the-line early Midwestern hard rock bands, lacking some of the pop influences that were among the most interesting attributes of their prior album. It's not totally run-of-the-mill, though, since Adam Blessing was one of the best singers in the style, and since the group were more adept at background vocal harmonies than almost any other similar bands of the era. "Death of a Virgin" and (to a lesser extent) "Everyone," actually sound closer to the likes of Moby Grape and some of Quicksilver's more song-driven material than Midwestern hard rock; this and some other tracks are graced with some particularly exceptional bass playing by Ray Benich. Cuts like "Driver" and "Back to the River" are more typical of their approach, though, relying on pile-driving blues-rockish riffs and pummeling drums, boringly so on the overlong "In the Morning." (Many Thanks to Adamus67) 


01. "No Way" 3:18
02. "Death Of A Virgin" 3:41
03. "Driver" 3:56
04. "Everyone" 4:13
05. "Back To The River" 5:19
06. "Money Tree" 4:50
07. "Ba-Dup" 3:22
08. "New York City Woman" 6:01
09. "In The Morning" 6:16
10. "Smile" 1:06
Bonus Live at the Grande Ballroom, Cleveland Ohio 1972. 
11. "Sunny Days" 4:36
12. "Running Away" 5:52
13. "Find Out Lover" 4:55
14. "Get Up" 3:59
15. "Dawn" 5:25


Ray Benich - Bass
Adam Blessing - Vocals
Robert Kalamasz - Guitar, Vocals
Jim Quinn - Guitar, Vocals, Percussion
Bill Schwark - Drums

lundi 24 décembre 2012

Glory - Damnation Of Adam Blessing (1973 heavy psych and hard rock - Akarma cd edition - Wave)

Cleveland acid rock combo the Damnation of Adam Blessing was formed in 1968 from the ashes of a pair of local garage bands, the Society and Dust; led by frontman Adam Blessing (Bill Constable), the group also included guitarists Jim Quinn and Bob Kalamasz, bassist Ray Benich, and drummer Bill Schwark. After months of relentless local gigging -- often as the opener for hometown heroes the James Gang -- the Damnation of Adam Blessing signed to United Artists and issued their self-titled debut LP in 1969, followed by a tour in support of the Faces. Second Damnation followed a year later, generating the minor hit "Back to the River"; with their third album, 1971's Which Is Justice, Which Is the Thief, Schwark was replaced by Blessing's drummer brother Ken Constable. In 1973, the group renamed itself Glory, releasing a self-titled LP on the UA subsidiary Avalanche before disbanding. The Italian reissue imprint Akarma re-released all of the Damnation of Adam Blessing's albums in the early to mid-2000s as either straight-up re-releases or with additional bonus tracks. The label even released a reissue of the obscure Glory album and offered deluxe vinyl pressings of most of the CDs as well.
  Glory is Damnation's final album, recorded in 1973. The Damnation Of Adam Blessing - Glory released their final album in 1973, but not under the same name. There were some changes in the group’s direction prior to the release of this album. After being dropped by United Artist, the group broke up and then resurfaced as Glory. Ironically the label Avalanche released the album - they were a subsidiary of UA. Adam Blessing reverted back to his given name Bill Constable, and brother Ken also joined the group on vocals and guitar. Ken had a higher voice than Bill, so this made for a splendid give and take between the two brothers, and some soaring sweet harmonies were the product of that sibling vocal tandem.(Jason Ankeny)

01 - Sunny Days
02 - Find Out Lover
03 - I Got A Feeling
04 - Mrs. Walker
05 - You Can Believe
06 - Hot Momma
07 - Get Up
08 - Nightmare
09 - Dan

Bill Constable (Adam Blessing) - Lead Vocals
Ken Constable - Lead Vocals, Guitar
Bob Kalamasz - Lead Guitar, Vocals
Jim Quinn - Guitar, Vocals, Percussions
Ray Benick - Bass 
Bill Schwark - Drums
Phil Giallombardo - Keyboards


jeudi 13 décembre 2012

Mitch Ryder Band With Special Guest Willy DeVille - Lone Star Café - New York City - 1st & 2nd Set - July 30th 1986 (Flac)

First set:
01 ---q&a---
02. little latin lupe lu
03. when you were mine
04. b.i.g.t.i.m.e.
05. jenny take a ride...
06. it ain't easy
07. rock and roll
08. bow wow wow wow
09. where's the next one coming from
10. devil with the blue dress...
11. heart of stone
12. not fade away

Second set:
01. walkin' the dog
02. take me to the river
03. i got you (i feel good)
04. bring it on home (duet w/ Willy)
05. the thrill of it all
06. war
07. soul kitchen
08. liberty

Mitch Ryder - vocals, tambourine, cowbell
Robert Gillespie - guitar, vocals
Joe Gutc - guitar, vocals
Billy Csernits - keys, vocals
Mark Gougeon - bass, vocals
Wilson Owens - drums
Willy DeVille - slide guitar, vocals (2nd set)