mardi 6 août 2013

Morgen - Morgen - (1969 us psychedelic hard rock - wave)

From New York, this short lived band evolved around the namesake guitarist Steve Morgen.
A foreboding bass riff and staccato drumming introduce ‘Welcome To The Void’, and for the next thirty-eight minutes one is hurled headlong into a vortex of dual-guitar overload, lyrically woven with romantic and Victorian imagery residing on a tab of microdot.
There are some cool passages here, like the sudden rush of Jimi Hendrix/the Who-hybrid notes in “Love” as a jungle beat throbs in the background, and the lasciviously fey vocal and sweetly fuzzy guitar sustains in “Of Dreams.” “Eternity in Between” does make it clear Morgen was a big Who fan, with its lifts of the chord sequence from “Underture” and the stuttering distortion of “My Generation”.

- Steve Morgen : vocals, guitar
- Rennie Genossa : bass
- Bob Maiman : drums
- Barry Stock : rhythm guitar

01. Welcome To The Void – 4:47
02. Of Dreams – 5:37
03. Beggin Your Pardon (Miss Joan) – 4:49
04. Eternity In Between – 5:06
05. Purple – 4:11
06. She’s The Nitetime – 3:30
07. Love – 10:53


Hackensack - Up the Hardway (1974 uk strong hard rock - Wave)

Hackensack - Up the Hardway, title track from their debut (and only official album for Polydor) album, released in 1974. Hackensack existed between 1968 and 1974 and released the abovementioned album and one single. They were formed by vocalist Nicky Moore, one of England's best frontmen. Their stage act was reminiscent of The Who and they built up a good reputation as a hard working and hard rocking blues/rock quartet. Their only album release is quite collectible today, and had a good mix of solid rockers as well as the odd tasteful blues track. Unfortunately its failure to do much led to the demise of the band in 1974. Moore subsequently joined Tiger, Samson and Mammoth, with drummer Simon Fox moving on to Be Bop Deluxe and guitarist Ray Smith (a.k.a. Ray Major ) moving on to The British Lions, an offshoot of Mott the Hoople.(From Chris Goes Rock)

1. Up The Hardway  
2. Long Way To Go  
3. Goodbye World  
4. Lazy Cow  
5. Angels Theme-Goodboy Badb  
6. Blindman  
7. Northern Girl  
8. Hot Damn Home-Made Wine 

Line Up
Nicky Moore - Lead Vocals, Guitar, Electric Piano
Paul Martinez - Bass Guitar
Ray Smith - Vocals, Lead Guitar
Simon Fox - Drums, Percussion
Sue Lynch, Joy Yates, Jacky Sullivan - Background Vocals