mercredi 18 décembre 2013

Simon Stokes - 1968 Simon Stokes & The Nighthawks - 1973 The Incredible Simon Stokes & The Black Whip Thrill Band (US Fantastic Heavy Rock With Powerful Guitars & Vocals - Flac)

Simon Stokes, the crazy hard Psych rocker par excellence, grandson of big band leader Harry D. Stokes, was known as a loner, sleepwalker, and fan of the classic monster movies his grandfather loved. As a teenager, Stokes became obsessed with the Blues and R&B via the legendary DJ Symphony Sid. Beginning in 1965, Stokes recorded a number of 45s in LA as the Flower Children and Heathen Angels. He then got a deal as a staff writer at Elektra the same day they signed his friends The MC5 and The Stooges! Simon Stokes made this album, beyond Captain Beefheart in the Psychedelic Blues stakes, in 1968, and became a cult figure with Biker groups everywhere! His next album, The Black Whip Thrill Band, with it's outrageous S&M cover, caused a controversy which refuses to die down even today and made his cult following even larger! Subsequent recordings with Timothy Leary and others followed, as well as film soundtracks and legendary debauched tours, until Stokes went underground.More recently, in 2002, he returned to form with the album "Honky", recorded with long-time fans Wayne Kramer and members of the Bellrays. must for all fans of MC5, The Stooges, Captain Beefheart, and heavy psychedelic blues.(Rev-Ola)

01- Big City Blues (2:49) 
02- Where Are You Going (2:53)
03- Jambalaya (On The Bayou) (3:03)
04- Sugar Ann (2:45)
05- Southern Girl (2:15)
06- Which Way (5:43)
07- Voodoo Woman (2:27)
08- Rhode Island Red (3:19)
09- Cajun Lil (1:48)
10- Down In Mexico (3:13)
11- You've Been In (3:52)
12- Ride On Angel (4:02)

Simon Stokes - Vocals
Don Senneville - Guitar
Randall Keith - Guitar
Bob Ledger - Bass
Joe Yuele - Drums

Well, first off, let’s show some respect for what has to be one of the greatest LP covers if all time.  Absolutely stunning.  Secondly, I can happily say that the music almost lives up to it, as this is truly one of the best biker rock records ever made.  And, lastly, this guy has to be one of the best hard rock vocalists ever—if you are looking for a quick way to blast paint off the walls, just crank and endless loop of one of Mr. Stokes’ howls. There are a couple dumb songs on here but, for the most part, this thing rocks with a solid seedy, cynical vibe to it.  My picks would be “The Devil Just Called My Name”, “Waltz For Jaded Lovers”, “Should Have Married Peggy Sue”, “The Wolfpack Rides The Night”, and “Hot Summer Night In The City”, but the whole LP is pretty solid for this sort of scummy hard rock.(
(Vinyl Rip)

01- The Black Whip Thrill Band (3:24)
02- The Devil Just Called My Name (3:26)
03- Ride On Angel (4:27)
04- The Wolf Pack (3:19)
05- The Boa Constrictor Ate My Wife Last Night (2:47)
06- Good Times They Come (0:25)
07- Waltz For Jaded Lovers (2:52)
08- If I Wanted To (3:32)
09- Should I Have Married Peggy Sue (3:06)
10- She's Got The Voodoo (2:47)
11- Hot Summer Night In The City (3:29)
12- Ballad Of Lennie And George (3:12)

Simon Stokes - vocals 
Don "Butch" Senneville - guitar 
Christian Pennick - guitar 
Marty Tryon - bass 
John Locke - keyboards 
Harry Garfield - keyboards  
Nathan Pino - keyboards 
Billy Goodnick - drums

Kathi McDonald - vocals on Ballad of Lennie


Jim McCarty & Detroit Blues Band - Blue Goose Inn - St.Clair Shores - Michigan - 2009-05-16 - Flac


cd 1
01. Instrumental [5:20]
02. Ice Cream Baby [6:18]
03. Sugar Baby [5:23]
04. Lonesome Blues [7:29]
05. Come Back To Me [7:35]
06. Apache [5:03]
07. Tush [5:45]
08. I Used To Be [6:39]
09. Diddley Daddy [8:52]

cd 2
01. She's Tuff > [7:19]
02. She Winked Her Eye [6:37]
03. She's Into Something [7:13]
04. Tears From My Eyes [8:19]
05. Seabow [6:15]
06. Mathilda [5:42]
07. La Bamba [5:39]
08. Marie Marie [4:40]
09. Oh Well [7:10]

cd 3
01. Don't Wanna Love You A Little [6:59]
02. Love My Girl [6:08]
03. Sleep Walk [5:01]
04. Goin' Down Town [5:12]
05. T-Bone Boogie [9:21]
06. Early One Morning [8:35]
07. Apache [4:42]
08. Too Close For Comfort [5:39]