mercredi 23 janvier 2013

Bulbous Creation - You Won't Remember Dying (1969-70 great us heavy psychedelic rock - wave)

An extremely rare and previously unreleased 1969/1970 heavy psychedelic album housed in a superb sleeve. It was recorded in the Cavern Sound Studio, Missouri. The opening cut, End Of The Page, has a lovely guitar intro and the other highlight is the lengthy Let's Go To The Sea, which features some great Hendrix' psychedelic guitar work. The remainder of the album comprises harder edged rock cuts, their own interpretation of Stormy Monday and Hooked, which is the best moment on the album vocally. Worth checking out. The band hailed from the Kansas/Missouri area.

A1 End of the Page 4:44
A2 Having a Good Time 4:08
A3 Satan 6:05
A4 Fever Machine Man 6:29
B1 Let's Go to the Sun 8:26
B2 Hooked 4:05
B3 Under the Black Sun 2:55
B4 Stormy Monday 4:48

Heavypsych classic with warm dusty basement sound with HEAVY bass and great acid psych guitarwork of premium quality. "Stormy Monday" and "Let's go to the sea" are amazing.

"1970 recordings of great jammy downer hardrock/psych with an intense atmosphere, far-out vocals and only one weak cut. Lyrics deal with smack, 'Nam, satanism and more; a merciless snapshot of the post-flower power era. In my opinion among the very best of all the Cavern Sound Studios stuff (Stoned Circus, Crank/Thump Theatre, Phantasia, Trizo 50) that has appeared. The reissue has the usual Rockadelic sleeve obsession with heroin and death, which is well matched by the sounds inside. The label was unable to locate the band which explains the lack of info." 

Yes more great underground Heavy Psych. This time Bulbous Creation - You won't remember dying from 1970 (Rockadelic). This album is another personal favorite. You get great acid lead guitar in class with Garcia or Cipolina and warm heavy, dusty underground sound with a eerie dark edge. Some great gems of this album are opener "End of the page", "Having a good time", the Heavy Psych monsterpiece "Let's go to the sea" and the incredible acid psych version of "Stormy Monday" which has some of the best psychedelic clear tone lead guitar ever recorded. The sheer variation, the musical quality and underground production make this album a true keeper. A desert Island record if there ever was one. Have a quality psychedelic experience with this beloved gem. Please share your views on this album.