dimanche 29 avril 2012

Roky Erickson - Don't Slander Me (1986- great us rock with powerful vocals & guitars - Wave)

Roky (pronounce rock-eeh) Erickson was founding member and lead singer of psychedelic band, Texas’ infamous Thirteenth Floor Elevators. Erickson explored the far reaches of musical and personal extremes. Young musicians like Jerry Garcia, Grace Slick, and Janis Joplin jammed with the influential group. Following a nightmarish '70s mental-hospital stint that had a devastating long-term effect on his mental health, Erickson's subsequent solo work with his group The Aliens revealed a singularly brilliant songwriter and performer whose talent was no less impressive for the fact that he was singing about zombies, vampires and aliens. The demons that abound in Roky's songs are all-too-real reflections of his own troubled psyche, and the combination of the artist's oddly poetic lyrical constructions and his bracing banshee wail makes it clear, as it wasn't always, that he's not kidding! Don’t Slander Me and Gremlins Have Pictures, recorded 1975 -1982, document Roky’s genius.

A truly incredible record!.. powerful lyrics that present as genuine and painfully honest.. A true poet. Roky has an amazing pop sensibility reflected on this release. Almost as if he were channeling Buddy Holly while on a drug induced bender. A dark and powerful pop album.. Roky pulls no punches with these tracks. His unfortunate history of mental illness seems to eliminate any pretense from these recordings.. great vocals,catchy hooks,fantastic musician!.. The creator of psychedelic rock.. a true original and pioneer.(By Junk Rocker)

Tracks List
01- Don't Slander Me
02- Haunt
03- Crazy Crazy Mama
04- Nothing In Return
05- Burn The Flames
06- Bermuda
07- You Drive Me Crazy
08- Can't Be Brought Down
09- Starry Eyes
10- The Damn Thing
11- Hasn't Anyone Told You
12- Realize You're Mine
13- Haunt (Alternate Take)

Roky Erickson - Lead Vocals, Guitar
Duane Aslaksen - Guitar, Vocals 
Billy Miller - Electric Autoharp
Jack Casady - Bass
Paul Zahl - Drums
André Lewis - Keyboards
Mike Hinton - Guitar 01 & 03
Martin Fierro - Tenor Sax 02
Bill Burgess - Guitar 06
Jeff Sutton - Drums 08 
John Whitelaw - Bass 09

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samedi 28 avril 2012

Silver Metre - Fillmore West, San Francisco, California, July 10th 1970 . Wave

Rare and good audience show of this ephemeral band ,with fantastic psychedelic guitars' jam, like 
the 15 minutes of naughty lady, for another great Blue Cheer offshot. The group was opening for Quicksilver Messenger Service. 
Many thanks to davies51 and 38f for sharing this Great show !!!

01. Naughty Lady   15:42
02. Ballad Of A Well Known Guy   4:37
03. Country Comforts   4:27
04. Compromising Situation   8:08
05. Jumping Jack Flash   5:53
06. Need Your Love So Bad   6:57
07. Sixty Years On   8:53
Album Outtakes:
08. train kept a rollin'   3:07
09. just give me some more time   3:47

Jack Reynolds (vocals)
Leigh Stephens (guitar)
Pete Sears (bass, organ, vocals)
Micky Waller (drums)


Silver Metre - Silver Metre (1970 us west coast rock featuring Leigh Stephens - Wave)

Silver Metre was a short-lived, San Francisco-based outfit formed by Leigh Stevens, previously with Blue Cheer, and Mick Waller from the Jeff Beck Group. Together with Tom Cowan and Pete Sears, the band released one album in 1970. The album, recorded in England, is basic heavy rock with a spattering of psychedelia. A mix of originals and covers songs, it includes three Elton John/Bernie Taupin compositions: "Country Comforts," "Now They've Found Me," and "Sixty Years On." While the album did not make much impact upon its original release on the small National General label in the U.S., it is of interest to collectors because of the early Waller-Stevens connection. Stephens and Waller would later move on to the British-based band Pilot, a short-lived early-'70s outfit, while Pete Sears was later in Stoneground and Jefferson Starship.

Jack Reynolds : Lead Vocals
Mick Waller : Drums (ex-Jeff Beck Group)
Pete Sears : Bass, Keyboards
Leigh Stephens : Guitar (ex-Blue Cheer)

Tracks Listing
01 Now They've Found Me (Ballad of a Well Known Gun) 3:41
02 Naughty Lady 4:36
03 Gangbang 4:40
04 Country Comforts 3:23
05 Superstar 3:41
06 Sixty Years On 4:15
07 Compromising Situation 3:48
08 Cocklewood Monster 5:15
09 Night Flight 4:14
10 Dog End 3:54



vendredi 27 avril 2012

John Cipollina - Raven (1980 great us west coast rock - 2006 reissue - Flac)

I saw John Cipollina once, playing with Man at Newcastle City Hall in the 1970's. Many years later I asked Deke Leonard what it was like playing with John. His face lit up and said that it was awesome. I have long been an admirer and so by it's very nature this review is somewhat biased.
This year fans will see the DVD version of an earlier VHS tape, Electric Gunslinger, now alas out of print, which will include clips of many of the bands that John played with and hopefully Raven will be part of that footage.
Originally released as a transfer to CD of some tapes by a German label (and it showed) this is a cleaned up, much improved expanded version which will be gratefully received by John's legions of devoted fans. The extensive notes of the story of Raven and their trials and tribulations so lucidly and cogently by Mike Somavilla set the scene before listening to the music itself.
I was tempted to award this album five stars at first but feel that the CD does not really do justice to the music contained therein. Given the sources the mere fact that we have the album this good at all is extremely commendable but I feel that the album does not fully reflect the performances and thus the four stars.
Given the origins of the band from the notes it should come as no surprise to find songs which reappeared under other guises later. Raven is described as John's version of a big band and the album is a testament to that idea. Throughout listeners will find John's trademark sound but within the context of playing in a band and allowing others to make their contribution. He does not dominate or overwhelm but his presence is always felt. On some of the songs John contributes more than on others bu the overall impression is one of a band playing and having fun.

The things that shine through this album are the way the band plays together. It's only rock'n'roll but they obviously like it. I think that had the recordings been better then the interplays between the various members would have been clearer but you cannot have everything. There is a tightness in the performances which shows the familiarity of the material and sense of sharing. It is clear too that the band members shared a closeness which is more than friendliness, a sort of spirituality which is very special.
I very much enjoyed this album, as a historical record, as pieces of John Cipollina playing, as a pice of the great Bay area musical legacy and just as listening to a rock'n'roll band. To me the great thing about John Cipollina is his guitar playing. But the other great thing is his willingness to play rock and roll. He was not concerned about his status as a star but clearly was a musician who liked the idiom and liked to perform and liked to do so with other kindred spirits. Sharing his wealth of talent is the mark of a special man, of a man with humility and a generous spirit and these attributes are clearly in evidence in these peformances. (By Junglies)

Tracks Listing
01. Rock & Roll Nurse  5:29  
02. True Golden Touch  5:19
03. Do What You Do  6:31  
04. Unvicious Circle  6:51  
05. True Reward  3:05  
06. Grass Is Always Greener  4:14  
07. Clouds  4:43  
08. All Worth the Price  5:27  
09. Ride (Highway Song)  6:17  
10. Burning Corte Madera  3:33
11. The Truth  4:02  
12. Bad News  3:56  
13. Razor Blade & Rattlesnake  5:03
14. Prayers  3:36

John Cipollina 1 - 14
Greg Douglass 1 - 14
Nicky Hopkins 1 - 4, 6 - 8, 12
Jasper "Hutch" Hutchinson 1 - 3, 5 - 12, 14
Skip Olson 1, 5, 7, 13
Olson or Hutchinson 4
David Weber 1, 3 - 14
Andrew Kirby 1 - 14
Dave Walker 13


mardi 24 avril 2012

By Request - Mike Bloomfield - Al Kooper - Barry Goldberg - Bottom Line - NYC - 1974-03-31 - Wave

Six years after the legendary Live Adventures at Fillmore , Mike Bloomfield & Al Kooper were back to do a great gig at Bottom Line NYC ...The magic was here again . Enjoy !!!

Mike Bloomfield - Guitar, Vocals
Al Kooper - Keyboards, Vocals
Barry Goldberg - Keyboards
Roger Troy - Bass, Vocals
George Raines - Drums

01 - Don't You Lie To Me
02 - Linda Lou
03 - Sweet Little Angel
04 - Unchain My Heart
05 - Inside Information
06 - Tryin' To Find The Door
07 - Glamour Girl
08 - Heartbreak
09 - Imagination
10 - Let Them Talk
11 - Trouble Ahead Of Me
12 - I Get Started All Over Again

Cactus - Sellersville Theater - Sellersville Pa - April 19th 2012 - Flac

Cactus is back !!!!  Not much to say , Great band , Jim McCarty was on fire, one of my favorite
guitar players. Carmine was just pounding the drums, he amazes me every time I see him . Jimmy
Kunes fits right in with this band , his vocals are spot on. Now for the bass ... let's face it
we all miss Tim Bogert , but Pete Bremy is a damn good bass player and holds up his end quite well.
with Randy Pratt back there on harmonica Cactus is still one of the all time great live (or studio)
bands out there . Get out there and go see them .... NOW !!
Thanks a lot Bcironmaiden for sharing this gem !!!

01. Band Intro/ By A.J. Fritz ( Local Radio Guy )
02. Long Tall Sally
03. Let Me Swim
04. One Way ... Or Another
05. Brother Bill
06. You Can't Judge a Book by the Cover 
07. Alaska
08. Muscle & Soul 
09. Electric Blue 
10. Groover
11. Evil 
12. Drum Solo
13. Big Mama Boogie
14. Parchman Farm 
15. Encore Break ( crowd noise )
16. Rock 'N' Roll Children 

Cactus :

Jim McCarty - Guitar
Carmine Appice - Drums
Jimmy Kunes - Vocals
Pete Bremy - Bass
Randy Pratt - Harmonica

Enjoy And Rock On !!!!!

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mercredi 18 avril 2012

The Beat Farmers - The Pursuit Of Happiness (1987 - great us rock/rock'n'roll - Wave)

"Pursuit of Happiness" was the first studio album done after Buddy Blue left the Beat Farmers. Joey Harris brought his entire musical toolbox to the band but he was far from unknown. Having played in the San Diego scene for many years, he had been part of Country Dick Montana's side projects (like the Snuggle Bunnies) so he was ready to fit right in.
To me, this is one of the BFers best albums, if not the best. It has a little bit more commercial sound but that was needed if the band ever stood a chance to gain more fans and move forward. The twin guitar sounds of Jerry Raney and Joey Harris play well together and off of each other. Rollie Love supplied a great rhythm section along with the band spark plug and drummer, Country Dick Montana.
As for the songs here, "Hollywood Hills" is a great song and the video is posted on youtube. Jerry Raney's guitar is classic. Joey Harris' vocals shine on "Ridin'", Make It Last" (which was almost a country radio hit!), and "Texas". Jerry Raney stands out on vocals for "Keys To The World" (always great when mixed with "Deceiver" from Van Go in concert) and "dark Light". The guitar and vocal trade offs in "Big Big Man" cannot be dismissed. Great stuff!!
Dick is "Dick" on "Big River". Even Johnny Cash liked his version. Song for song, this is a great album that deserved a much better fate but thanks to the fine folks at CURB who continue to do what they want with total disregard for artists on their label, the BFers suffered. In fact, it is ashamed that they have never given this album a re-release with bonus tracks and video. Adding the "Home Of Country Dick Montana" would make this disc sell 5000 copies like the Rhino handmade release of the first BFer album. Oh well......

Track Listings
01. Hollywood Hills
02. Ridin'
03. Dark Light
04. Make It Last
05. Key To The World
06. God Is Here Tonight
07. Big Big Man
08. Elephant Day Parade
09. Rosie
10. Texas
11. Big River