mardi 1 mai 2012

Steve Miller Band - The Matrix, San Francisco, California, January 12th 1967, 1st & 2nd sets, w/Paul Butterfield, Sbd & Aud mix - Flac

Fantastic concert by Steve Miller Blues Band with a lot of psychedelic guitars' it was in 1967 !!!
Many thanks to Fabio-38f the original seeder on Dime....
Sound quality is really various from really good to just sounds to me like a mixture
of audience and soundboard source. 1st set is recorded better than second set. On the other side
the performance is so good that it worths to be heard......I leave it like it was, so in case you
can make your personal sound's manipulations......

Disc One, Set One :
1. Song For My Ancestors (instrumental)(jump in at the very beginning)
2. Mercury Blues
3. Superbird
4. Juke Joy > Your Old Lady (1 drop between the 2 songs and 1 glitch in YOL)

Disc Two, Set Two :
1. Stepping Stone
2. Mercury Blues pt. 1 (3 seconds silence between the 2 parts)
3. Mercury Blues pt. 2
4. Intro > Paul Butterfield Introduction > Blues With A Feeling * 
5. Instrumental *
6. Song For My Ancestors (instrumental) *
7. Instrumental Jam (jump in)
8. Your Old Lady (jump in, some sound problems & cut at the very end)
*w/Paul Butterfield