dimanche 19 avril 2015

Copperhead - 1st unreleased Lp (November 1970, SBD from John Cipollina's master cassette - wave)

Recorded at John Cipollina's home's studio, Mill Valley, California.
This is exactly the copy of the original John's notes reported on his reel.

This is a rare recording. Copperhead's story is long, but in a few words: first Copperhead attempt in this, John tried to shopthis at various record companies with no luck. Two years later his father Gino paid for the recording of a demo that finally was sold to CBS (= First Lp).
A year later the second album was ready to release, but Columbia stopped the project because the first one sold nothing. Columbia still have the masters of the 2nd lp. John's brother Mario tried to rebuy it from them to release it, but did not get a reply from any Columbia executive.  
Nice to hear Jim McPherson. I wonderif anyone's got/heard much of Jim's previous band's Stained Glass and before that, "The Trolls". The Trolls had a monster song called "Walkin' Shoes". It's a must have in my book...(38f Fabio) 

01. Rocket Ship
02. Putting It To You (I Just Gonna Move You)
03. Drunken Irish Setter (1st ever known version)
04. Motel Party Baby (tape's speed is not stable on the original recording)
05. Highway No.9 (acoustic version)
06. Mama (title of the first incarnation of Bigelow 6-9000)
07. Chameleon (Unobsky & McPherson on vocals)

John Cipollina - lead guitar, hawaian steel guitar, steel guitar.
Mark Unobsky - guitars & vocals
Jim Murray - guitars, tablas & Harmonica
Jim McPherson - Piano & vocals
David Weber - drums
Cyrus - bass


Terry & The Pirates - The Last Day Saloon - San Francisco - 1985-01-19 (Flac)

Amazing show by Terry Dolan & his Pirates : John Cipollina, Greg Douglass, David Hayes & Greg Elmore ....

Disc 1
01 Instrumental 1:39
02 Vain River 5:10
03 Genoa 3:22
04 Shadow Of The Buffalo 3:46
05 Heartbeatin' Away 5:33
06 Higher And Higher 4:49
07 Razor Blade 2:56
08 Montana Eyes 4:56
09 Soul Serenade 5:42
10 Highway 4:52
11 Yankee Son 4:13
12 Inside And Out 3:41
13 Something To Lose 4:58
14 I Put A Spell On You 5:44
15 All Worth The Price You Pay 12:35
16 Silverado Trail 5:51

Disc 2
01 Train Kept A Rollin' 3:52
02 Ain't Livin Long Like This 5:51
03 Hideaway 5:20
04 Rising Of The Moon 5:20
05 Country Plow 5:05
06 Writing You A Letter 3:46
07 Outlaws And Inlaws 8:23
08 Into The Wind 4:01
09 Gunmetal Blues 3:54
10 Follow Her Around 4:31
11 Rainbow 5:13
12 Wish I Was Your River 6:22
13 Don't Do It 10:32

jeudi 16 avril 2015

The O Band - The Knife - (1977 Uk classic rock blended progressive rock - Flac)

The Band Called "O" final studio LP contains stunning versions of Spirit's "Look To The Left Look To The Right" and Creedence Clearwater Revival's "Almost Saturday Night" as well as nice quality self composed songs. Through never achieving the commercial success they merited there's no doubting that the O-Band were one of the UK's finest Rock bands of the 70's. However, this album is excellent, and can be regarded as a swan song succeeded ...
 Musically, their style had already evolved from progressive rock to soft-rock, but it then moved towards a pop style. They changed their name to "The O Band" and released a 12" EP Look to the Left, Look to the Right in 1977. before recording their final album The Knife, from which the single "Almost Saturday Night"/"Love Ain't A Keeper" was taken, also in 1977. Shortly before a planned change of management, Pix Pickford decided to leave for a solo career. The O Band later disbanded at the end of 1977. 

01. Look To The Left Look To The Right
02. Almost Saturday Night
03. Im Gonna Leave You
04. Strange Lovin
05. Back Alley Lightning
06. Time Seems To Fly
07. The Knife
08. Got To Run
09. Venus Avenue
10. A Smile Is Diamond ( Maxi Version)
11. Fine White Wine

Mark Anders - Bass Guitar
Pix Pickford - Lead Vocals, Guitar
Greg Anders - Vocals, Guitar, Slide Guitar
Jeff Bannister - Vocals, Keyboards
Derek Ballard - Drums, Percussion

A Band Called O - Within Reach - (1976 Uk classic rock blended progressive rock - flac)

I saw this band three times on the UK college circuit (at UCW Aberystwyth in the mid-70s) and they sounded almost exactly as they do on this album: wonderfully melodic very tight musicianship led by Pix on lead guitar; West Coast US inspired, but nevertheless 'English sounding'. Pix is still playing with a band called Racket: he is better than Mark Knopfler, but having just as distinctive a signature sound. Pix was from the Channel Islands. A picture of him shows him playing a strat and still looking in good health. There is a telephone number given on which you can book gigs, by Racket, that is, but sadly not by The O Band. 
  The band used to be obsessed about getting the sound-engineering just right on stage and would keep us waiting for 10 to 15 minutes, playing to an empty, locked auditorium while the engineer made fine adjustments on the desk. You could watch through the windows in the doors. The wait was always worth it. The band were fine vocalists as well as great players. When I saw them they were first called Oasis! I do not know why they changed name. I remember Pix played with a slightly distracted look of concentration and absorption by the music. He used to look above the heads of the audience, apparantly studying the wall behind us, but seeing nothing I guess. He took his picking really seriously.
  So to the album. Each track has a complimentary momentum and feel so that the overall effect is very coherent. The last track is a kind of gentle 'goodbye'. Smile is a Diamond seems to be the most highly regarded track, but I find them all equally good.
  If you want a benchmark, I would place Crosby Stills Nash and Young 'Deja Vu' and The Band 'Stagefright' slightly ahead of this album. In other words Within Reach by The O Band is World Class Country Rock and an essential album for any blissed-out soft rocker. I love it.
  Dear Pix: any chance of an O Band reunion gig? You'd find me in the front row and before that, trying to get in just to enjoy the sound check. Dig your style! How did you develop it and what set up did you use back then? Stay in good health: too many rockers die young!!
(By Dr. S. L. Smith "Steve Smith"

01. Smile Is Diamond
02. Feel Alright
03. Lucia Loser
04. Don't Cha Wanna
05. Money Talk
06. Still Burning
07. Paradise Blue
08. Long Long Way
09. Within Reach
10. A Smile Is Diamond (Single Version)
11. Coasting (Single B-Side) 
12. Love Ain't a Keeper (Single B-Side) 

Pix - Lead Vocals, Guitar
Mark Anders - Bass
Derek Ballard - Drums, Percussion  
Craig Anders - Vocals, Peddle Steel Guitar, Slide Guitar 
Jeff Bannister - Vocals, Piano, Electric Piano, Organ, Synthesizer


A Band Called O - Oasis - (1975 Uk classic rock blended progressive rock - Vinyl rip - Flac

01. Amovin' (3:44)
02. Foolin' Round (4:31)
03. Sleeping (5:20)
04. Morrocan Roll (2:41)
05. Fine White Wine (3:46)
06. Take Your Time (3:12)
07. Bird Of Paradise (4:11)
08. Ice (2:12)
09. That's Up (3:17)
10. Some People (5:46)

Pix - Lead Vocals, Guitar
Craig Anders - Lead Guitar, Slide Guitar
Derek Ballard - Drums & Percussion
Peter Filleul - Electric Piano, Clavinet, Synthesizer, Vocals  
Mark Anders - Bass Guitar 

In 1975, they released their second album, Oasis. They had one track "There Ain't Nothing I Wouldn't Do" on a single to promote their tour with Sassafras and Randy Pie as the "Hot On The Tracks" package. Musically it found the group teamed with producer Nicky Graham.  Clearly interested in courting a larger audience, material like the funky 'Amovin'', 'Foolin' Round' and 'Fine White Wine' found the band working in a more commercial mid-1970s AOR genre. With all five members and producer Graham contributing to the writing chores, the set wasn't bad. Powered by some nice lead vocals from Pickford, the collection was tuneful and occasionally fun (check out 'Bird of Paradise'). Powered by some jumpy synthesizers the group composition 'Take Your Time' showcased a mild progressive feel.  Similarly. complete with a pretty melody and weird reggae mid-section 'Sleeping' offered up a nod to their progressive roots and was probably the most atypical of the ten songs.  


A Band Called O - A Band Called O - (1974 Uk classic rock blended progressive rock - Vinyl rip - Flac)

01 Red Light Mama Red Hot  (6:20) 
02 Angelica  (3:41) 
03 Helping Hand  (3:38) 
04 Lady Beatrice  (3:55)
05 Ride, Ride, Ride  (3:12) 
06 Rock Roll Clown  (3:38) 
07 All I Need  (2:02) 
08 Get Funky (3:30) 
09 Captain Cellophane / Sidewalk Ship (12:00) 

Pix - Vocals, Guitar
Derek Ballard - Drums
Peter Filleul - Electric Piano, Vocals  
Mark Anders - Bass Guitar 
Craig Anders - Guitar, Slide Guitar

A Band Called O were a band from Jersey, Channel Islands. Originally known as "The Parlour Band", playing progressive rock, they renamed to "A Band Called O" for two albums on CBS/Epic and later to "The O Band" for a further albums with UA. Despite issuing five albums, on three major labels, and being championed by John Peel, for whom they recorded four Peel Sessions, they had no chart success; but were a popular live act, who toured Britain and Europe.

Formed in Jersey, Channel Islands, circa 1970, as "The Parlour Band", the early line up comprised brothers Mark Anders (bass and vocals) and Craig Anders (lead guitar and vocals) with Peter Filleul (keyboards and vocals) formerly of the Climax Blues Band , John “Pix” Pickford (guitar and vocals) and Jerry Robbins (drums). Released in 1972, The Parlour Band's only album Is a Friend?, was produced by Nick Tauber in a melodic progressive rock style, sounding like a "more mainstream, less art-rock-inclined Yes" with strong keyboard and guitar parts.The Parlour Band toured supporting Caravan and Steve Hillage’s Khan.

A Band Called O
They relocated from Jersey to Leicester, changed their name to "A Band Called O", and their drummer to Derek Ballard. This line-up released their first album on the Epic label, produced by Ben Sidran of the Steve Miller Band, and Chris White of the Zombies. A Band Called O (1974) and, despite being an album orientated band, a single "Rock and Roll Clown"/"Red Light Mama Red Hot" was released in Germany while they recorded the first of four Peel Sessions on 24 September 1974. They recorded their second Peel Session on 18 March 1975, before touring with Man and John Cipollina. Later that year, they released their second album, Oasis. They had one track "There Ain't Nothing I Wouldn't Do" on a single to promote their tour with Sassafras and Randy Pie as the "Hot On The Tracks" package.
Filleul left and was replaced by Ian Lynne, after about 6 months he was also replaced by Jeff Bannister, formerly with the John Barry Seven, The Alan Bown Set and Jess Roden’s Bronco.[8] The band changed label from CBS/Epic to United Artists, played their third Peel Session on 23 March 1976 and released their third album Within Reach later that year.[9] A promotional single "Excerpts from Within Reach" was issued in the UK whilst two singles were taken from the album: "A Smile Is Diamond" / "Coasting" was issued in Germany, and "Don't cha Wanna" /"Coasting" in the UK. They played their fourth and final Peel Session on 22 February 1977.

The O Band
Musically, their style had already evolved from progressive rock to soft-rock, but it then moved towards a pop style. They changed their name to "The O Band" and released a 12" EP Look to the Left, Look to the Right in 1977. before recording their final album The Knife, from which the single "Almost Saturday Night"/"Love Ain't A Keeper" was taken, also in 1977. Shortly before a planned change of management, Pix Pickford decided to leave for a solo career. The O Band later disbanded at the end of 1977.


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Five Day Rain - Five Day Rain (1969 great uk heavy psych & prog - 2006 extended edition - flac)

This is the first authorised issue of one of the best English albums on the edge between psychedelia and progressive: Five Day Rain. The band formed in late '68 as Iron Prophet, a heavy trio comprising Rick Sharpe, Clive Shepherd and Dick Hawkes. They changed their name to Five Day Rain in early 1970, with the arrival of Graham Maitland and the beginning of the recordings presented here. The usual disagreement between musicians, management and producers led the album to be shelved (only a few acetates were pressed) and the band to split. Rick Sharpe, Shepherd and Maitland formed the short-lived Studd Pump before taking separate ways, with Sharpe joining glam rockers Streak and Maitland resurfacing with Glencoe.
Five Day Rain was issued for the first time on CD a dozen years ago, with a nice John Hurford artwork made for International Times magazine, but without both musicians and illustrator permit. This new issue, made with the essential contribution of Rick Sharpe, uses the original running order and is enriched by a few bonus tracks: a Bob Dylan cover (Too Much Of Nothing) and four tracks recorded at the time but left off the purposed LP. These, which have been completed by Rick Sharpe with a few overdubs in November 2005, are the only recorded proof of the original heavier Iron Prophet sound. The 12 pages booklet features the band's detailed story, with never-seen-before photos and Sharpe's own funny anecdotes, while John Hurford has generously created a brand new artwork, elaborated by Loriana Martin.(By pinkmoon)

01. Marie's A Woman - 2:54
02. Don't Be Mislead - 2:20
03. Good Year - 4:03
04. Fall Out - 3:32
05. Leave It At That - 5:22
06. The Reason Why - 4:44
07. Sea Song - 4:13
08. Rough Cut Marmalade - 11:05
09. Lay Me Down - 1:16
10. Too Much Of Nothing - 3:38
11. Antonia - 3:14
12. So Don't Worry - 3:28
13. The Boy - 5:46
14. Wanna Make Love To You - 4:58

Graham Maitland - keyboards
Rick Sharp - guitars
Clive Burges - bass
Kim - drums
Sharon Tandy – vocals


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White Lightning - Strikes Twice (1968-1969 Raw Us Psychedelic Rock - Flac)

Hard fuzz trio featuring the blazing leads of Zippy Caplan (ex-Litter). The band was less garagy and more pounding hardrock than the Litter. "Under the Screaming Double Eagle" collects studio tracks from 1969. White Lightning was a slang term for LSD at the time (and bootleg whiskey prior to that). The group added two new members and shortened their name to Lightning. They continued in the hardrock mode but now with dual leads. "Lightning" is another excellent effort, just missing the certain magic they possessed as a power trio.

"White Lightning" was formed in Minneapolis, Minnesota in 1968 by ex-"Litter" guitarist "Zippy" Caplan and bassist Woody Woodrich.  The two musicians had been jamming together for close to a year before they decided to become a group. 

The name "White Lightning" was picked by "Zip" Caplan and Woody Woodrich during their drive back from the "Litter's" filming of "Medium Cool" because it was another name for acid.

"White Lightning's" original drummer, Garr Johnson, quit the group after only a months rehearsals because he didn't believe a three-piece act could make it in Minneapolis.  Mick Stanhope was immediately brought in from Chicago by Ronn Roberts to fill the empty drummer's chair.

01. Prelude to Opus Iv   
02. [Under the Screaming Double]   
03. Born Too Rich   
04. Coming Down   
05. Borrowed and Blue   
06. Bogged Down   
07. Let Me Feel It Too   
08. Only Love    
09. Age [Version 1]    
10. Fantasy Days [Version 1]   
11. No Time for Love
12. William Tell 
13. Prelude to Opus Iv [Ver 2] 
14. Freedom 
15. Groundhog 
16. 1930 
17. Just Let the World Roll on B 
18. Before My Time
19. Age [Version 2]
20. Fantasy Days [Version 2] 


Bachman-Turner Overdrive - FM Broadcast - Agora - Cleveland Ohio - Early 1974 (Flac)

BTO recorded live at the Agora in Cleveland between the 2nd and 3rd LP's.  "Not Fragile" was released in August of '74 and considering that all songs come from the first 2 releases this would lead one to believe early 1974 is the ballpark date.

01 Don't Get Yourself In Trouble > Little Gandy Dancer
02 Give It Time
03 Welcome Home
04 Hold Back The Water
05 Blue Collar
06 Give Me Your Money Please
07 Let It Ride
08 American Woman
09 Honky Tonk Woman

Randy Bachman - Lead Guitar & Vocals
Blair Thornton - Lead Guitar & Backing Vocals
C.F Turner - Bass Guitar & Vocals
Rob Bachman - Drums & Percussion

Larry Coryell - The Real Great Escape (1973 us great rock-jazz - vinyl rip - wave)

Ive been a fan of Larry Coryell since his LADY CORYELL release. This early seventies 'return to rock' album was met with little acclaim, but it is one of the most inspired guitar records of the 1970's. Larry plays things on Jimmy Webb's two compositions that rank with the finest playing by any electric guitarist ever. What sets this apart from other jazz guitar records (even his own), is that THE REAL GREAT ESCAPE sounds like an artist who has found his voice(literally and figuratively) and his youthful spirit. I really wish he would 'mine' more great songs in this way today. As great as he is, I cant help thinking he needs to mix it up more, like he did on this release...Afterall, he wrote the book.(By jaybo)

01. The Real Great Escape (7:37) 
02. Are You Too Clever (5:31) 
03. Love Life's Offering (3:27)
04. Makes Me Wanna Shout (5:25) 
05. All My Love's Laughter (4:27) 
06. Scotland II (5:05) 
07. P.F. Sloan (4:03) 

Larry Coryell : Guitar ARP Synthesizer & Vocals
Mike Mandel : Piano, ARP Synthesizer
Mervin Bronson : Bass
Harry Wilkenson : Drums
Steve Marcus : Tenor & Soprano Sax