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Cat Mother - Last Dance Chance (1973 us classic rock & country folk rock - vinyl rip - flac)

Grassroots rockers Cat Mother & the All Night Newsboys formed in New York's Lower East Side in 1967 -- comprising singer/guitarist Larry Parker, lead guitarist Charlie Chin, bassist Roy Michaels, keyboardist Bob Smith, and drummer Michael Equine; By year's end they were regularly headlining the Café Wha?, and soon were ensconced as the house band at the famed Electric Circus. In 1969 the group signed to Polydor Records, with longtime friend Jimi Hendrix agreeing to produce their debut LP The Street Giveth and the Street Taketh Away -- supported by a series of appearances as Hendrix's opener, the record generated Cat Mother & the All Night Newsboys' lone Top 40 hit "Good Old Rock and Roll," a medley of pop classics from the late 1950s. Chin left the lineup soon after, and in an attempt to also sever ties with manager Michael Jeffrey, the remaining bandmembers traveled to San Francisco to record the follow-up, 1970s Albion Doowah, a pastoral, country-inspired effort featuring Paul Johnson on guitar and Jay Ungar on bass. Parker split soon after, and the remaining trio of Michaels, Smith and Equine returned to New York, abbreviating their name to simply Cat Mother and recruiting guitarist Charlie Prichard and percussionist Steve Davidson for their eponymous 1971 LP. Guitarist Charlie Harcourt replaced Prichard for Cat Mother's fourth and final album, 1973's aptly-titled Last Chance Dance, although the group continued playing live for several years to follow.(By Jason Ankeny)

01- Just Before The Fall - 2:59
02- Take It Now - 3:50
03- The Last Thing I Do - 3:18
04- It Would Seem A Simple Thing - 1:25
05- Stone Hotel - 2:44
06- We'll Have A Real Good Time - 2:09
07- Redwood Blues - 2:40
08- Bottle O'Dog - 3:40
09- The Paranoid Papers - 8:54
10- Side By Side - 2:32

Bob Smith - Drums, Keyboards, Vocals
Charlie Harcourt - Guitar, Vocals
Roy Michaels - Bass, Guitar, Vocals
Michael Equine - Drums, Guitar, Vocals
Steve Davidson - Percussion
John Chamberlain - Mandolin
Jay Hungar - Violin
Bill Keith - Pedal Steel Guitar
John Chamberlain - Acoustic Guitar
Richard Grando - Tenor Saxophone
Juliet Allen - Vocals
Dwando Waduba - Vibra-Slap
Al Jacobs - Guitar, Vocals
Buzzy Linhart - Vibes
Vella Cameron - Vocals


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Ancient Grease - Women and Children First (1970 great uk hard rock - Flac)

Ancient Grease is a clever moniker for a band, although Strawberry Dust were rather baffled to find themselves so named on their 1970 debut album, Women and Children First. Dust's reputation as a rousing live act was already cemented by several years of plying cover songs around the South Wales club circuit, which is where drummer John Weathers came across them. Impressed, he oversaw their demo, which landed Dust a deal at Mercury, then co-wrote, arranged, and co-produced their full-length. And thus begins the Racing Cars story, for Dust/Grease featured both the band's future frontman, Gareth "Morty" Mortimer, and guitarist, Graham Williams. However, this album is very much a child of its time, only hinting at what's to come. It's a heady mixture of pub rock, hard-rocking R&B, blues, psychedelia, and San Francisco prog rock, with nods to the British hard rock scene along the way, Dust/Grease hit just about every musical touchstone of their day. Incidentally, Weathers' Eyes of Blue bandmate, Phil Ryan, provides the fabulous keyboard work on the gorgeous "Where the Snow Lies Forever," the genre-bending "Odd Song," and presumably the rest of the album, although no keyboardist is actually credited. The album's title track captures the excitement they engendered on-stage, "Freedom Train" their propensity to roam around genres, "Mother Grease the Cat" their proggy best, "Prelude to a Blind Man" their pubby predilections and bluesy flair, "Time to Die" their emotive power, and "Mystic Mountain" their pop sensibilities. Even though Women and Children First is a strong set, there are flaws, from the so-so production to the set's lack of cohesion, a reflection of too many songwriters stirring the musical pot. Dust/Grease were ferociously talented musicians, but they were still a covers band struggling to find their own sound. They never got the chance. Mercury failed to publicize Women, and it sank without a trace. The band followed it into oblivion, as the members swiftly departed for new projects. Morty and Williams, of course, reunited later in the decade, and the rest is history.(All Music)

When Welsh-based covers band Strawberry Dust got some gigs supporting The Eyes Of Blue they impressed John Weathers and he approached their then record company boss, Lou Reizner, about signing them. This he did but he changed their name to Ancient Grease. When they entered the studio to record Women And Children First Weathers and other Eyes Of Blue members also helped out. After the album was released in July 1970 the band reverted to its original monicker, Strawberry Dust, and spent a short while in Hamburg. They disintegrated on their return but Mortimer and Williams later lined up in Racing Cars.
Gary Pickford Hopkins was later involved in lots of other projects including Cutting Crew, Drivers, etc.

01 - Freedom Train
02 - Don't Want
03 - Odd Song
04 - Eagle Song
05 - Where The Snow Lies Forever
06 - Mother Grease The Cat
07 - Time To Die
08 - Prelude To A Blind Man
09 - Mystic Mountain
10 - Women And Children First
11 - Freedom Train (Alt.Take) 

Graham Mortimer (Morty) - vocais
Graham Williams - guitar
Jack Bass - bass
Dick Ferndale - drums
Additional musicians:
Phil Ryan - keyboards
Gary Pickford-Hopkins - vocals


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Harvey Mandel & The Snake Band - Belly Up Tavern, Solano Beach, CA - 1990-08-16 (Soundboard) Flac

CD 1
1. Introduction
2. Blues Shuffle
3. Jive Samba
4. Miami Rain
5. The Divining Rod
6. When A Man Loves A Woman
7. I Got You (I Feel Good)
8. Dancing In The Street
9. The Thrill Is Gone
10. Got My Mojo Working (cut)
11. Come On Down
12. Midnight Sun (Fades Out)

CD 2
1. Baby Batter
2. The Snake
3. Green Apple Quickstep
4. Hot Stuff
5. Tobacco Road
6. I Know a Place
7. Red House
8. Peruvian Flake
9. Wade In The Water

Total time 1:33:54

Harvey Mandel - guitar
George Makovsky - keyboards
Bobby Scott - bass
Ernest Carter - drums


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Rockets - Live Rockets (1983 great us classic rock - vinyl rip - wave)

The last record by Rockets in 1983 . A great live album .......
Enjoy !!!

Jim McCarty - Guitar, Background Vocals
John "Bee" Badanjek - Drums, Background Vocals
David Gilbert - Lead Vocals
Donnie Backus - Keyboards, Synthesizer, Background Vocals
Bobby Neil Harrelson - Bass
Chuck Perraut - Sax
Shaun Murphy - Background Vocals
Suzi Jennings - Background Vocals
Mary Kay Lalla - Background Vocals

Recorded at the Royal Oak Music Theatre near Detroit

01- Rollin' By The Record Machine
02- Desire
03- Can't Sleep
04- Sally Can't Dance
05- Takin' It Back
06- Open The Door To Your Heart
07- Oh Well
08- Turn Up The Radio0
09- Born In Detroit


lundi 6 octobre 2014

Plan 9 - I’ve Just Killed A Man And I Don’t Want To See Any Meat - Live (1985 Us neo-psychedelic rock - Vinyl Rip - Wave)

01- Intro Poem By Kenne Highland (Rat Club, Boston)
02- Dealing With The Dead (Rat Club)
03- I'm Gone (Rat Club)
04- Gotta Move (9:30 Club, Wash D.C.)
05- I Like Girls (Grotto, New Haven)
06- Step Out Of Time (Rat Club)
07- Looking At You (Living Room, Prov. RI.)
08- B-3-11 (Rat Club)
09- Try To Run (Grotto)
10- I Can Only Give You Everything (Rat Club, Boston)


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Bobby Keys - Bobby Keys (1972 Uk/Us Instrumental Jam Brass Rock - Vinyl Rip - Wave)

Bobby Keys' self-titled debut is a bit of an odd beast. He's got one of the most amazing résumés in rock music as a sideman, so it's no surprise that there's quite a lineup on this album. Appearing are George Harrison, Jack Bruce, Ringo Starr, and possibly Eric Clapton, amongst many other famous players (proper credits would have been nice). Horn charts were by Keys' cohort Jim Price (who also played trumpet and keyboards) and the album was produced by Keys, Jim Gordon, and Andy Johns. It sounds great on paper, but the sound is more like backing tracks in search of a song, and only slightly more than a jam session with nice horn charts. It's not bad, it's just a bit disappointing. The liner notes indicate that the album took almost a year and suggest that Keys was not entirely into it. He only played live on one track ("Altar Rock") and it opens and closes as a bit of a proto-smooth jazz snoozer. Keys was also quick to note that the album was not the beginning of a solo career and kind of knocks his own playing. Of course, some people are better sidemen than bandleaders, but this was also a time of notorious partying (recording began after Keys, Price, and Nicky Hopkins wrapped up the Exile on Main St. tour). That said, the album isn't bad, just a bit on the slight side. The horn charts are great and there are some nice solos, particularly on guitar on what was once side two of the album. If you like the sound of the "Apple Jam" LP from All Things Must Pass (which also featured many of the players here), you'll probably like Bobby Keys.(Review by Sean Westergaard)

01. Steal From A King  4:52 
02. Smokefoot 3:51 
03. Boot-Leg 3:45
04. Altar Rock 4:53 
05. Key West 3:54 
06. Command Performance  4:11 
07. Crispy Duck 3:09 
08. Sand & Foam 5:24 

 Jack Bruce - Bass  
 Charlie Freeman - Guitar  
 Jim Gordon - Drums  
 George Harrison - Guitar  
 Nicky Hopkins - Keyboards  
 Bobby Keys - Saxophone  
 Corky Laing - Drums  
 Dave Mason - Guitar  
 Felix Pappalardi - Bass  
 Jim Price - Horn, Keyboards  
 Carl Radle - Bass  
 Ringo Starr - Drums  
 John Uribe - Guitar  
 Mike Utley - Keyboards  
 Klaus Voormann - Bass  
 Leslie West - Guitar 


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Plan 9 - Plan 9 (1984 Great US psychedelic garage rock - Vinyl rip - Flac)

My introduction to Plan 9 came one afternoon in 1984 when I showed up at my guitarist's house to load our gear into the car for a show that evening. When I went into the kitchen there was this bear of a man sitting at the table. He had hair halfway down his back and a full beard, looking totally badass. I thought for a minute that our manager might have borrowed money from a loan shark to pay our studio time and this giant biker was here to collect. My fears were assuged as he introduced himself as Eric Stumpo from Plan 9 and handed me a copy of the album Dealing With The Dead. He told us that he really like our single and while driving through NJ he saw the exit for our town on the Garden State Parkway and decided to look us up. Little did I know that day would mark the beginning of a 25 year plus run where Plan 9 would become one of my all-time favorite bands and stay in heavy rotation on my turntable.

Plan 9 is a psychedelic commune from Rhode Island. During their heyday in the 1980's they toured extensively as an eight or nine piece band with anywhere between 3 and 5 guitars. They are led by guitar guru Eric Stumpo, a man with a Roky Erickson snarl whose encyclopedic knowledge of 60's garage/punk/psychedelia is legendary. With a 15 album discography, Plan 9 has been following their collective muse since 1979, when they first burst onto the east coast's paisley underground.

I would say that there are three characteristics to Plan 9's music. The first is an almost scholarly approach to the Pebbles/Nuggets era of American garage/punk/psychedelic music. Eric Stumpo and Debora DeMarco approach that music with the same reverence American and British artists like Eric Clapton approached the music of the Mississippi Delta. Not only do they know the complete history of bands most of us have never heard of, but they expand upon that music the same way Clapton and Page expanded upon the music of Robert Johnson, Muddy Waters and Son House. The second characteristic of Plan 9 is the layering of anywhere between three and five guitars and the interweaving of Deborah DeMarco's swirling organ lines. The band solos as an ensemble and the whole is far greater than the sum of its parts. Guitar solos are not intended to draw attention to the virtuousity of the player, but the the overall trancelike groove that brings the listeners mind to the outter limits of psychedelia. The third characteristic is the solid, energetic bottom groove provided by bassist John Florence. John was barely taller than the Fender bass slung across his hips and, legend has it, was still in high school during the early years of the band. But John Florence was definately one of the best bass players of the entire 1980's US indie rock underground. While most fans of Plan 9 give props to Eric's guitar and Debora's organ playing, John Florence is the person who held down the rhythm section as the band went through a number of different drummers.

During the early to mid-1980's there was a thriving psychedelic scene in the northeastern United States. Boston gave us The Prime Movers and The Lyres. New York was home to bands like The Fleshtones, The Fuzztones and The Vipers. The manicured suburbs of New Jersey spawned The Smithereens, The Db's and Mod Fun. Most of the psychedelic bands of the northeast combined the punk ethos with pop sensibilities. The songs were raw, catchy and rarely broke the three minute mark. Stylisticly the bands were clean shaven, had medium length hair and dressed like they were part of the swinging London of Austin Powers' heyday. Plan 9 was different. They were hippies who waved their freak flags proudly. They were one of the few bands in that scene where the males sported super long hair and beards. Live, it wasn't unusual for their extended jams to pass the ten minute mark. This was super radical in the early to mid-eighties and the complete opposite of what most bands were doing to gain "indie cred." Plan 9 was heavy and trancelike. At their best their jams sounded like a cross between "In a Gadda DaVida" and Ted Nugent's "Stranglehold." The band recorded most of their records at Wallingford, Connecticut's legendary Trod Nossel studios, the studio where much of the Connecticut and Rhode Island garage/punk/psychedelic underground of the 1960's cut their records.(By RevMatt - http://www.threedimesdown.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=340)

A1- Try To Run (2:54)
A2- It's One Thing To Say  (3:24)
A3- Flashback  (2:48)
A4- Echoing Sunshine  (3:30)
A5- 5 Years Ahead Of My Time  (7:47)
B1- Where Is Love  (2:30)
B2- Hideaway  (4:50)
B3- You Don't Want Me  (2:30)
B4- Green Animals  (4:10)
B5- Lookin' At You  (8:52)

Guitar, Vocals – Eric Stumpo
Guitar – Evan Williams , John De Vault, Tom Champlin
Guitar, Percussion – Michael Ripa
Keyboards, Organ – Deborah De Marco
Bass – John Florence
Drums – Michael Meehan

Producer, Arranged By – Plan 9 
Engineer – Richard P. Robinson

Here Solidfiles
There Depositfiles

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The Hollies - Out On The Road (1973 UK great classic melodic rock - flac)

The most obscure album in the Hollies' entire catalog, Out on the Road marked the second half of the "Mikael Rickfors Era," that two-year period in which the Swedish-born singer provided the group's lead vocals. The album was originally released only in Germany, and has surfaced in the most limited reissues in the decades since to a slightly wider international audience. This is a slicker, smoother, and harder-rocking version of the Hollies than most casual fans, familiar with their hits of the early '70s ("Long Dark Road," "The Air That I Breathe") might expect. Rickfors is firing on all cylinders as a singer, his vocals every bit as expressive if not as compellingly memorable as those of the man he was (temporarily, as it turned out) replacing, Allan Clarke. But the equally dominant personality on a lot of the material here is guitarist Tony Hicks, whose instrumental prowess is all over this record (and not just on guitar, but banjo, among other stringed devices) along with a lot of solid songwriting on his part (in tandem with Kenny Lynch) and backing vocals. Rhythm guitarist Terry Sylvester also steps into the spotlight a bit more here than on typical Hollies albums, both as a singer and songwriter, the latter in tandem with Rickfors. As for the sounds, they're a mix of lyrical, acoustic folk-based and country-influenced rock, with elements of gospel and R&B. The requisite Hollies harmonies are present as well on most of the material, and the body of songs is mostly very good -- and mostly as distinctive as their other album cuts of this era. The self-conscious heaviness of the closer, "Trans-Atlantic West Bound Jet," doesn't quite suit the band, but everything else here works well, and it's no accident that several of the tracks here were subsequently reworked with Clarke as lead singer upon his return to the lineup.(By Bruce Eder)

01 - Out on the Road (2:52)
02 - A Better Place (2:34)
03 - They Don't Realise I'm Down (4:19)
04 - The Last Wind (3:37)
05 - Mr. Heartbreaker (3:25)
06 - I Was Born a Man (2:56)
07 - Slow Down - Go Down (3:49)
08 - Don't Leave the Child Alone (2:43)
09 - Nearer to You (3:41)
10 - Pick Up the Pieces (3:41)
11 - Trans-Atlantic West Bound Jet (#1)(4:41)
12 - The Baby (3:47)
13 - Oh Granny (2:40)
14 - Magic Woman Touch (4:01)
15 - Indian Girl (3:13)
16 - If It Wasn't for the Reason That I Love You (3:13)
17 - I Had a Dream (3:31)
18 - Mexico Gold (3:50)

Mikael Rickfors - Lead Vocals
Tony Hicks - Guitar, Vocals
Terry Sylvester - Rhythm Guitar, Vocals
Bernie Calvert - Bass Guitar
Bobby Elliott - Drums
Allan Clarke - Lead Vocals (13 & 18)

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Privilege - Privilege (1973 Great US Heavy Psychedelic Rock - Flac)

Venturini and Leonetti had previously been in the Soul Survivors and, according to the liner notes, Privilege was formed to mix the influence of Hendrix with the Isley Brothers and The Soul Survivors. 

The resulting album has its moments, especially because of its good guitar parts with loads of effects (fuzz, wah wah etc.). Tracks like Purple Dog and Traitor also have effective vocals with a good rhythm.

01.Trailor - 4.45   
02.It's Yesterday - 4.01   
03.The Quiz - 2.55   
04.Circling - 4.28   
05.People - 3.55   
06.Going Down - 2.45   
07.Purple Dog - 2.33   
08.Easter - 3.06   
09.Taking Care Of You - 3.21   
10.Sojourn - 4.14 

Edward Leonetti - guitar, vocals
Paul Venturini - keyboards, vocals
Jack Douglas - bass
Tommy Brannick - drums, percussion 

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Spirit - Rock And Roll Planet (1977-79 Us Psychedelic Rock - Unreleased Material, Alternative & Live Versions - Mp320 & Flac)

While the period 1977-1979 is not quite a completely lost era for Spirit, it is a largely undocumented one. Singer/guitarist Randy California, drummer Ed Cassidy, and, usually, bassist Larry "Fuzzy" Knight, with the occasional contribution of keyboardist John Locke, issued a studio album, Future Games: A Magical Kahauna Dream, at the outset in January 1977, but its poor sales led Mercury Records to drop the act. International touring led to a live album recorded in 1978 before Spirit temporarily went on hiatus in 1979. As part of an ongoing investigation into the band's archive of unreleased recordings, producer Mick Skidmore thoroughly chronicles Spirit's late-'70s activities on this sprawling triple-disc set, which runs about as long as three CDs can, nearly four hours. On the first two discs, one may imagine attending a couple of extra-long sets by Spirit at a venue such as the club My Father's Place in Roslyn, NY (a location mentioned by California in one of his stage remarks). The trio of California, Cassidy, and Knight plays some familiar Spirit songs -- "1984," "Nature's Way," "Animal Zoo," "Fresh Garbage," "Mr. Skin," "It's All the Same," "I Got a Line on You," "Morning Will Come" -- and some rock & roll standards -- "Stone Free," "Like a Rolling Stone," "All Along the Watchtower," "Walkin' the Dog," "Day Tripper," "Wild Thing." But this is not just a hits and oldies act. They play numerous new and unrecorded songs, in many cases songs that never did appear on a regular Spirit or California solo album, probably because the band didn't have a record contract at the time, and by the time they did, they had gone on to newer stuff. Nevertheless, the songs often are good ones that could have appeared on albums if they hadn't been forgotten. On the third disc, Skidmore digs into studio recordings of the period (including some of the same songs the band was performing in its shows) to give a sense of what a Spirit album of 1979 might have sounded like. Whereas the live band tends to rock out and jam, with California taking lengthy guitar solos, the studio tracks tend to be shorter and more eclectic. For example, "Midnight Train" and "In Just a Little While" are even country-flavored. On the collection's final eight tracks, Skidmore regresses things back to the initial demo stage, presenting songs played by California alone on his acoustic guitar. This is an album for established Spirit fans, for whom it will present another piece in the puzzle of the recorded history of a band that made new and worthwhile music throughout its career, even if, at times, there was no record company to preserve it on disc. ~ William Ruhlmann, Rovi 

Disc: 1  
1. Phoenix, (Land of The Rising Sun)  
2. Stone Free  
3. Cold Rainy Night  
4. Zandu  
5. 1984  
6. Rock and Roll Planet  
7. Natures Way  
8. These Are Words  
9. Like A Rolling Stone  
10. Animal Zoo  
11. All Along The Watchtower  
12. Downer  
13. That's My Number  

Disc: 2  
1. Zandu  
2. Fresh Garbage  
3. Looking Down  
4. Cold Rainy Night  
5. Miss This Train  
6. Darlin If  
7. Same Old Naturally  
8. Mr Skin  
9. Its All The Same  
10. I Got a Line on You  
11. Walking The Dog  
12. Morning Will Come  
13. Day Tripper  
14. I've Got Use To My Imagination  
15. Wild Thing  

Disc: 3  
1. Rock and Roll Planet  
2. Something New  
3. Love Charged  
4. Midnight Train  
5. Leavin It Up to You  
6. Bass Feuge  
7. Zandu  
8. In Just a Little While  
9. Hollywood Dream  
10. Same old Naturally  
11. Hawaiian Skies  
12. Brian Berry Blues  
13. Peter Franklin  
14. These Are Words  
15. So Happy Now  
16. Storm in the Night  
17. We've Got a Lot To Learn  
18. (When I See You In The) Morning Light  
19. Open Up Your Heart (instrumental)  
20. Livin In this World  
21. 10,000 Days  
22. Thinking Of You  
23. Don't Give It All Away  
24. Seems Like 1000 Years  
25. Rainbow On The Water  
26. Monkey See, Monkey Do 

Randy California : Guitars Vocals
Ed Cassidy : Drums
Larry "Fuzzy" Knight : Bass

John Locke : Keyboards 

Mp320 New Link 


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Chris Spedding - Friday The 13th (1981 Uk Classic Rock Live - Wave)

Friday the 13th album by Chris Spedding was released Apr 22, 1997 on the M.I.L. Multimedia label. This is a live set of music featuring guitarist Chris Spedding with bass player Busta Jones and drummer Tony Machine that was recorded in New York City in March of 1981 on--of course--Friday the 13th. The taut trio runs through a clean-sounding and spirited set that includes a number of Spedding's signature tunes ("Guitar Jamboree," "Motorbikin'," "Hurt by Love," "Counterfeit") Friday the 13th music CDs. Though he was a highly successful session musician, Spedding never hit it very big as an act on his own Friday the 13th songs. It seems unfortunate, considering his smart and edgy guitar playing and journeyman rock & roller's voice (think Mark Knopfler or John Cale) Friday the 13th album. And his seemingly straightforward songwriting is actually full of subtle twists, turns, and tensions Friday the 13th CD music. Repeated listenings are amply rewarded. 

01- Guitar Jamboree - 5:45
02- Midnight Boys - 3:33
03- Rush On You - 3:50
04- Motorbikin' - 3:32
05- Hurt By Love - 4:50
06- Hungry Man - 4:02
07- Counterfeit - 2:43
08- Lone Rider - 4:01
09- Hey Miss Betty - 4:55
10- Pogo Dancing - 3:10

Chris Spedding - Guitar, Vocals 
Busta Jones - Bass, Vocals
Tony Machine - Drums, Vocals
Link 2

lundi 18 août 2014

Chris Spedding - Guitar Graffiti (1978 great uk classic rock - flac)

01- Video Life - 3:11
02- Radio Times - 1:30
03- Time Warp - 2:43
04- Midnight Boys - 2:46
05- Bored, Bored - 3:53
06- Walking - 2:54
07- Breakout - 3:47
08- Frontal Lobotomy (live) - 3:47
09- Hey, Miss Betty (live) - 2:14
10- More Lobotomy, Parts 1 & 2 (live) - 3:10
11- Breakout (concert version) - 4:46

Chris Spedding : Vocals, Guitar, Bass
With Davy Lutton, Mick Oliver, Penelope Nesbitt, Ray Cooper, Steve Curry, Tony Newman


samedi 2 août 2014

Cosmic Travelers - Live! At the Spring Crater Celebration Diamond Head, Oahu, Hawaii (1972 us psychedelic rock - vinyl rip - Wave)

The Cosmic Travelers were a group of veteran studio musicians that decided to get together to join the seventh major festival that was held over a four-year period (at the time) in the Diamond Head crater in Hawaii. "Live! At The Spring Crater Celebration" was recorded originally in 1972.
Drake Levin (guitar), Jimmy McGhee (guitar), Joel Christie (bass), and Dale "Mule" Layola (drums) cranked out some high-octane psych-blues.
This entire recording is live and uncut with the exception of two minutes when the tape was turned over at the original recording. What we would consider today as an archaic method of recording a live gig becomes quite good under the careful eyes and ears of experienced engineers and producers. With the help of technological advancements and Akarma Records' precise care with the remastering process, and the colorful informative packaging, what you get is history given a chance to become reborn and relived.
This was good album when it was recorded, and it stands as an above average album now due to the previously mentioned enhancements. The last two songs "Soul" and "Soul Reprise" are real kickers. There are only six tracks, but keep in mind the first track "Farther Up The Road," a blues classic, runs for over nine minutes and Dave Mason's "Look At You Look At Me" for over ten minutes. So you get more than your share of quantity, quality and consistency on this release.
Take a rock and roll revival trip to Hawaii for a day, be a hippie and enjoy the tunes. 

01. Farther Up the Road
02. Jungle Juice
03. Look At You Look At Me
04. Move Your Hands
05. Soul
06. Soul Reprise

Drake Levin - Guitar
Jimmy McGhee - Guitar, Vocals
Joel Christie - Bass, Vocals
Dale Loyola - Drums, Vocals

New Link

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Crow - Mosaic (1971 US Strong Bluesy Hard Rock - Flac)

Minnesota's Crow were one of those bands who made an impressive dent in the charts early on, only to be victimized by a ruthless business and left in disarray before they could truly capitalize on their success. Led by Dave Wagner, this quintet flourished in the midwest for several years under the guise of 'South 40', before changing their name in 1969. That year, Crow bypassed an offer from Atlantic Records and signed with the smaller Amaret instead. This decision marked the beginning of what would eventually cause the band to implode. Their debut, "Crow Music" was issued that year and quickly their first single began its run up the Billboard charts. "Evil Woman" (which was later covered by Black Sabbath) went on to be the band's highest charting single. Despite the grand entrance the band had made, Amaret was unable to market the band properly due to their financial limitations and soon the band's momentum began to wane. Crow hurried into the studio and released "Crow By Crow" in 1970, which did not measure up to the success of their debut. A few singles made low chart entries and the album quickly vanished from distribution.

This album, "Mosaic" was released the following year and features some of the band's most memorable material. With Wagner's gritty vocals falling somewhere between Jim Dandy Mangrum and Janis Joplin, the material here is fiery and driving. Bearing a strong bluesy hard rock feel, each of the nine cuts smolder with a passion that borders on spiritual. Despite the quality of the songwriting, this album sank without a trace and the band fizzled by late 1972. It's sad because alot of the band's early material had been saddled with horn sections, which was forced upon the group by Amaret Records. The band were never happy with the change of direction and it is this album where the band finally return to their true sound. Unfortunately, it was a case of too little too late. Adding insult to injury, the band's three albums have never seen reissue. Luckily, this clean vinyl rip will provide listeners a chance to hear the band at its most distilled and clear. Try this out....you'll dig it.

01. (Don't Try To Lay No Boogie Woogie On The) King Of Rock & Roll (2:22) 
02. Easy Street (4:48)
03. Yellow Dawg (2:54)
04. Sky Is Crying (5:41)
05. I Need Love (4:08)
06. Keeps Me Runnin' (2:48)
07. Watching Can Waste Up The Time (3:53)
08. Satisfied (4:56)
09. Watch That Cat (5:11)
10. Let's Not Say Goodbye (4:52)
11. Something In Your Blood (Bonus Track) (2:37)
12. Mobile Blues (Bonus Track) (3:22)
13. I Want Sunshine (as South 40) (Bonus Track) (3:10)

David Wagner – Lead Vocals 
Dick Wiegand – Guitar  
Larry Wiegand – Bass & Vocals 
Dave "Kink" Middlemist – Keyboards & Vocals
Denny Caswell – Drums, Percussion & Vocals 


samedi 19 juillet 2014

Spirit - Paramount Theatre - Seattle - Washington - KSIW-Broadcast - 1971-12-31 (Flac)

Disc One
01. Radio Comment > Something You Must Say (9:40) >
02. Nature's Way (2:53)
03. Just Care About Me (8:02) - (tape flip, 3 seconds are missing)
04. Hey Joe (9:02)
05. Improvisation (11:32) >
06. Veruska (3:15)

Disc Two
01. Going Away Somewhere (5:23)
02. Tow The Line (5:46)
03. It's All The Same (14:29)
04. I Got A Line On You (3:52)
05. Set Me Free / Comment (9:33)

Randy California - guitar, vocals
Ed Cassidy - drums, percussion
John Locke - keyboards
John Arliss - bass

This is one of the most intense Concert by Spirit. Powerful and perfect in Harmony. It's a Radio-Broadcast-Show.
The Sound Quality is near excellent Hey Joe is incredible.


jeudi 10 juillet 2014

Liquid Smoke - Liquid Smoke (1970 Great Us Hard Blues Rock - Flac)

If you ever see a CD simply... buy it!!! Don't worry who it's by or what it costs or anything like that for the moment, buy it. Take it home and stick it in your player, then set the program so you miss out the first two tracks. Never mind why, just do it anyway. Make sure that all breakable objects are firmly secured and turn the volume up regardless of what it was to start with.
It was extremely hard to find CD version, that almost impossible! digitally remastered edition of this album the This is another great day For me I . Even though it took me a lot of time ...(finally I found many thanks Nel,my friend) Yeah it was on my wish list for a long time, more such music, and the world will be better... I remember when I heard for the first time this album, it was like new beginning, for me wow, fantastic, marvelous feeling!
For over 30 years of listening to music, I had not thought it is something that can surprise me, oh how wrong I was!
I did not know those guys, I read that this band existed. Granted, it's amazing playing, powerful, solid, sound organ of Hammond B3,those guitars,dirty heavy vocals.. has long, not heard the such a galopady.... mhhmm it was something new and different form, different scale, the level at which few could climb wonderful abum !
LIQUID SMOKE American psychedelic blues rock band emerged in the city of New York in 1969. Their debut LP, "Liquid Smoke" was released in 1970 on AVCO Embassy Records in the US (AVE-33005 Stereo) produced by Vinnie Testa... to record CD were used Original US pressing from '70 and is not a later reissue of any kind!
Also, for a brief time during this period, Mike Archuleta were putting together a band with Vince Martell, Guitar (of Vanilla Fudge fame) but, the band only played out once (for some local political rally) This album holds, psychedelic sounds, use of vocal harmonies and a blues-rock line,rich,strong sound rare at the 60s-70s heavy obscurities,with great organ Hammond B3 and psychodelic guitars. the New York band's sole self-titled album is classified as very rare consisting of original material written by Vince Fersak and some covers. I wonder if the Black Crowes heard the version of "Hard to Handle" on here because their version sounds awful close. But on this album it's the originals that are the best, with some nice fuzzy rippin' guitar and cool organ runs. 
Among the tracks on the album include "Let Me Down Easy," "Shelter of Your Arms", "Warm Touch" or versions of Otis Redding, "Hard to Handle" and the famous James Brown, "It's a Man's World". The album also includes their single “I, Who Have Nothing” a cover of the Ben E. King hit, which reached nr.82 on the list Billboard. The song, originally by Ben E. King, was written by a partner Jerry Leiber and Mike Stoller, and met successful versions of Tom Jones and Terry Knight and the Pack.
It 's a pity that I have not heard it in the early '70s, today belonged to the canon of my music. Fantastic, melodic, predatory, nostalgic, romantic, everything I love in music is on the album, I listen and listen and listen and I miss those times ...long time no one gave me no such pleasure in music. These 9 tracks are incredibly, amazingly captivating. When I see these forgotten albums, forgotten artists, it is easier on my heart, because it shows that there are people in the world for which, in it's culture and heritage are extremely important. Music is part of human culture, and that band created the foundations of rock music, now a component of our culture. I still have chills, surely I will take him on a Desert Island and to hell with the rest...hehehe 
After issue the album "Liquid Smoke"band ceased to exist.(By Adamus67) 

01. I Who Have Nothing (Leiber, Stoller, Donida, Rapetti) - 3:18
02. Lookin' For Tomorrow (Vince Fersak) - 4:30
03. Hard To Handle (Otis Redding, Allen Alvoid Jones, Jr., Alvertis Isbell) - 3:43
04. Reflection (Vince Fersak) - 4:00
05. Warm Touch (Vince Fersak, Sandy Pantaleo) - 3:31
06 . Shelter Of Your Arms (JerrySamuels) - 4:05
07. Set Me Free (Vince Fersak) - 4:55
08. It's A Man's World (J. Brown, Betty Jean Newsome) - 5:10
09. Let Me Down Easy (Vince Fersak) - 4:2
10. He's A Good Ol'Boy 0:29

Sandy Pantaleo - Lead Vocals
Ben Ninnman - Keyboards
Mike Archuleta - Bass
Vince Fersak - Lead Guitar
Chas Kimbrell - Drums


jeudi 26 juin 2014

Hydra - Live, After All These Years (2005 great us southern rock - flac)

One of the South's, or the world's for that matter, finest rock bands and true legends of the 1970's, Hydra is back with a smoking new album "Live - After All These Years", on Emphasis Records. Band members Wayne Bruce (guitar-vocals), Spencer Kirkpatrick (guitar), Steve Pace (drums) and Tommy Vickery (bass), perform some the band's best and most popular songs, sounding as great, if not better than ever.The performances captured on this live CD release are the true essence of Hydra, which showcase the tremendous seasoned talents of Bruce-Kirkpatrick-Pace and Vickery, placing a vivid exclamation point on their place in the realm of music history as one of the all time great rock bands. The vocals and musicianship are self-defining.If you are into "Real Rock & Roll" music, put on Hydra, "Live - After All These Years", and turn up the volume. This is the great stuff, kids.Others have used the name, but this is the real HYDRA!!!

01. Hydra Introduction
02. Glitter Queen
03. Wasting Time
04. Feel A Pain
05. You're The One
06. Baby Please Stop Messing Round
07. Making Plans
08. Feel Like Running
09. Diamond In The Rough
10. Land Of Money
11. Keep You Around
12. Miriam
13. Rattlesnake Shake
14. Going Down


mardi 24 juin 2014

Steamhammer - Live In Germany 1969-70 - Rare Tapes (Wave & Mp3 @320)

The extraordinary blues-rock band Steamhammer was formed at the end of 1968 in Worthing. Martin Quittenton (g) and Kieran White (voc., g, harm.) came out of the British folk circuit. Quittenton had worked together with the Liverpool Scene and, like the other members Martin Pugh (g), Steve Davy (b) and Michael Rushton (dr), had played with numerous R&B groups.
Blues hero Freddie King ordered Steamhammer as his backing band on tour through Great Britain. Come Spring time, 1969, they signed a record contract with CBS. The first album, "Steamhammer", was a mixture of classic blues by B.B.King and Eddie Boyd and modern blues written by White and Quittenton with the help of Pugh. At the end of the British blues boom, only a few hardcore fans took interest on the finest lyrical blues-rock statement of the century.
Not selling as many records as they'd hoped to, Steamhammer nevertheless became a top European open-air attraction, mainly due to their brilliant live performance. For over two hours each night they would indulge in wide excursions in instrumental improvisations, embodied by the impressive guitar riffage of Martin Pugh and the sensitive harmonica of Kieran White. In the Summer of 1969, Quittenton left the band, followed by drummer Michael Rushton. They were replaced by Steve Jollife (sax, fl.) and Mick Bradley.
Jollife's feel for precise arrangements and jazz influences especially inspired the recording of Steamhammer's second, "Mk II", album. Overstepping the boundaries of traditional blues forms, they unleashed their own musical creativity and imagination without resorting to any technical trickery. These highly professional and creative musicians performed many live shows at various festivals in Scandinavia, West Germany and the Netherlands. On the continent, it turned out, they had become more popular than in England.

In the Summer of 1970, Steamhammer recorded their "definitive album" (rock session), called "Mountains", as a quartet. White, Pugh, Davy and Bradley were really working as a team and offering electrified white urban blues of highest quality. The live cut, "Riding On The L&N", is one of the highlights of the "Mountains" album, which contains straight-ahead blues numbers with a healthy dose of rock'n'roll. It was only with the release of this album that Steamhammer began to be noticed by the rock world. After the Altamont and Fehmarn fiascos, the era of open-air events of such calibre was ended at least for quite a while.
In the late Summer of that same year, Steamhammer toured for the last time in Germany and the Benelux. The following Autumn, the line-up changed again. Only Pugh and Bradley stayed together and engaged ex-Renaissance member Louis Cennamo (b) for the recording of one more album. "Speech" was recorded in the Winter of 1971 and released in the beginning of 1972. By that time, Steamhammer had ceased to exsist. "Speech" was a disappointing, partly chaotic album, and the negative reception of the record led to the end of the group's popularity. Mick Bradley died in February 1972 of leukemia. Kieran White released a solo LP, "Open Door", in 1975 and Martin Pugh and Louis Cennamo put together a cult band Armageddon (with Keith Relf on vocals), which released only one album.

Link in Wave
Link in Mp3

dimanche 15 juin 2014

Ten Years After - Fillmore Auditorium San Francisco - June 28Th 1968 - SB (Flac)

Here's another of my all-time fave TYA shows, and hopefully - and most likely - a major upgrade to what most fans have; I got my source tape in a trade sometime in the late 90's from my low generation god Larry Clark - thanx again for this, Larry!
TYA arrived on June 13, 1968 in America to begin a seven week US tour, their first of not less than reputedly 28 until their farewell tour in 1975.
They had recorded their May 14, 1968 Klook's Kleek Railway Hotel show and released parts of it in August as their second album "Undead" in order to have a fresh product to promote during their tour - even nowaydays promoters usually demand a new album for touring.
This show here is one of their very first dates, and their first at Bill Graham's Fillmore Auditorium. As it turned out, this was the last weekend of the original Fillmore before  Bill moved his venue to the much larger Carousel Ballroom the next weekend (on which TYA also played!), now renamed Fillmore West; since Bill had opened his Fillmore East in March 1968 in NYC, the renaming had become necessary.
TYA's two sets differ nicely from the original UNDEAD set: you get the  - AFASIK - only known recorded live rendition of "I WANT TO KNOW" from their first album plus the almost equally rarely played traditional version of "I WOKE UP THIS MORNING" (i.e. not the "Sssssh!", variation). Exactly these two numbers were left off the floating-around bootleg CD that was made from a higher gen. copy of this tape. Funnily BTW, Wolfgang's Vault used that CD for their upload although one would imagine they had access to better and more complete versions in their ...well, vaults. 
Like on the boot CD, my source tape started off with HELP Me which is nonsense and I put at the end of the second set where it belongs. This had been their closing number until they developed I'M GOING HOME as their anthem and show stopper; at that point in their career, ROCK YOUR MAMA was the standard opener and proposed next single (which was shelved). It seems someone early in the copy line placed it at the start to make the two shows fit on the two sides of a C 90 cassette. It is safe to assume TYA also did I'M GOING HOME to end their 2nd set but it is missing from both my tape and the boot CD. 
It's real nice to hear TYA doing such a variety of still fresh numbers many of which would disappear from their set for good soon after.
Enjoy early, raunchy, jazzy, bluesy, rocking, jamming TYA! (Th:-)mas)

CD 1
First set:
01- Rock Your Mama
02- Spoonful
03- I May Be Wrong, But I Won't Be Wrong Always
04- No Title
05- Summertime - Drum Solo
06- I Woke Up This Morning

CD 2
Second set:
01- I Want To Know
02- Spider In My Web
03- Crossroads
04- Woodchoppers Ball
05- Help Me

mercredi 28 mai 2014

Hookfoot - Good Times A'comin' (1972 great uk classic rock With country folk shades - flac)

Back in the day of glorious, analog, pre-Dolby music (you young'uns are being ripped off royally with this crappy digital music: whoever convinced anyone that this was a better format than analog. The human ear picks up analog by nature!), Hookfoot's "Good Times A'comin," was the kind of spin-off band LP from musicians who played for the mega-stars of classic rock when they had free time from touring and cutting albums in studio. This LP is from the era of Elton John's Tumbleweed Connection LP, which extends the great country-western / folk genre that made that LP so great, before EJ became the legendary musician (and oddball) that he is today. Caleb Quaye's guitar work alone makes this a memorable LP. Listen to Tumbleweed Collection and related music, plus Blue Moves (esp. One Horse Town), and the electric guitar version of "Madman Across the Water" to understand Caleb's guitar prowess. Too bad the LP is virtually unknown. It should be on CD, maybe bundled with Bernie Taupin's "He Who Rides the Tiger," which recently came out on affordable CD. Spectacular classic rock LP.(By Jeffrey A. Gross)

01- Sweet Sweet Funky Music (Caleb Quaye) 3:14
02- Living In the City (Caleb Quaye) 4:56
03- If I Had the Words (Duck-Glover-Pope-Quaye) 3-20
04- Gunner Webb's Changes (Ian Duck) 3:12
05- The Painter (Caleb Quaye) 6:01
06- Flying In the U.S.A (Caleb Quaye) 4:17
07- Is Anyone There (Duck-Glover-Pope-Quaye) 4:08
08- Slick's Blues For Jumbo (Duck-Quaye) 1:47
09- Look To Your Churches (Duck-Quaye) 2:38
10- Good Time a' Comin' (Duck-Glover-Pope-Quaye) 6:27
11- Gimme Shelter (Jagger-Richards) 4:22

Caleb Quaye : Guitar, Vocals, Keyboards
Ian Duck : Vocals, Guitar, Harp
Dave Glover : Bass
Roger Pope : Drums, Percussion

Bob Kulick : Guitar, Vocals


vendredi 23 mai 2014

Captain Marryat - Captain Marryat (1974 great scottish rock with hammond organ/guitar duet - Flac)

Named after the 19th Century mariner and novelist, this Glaswegian band made just one privately-pressed LP. Its back cover announces that ‘Captain Marryat is a Scottish band, and have been playing together for just under a year. They already have a sizeable following in the pubs n’ clubs circuit and this, their first LP, is a sample of the music that brought them success’. The line-up was Tommy Hendry (vocals, acoustic guitar), Ian McEleny (lead guitar, acoustic guitar), Allan Bryce (organ, vocals), Hugh Finnegan (bass, vocals) and Jimmy Rorrison (sic) (drums, vocals). They were originally intending to record a single, but the engineer at the Glasgow studio they’d booked told them that there was time enough to make a whole album. They therefore taped five tracks they’d already written (‘Blindness’, ‘It Happened To Me’, ‘A Friend’, ‘Songwriter’s Lament’ and ‘Changes’) and finished the LP with an improvised jam (‘Dance Of Thor’). The result came in a drab flipback sleeve, and according to one dealer is ‘a progressive rock rarity with psych flourishes – doom-laden organ plus acid guitar riffs and strong male vocals’. The 250 copies pressed were sold at gigs, and two that surfaced on eBay in late 2008 went for around £3000 each. (Galacticramble.com)

01- Blindness
02- It Happened to Me
03- A Friend
04- Songwriter's Lament
05- Changes
06- Dance of Thor

Jimmy Rorrison - Vocals/Drums
Hugh Finnegan - Bass/Vocals
Allan Bryce - Organ/Vocals
Tommy Hendry - Vocals/Acoustic Guitar
Ian McEleny - Lead Guitar/Acoustic Guitar

samedi 17 mai 2014

Spirit - California Blues (1996 us great psych blues & rock - Flac)

The last album released when Randy California (Wolfe) was alive and approving everything on the album. He also wrote a great section in the liner notes about his involvement with Jimi Hendrix in the Flames the summer of '66, and other aspects of Spirit history, and dedicating the album to his mother as the guiding force behind Spirit(she joined him in June of 2009). It was she who began his guitar lessons at age five, and made it so he could study under some blues greats. Spirit had a great band together at the time of this album, and the blues go from psychedelic to folksy.
He does the song written with Hendrix, "Look Over Yonder", and a Hendrix-like version of "Red House". "The River" has words that portend his own death saving his son from a rip tide(he joined Jimi, and John, on 01-02-'97), and the bonus of his poem for John Lennon was also used for him. Old blues throughout with guests; "Sugar Mama" with the Doors' Robby Krieger (who had also been with him on the Night of the Guitars, 1988 London), and Spencer Davis joining on his own song "Gimme Some Lovin'". "Crossroads" is done different than Cream's version. Old style "Pawn Shop Blues", and more plus bonus tracks.
Randy California (Wolfe, named by Jimi to differentiate him from the bass player Randy in the Flames)lead and rhythm guitar and vocals, Matt Andes (from Jo Jo Gunne)on slide guitar and vocals, Matt's daughter Rachel Andes on vocals, Steve (Liberty) Loria (an old Spirit hand and bassist for jazz and Motown greats) bass and vocals, and the great Ed (Cass)Cassidy on drums, percussion and vocals (before Spirit, he was with Taj Mahal and Ry Cooder, and before that with some jazz greats, rated as one of the best drummers of all time, even ahead of Ginger Baker and Ringo Starr).
California Blues is a Spirit Masterpiece.(By Michael G. O'Brien)

01."California Blues"   3:48
02."Look Over Yonder" (Jimi Hendrix)   2:35
03."The River"   4:22
04."Call On Me"   2:58
05."Crossroads" (Robert Johnson)   5:46
06."Song for Clyde"   5:40
07."Pawn Shop Blues" (Brownie McGhee, Sonny Terry)   2:48
08."Sugar Mama" (Chester Arthur Burnett)   3:18
09."Red House (live)" (Hendrix)   6:12
10."Gimme Some Lovin'" (Davis, Winwood, Winwood)   3:36
11."We Believe"   3:40
12."One World/Like a Dog/Poem for John Lennon/Shoes Back On/Tell – Everyone [live]" 

All songs written by Randy California except noted. 

Randy California - guitar, vocals
Ed Cassidy - drums, vocals
Matt Andes - slide guitar
Steve Loria - bass
Rachel Andes - vocals
John Locke - keyboards tracks 3,10,11,12
Scott Monahan - keyboards tracks 6,9,10
Spencer Davis - guitar, vocals track 10
Robbie Krieger - lead guitar track 8
Bruce Gary - drums track 10
Todd Smallwood - lead guitar track 12
Bob Nichols - drums track 3
Arthur Barrow - bass track 7
Denise Gula - strings track 4
Michael Lewis - horn arrangements