samedi 18 janvier 2014

Randy California (Kaptain Kopter & The Fabulous Twirly Birds) - KPFK Radio, Los Angeles 1972 - Flac

This post is dedicated to the memory of my friend Patrice "Cipcal" who left this world October 5th 2013 and  was one of the greatest fan of Randy California & John Cipollina . No doubt he has joined them on the banks of the "Time Coast"....

01. I Don't Want Nobody 
02. Devil (some minor FM interference distortion for some seconds)
03. Shotgun
04. Melting Into The Furniture
05. Walking The Dog
06. Happy
07. You Just Don't Care (1 mini drop at the end)
08. High Heeled Sneakers
09. Downer

Randy California : Guitar, Vocals
Ed Cassidy : Drums
Larry "Fuzzy" Knight : Bass Guitar


Headstone - Still Looking (1974-75- Great Us psychedelic hard rock - Wave)

01. Still Looking
02. I Like It
03. Misery
04. Those Days
05. Peace Of Mind
06. Springtime
07. I Love You
Bonus Tracks:
08. Buying Time
09. Snake Dance
10. What People Say
11. Carry Me On
12. Hey Boy
13. Ragin' River

Recorded at New Rome Studios, Columbus, OH, in 1974; (Bonus tracks 08-13 in 1975).

David Flynn - Drums, Vocals
Tom Applegate - Hammond Organ
Bruce Flynn - Guitar
Barry Flynn - Bass, Lead Vocals

Fuzz Acid & Flowers:
"From Ohio, this is predominantly a hard rock album with some soft passages and psychedelic overtones. It is well worth investigating for its good guitar work and vocals. The album is sought-after among collectors and even the counterfeit is now hard to find, although Gear Fab are currently working on a legitimate CD release, so watch this space!"
"In the psychedelic underground collectors scene the album got established as a classic psych-hard-rock rarity. Their sound is strong and melodic with awesome guitar/organ leads, solid bass and catchy vocals. Their natural float creates a hypnotic atmosphere and makes you listen to this album again and again. at all their musical spirit is closer to the end 60s blend, than the recording year 1974 reflects, and sometimes they remind of the early Bloodrock stuff."

The opening seven minute title track is a killer journey through local underground guitar psych, and there's plenty more good stuff aboard including some more lyrical moves. Underrated LP, solid all through, better than many $1000 LPs. Great generic sleeve of eagle "still looking". The band also had three non-LP 45s which are pretty good. [PL]
Ohio was full of obscure hard rock bands in the 70s, and it’s surprising how many of their self-released albums have stood the test of time. Despite relatively simple songs, this album has real power. The long title track is the highlight, but the rest of the album comes close to the standard. The songs carry on a bit too long, but the solid guitar/organ sound is backed up by an energetic rhythm section and the overall feel of this album is strong, and gets better with repeated listens. They don’t seem like they were particularly talented, but they made the most of what they had. (Acid Archives)