dimanche 27 janvier 2013

Gene Clark - No Other (us 1974 great california country rock - 2003 edition with bonus tracks - wave)

When The Byrds reunited for Asylum Records there was the hope that the original quintet would recapture the magic they generated with their first couple of albums. It didn't happen. While The Byrds (which is still out of print)suffered from an overabundance of ambition, production and egos, Clark's solo effort for Asylum had all the ambition and production of the previusly mentioned album but with the inspiration necessary to pull it off.
This is Clark's most "produced" effort. For that very reason, there are some Byrds and Clark fans that can't stand it. Looking past the ambitious production, the songs are what really matter. At its core, No Other features some of Clark's most sublime material. Many folks have compared it to Van Morrison's Astral Weeks but I'd venture to compare it to Lennon's Imagine. The heartache, pure emotion and powerful performances at the core of the album benefit from the production.

Rhino has done a terrific job of remastering the album. While I can't detect a huge sonic difference between this and the fine Collector's Choice edition, it does benefit from the inclusion of alternate versions and a bonus track not available on a legit CD before.

Gene Clark was always the most vulnerable of The Byrds. That was reflected in his powerful, emotional songs as much as his emotionally naked vocals. It's about time that this great album got the deluxe treatment it deserves. Certainly if you're a Byrds/Clark fan pick this up. Even if you're not, it's well worth purchasing. Like Neil Young's wounded On the Beach, No Other is a classic album that stands outside of its time but was also made at the wrong time. Perhaps it'll finally get some appreciation.(By Wayne Klein) 

01-"Life's Greatest Fool" – 4:44
02-"Silver Raven" – 4:53
03-"No Other" – 5:08
04-"Strength of Strings" – 6:31
06-"From a Silver Phial" – 3:40
07-"Some Misunderstanding" – 8:09
08-"The True One" – 3:58
09-"Lady of the North" – 6:04
Bonus Tracks
10-"Train Leaves Here This Morning" - 4:59
11-"Life's Greatest Fool" (alternate version) - 4:16
12-"Silver Raven" (alternate version) - 3:06
13-"No Other" (alternate version) - 5:35
14-"From A Silver Phial" (alternate version) - 3:42
15-"Some Midunderstanding" (alternate version) - 5:17
16-"Lady Of The North" (alternate version) - 5:54

Gene Clark - Vocals, Guitar
Lee Sklar - Bass
Butch Trucks - Drums
Russ Kunkle - Drums
Michael Utley - Keyboards
Craig Doerge - Keyboards
Joe Lala - Percussions
Richard Greene - Violin
Chris Hillman - Mandolin
Ted Machell - Cello
Bill Cuomo - Rheem Organ
Jerry McGee - Guitar
Danny Kootch - Guitar
Jesse Ed Davis - Guitar
Steve Bruton - Guitar
Buzzy Feiten - Guitar
Ronnie Barron - Cindy Bullens - Claudia Lennear - Venetta Fields - Clydie King - Shirley Matthews - Carlena Williams - Tim Schmit - Voices