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Morly Grey - The Only Truth - (1972- Great and Tremendous us psychedelic rock - reissue with 5 bonus tracks - Wave)

Morly Grey : this legendary American group with a proven track record only one album released in 1972. Why is 'legendary'? Bo has released the album themselves and disappeared. And the only reissue on CD was released after 35-five years in an equally small number of copies...The original vinyl Starshine label and have the number 69000.... costs over 1000 bucks, so it is worth while to hunt for a compact a reissued digitally remastered by Comet Records ..added 5 bonus tracks, hmm although it is quite difficult task..CD also quickly had disappeared!

Perhaps the best privately released Heavy psych album around. Amazing album.
Music? The heavy, psychedelic rock, guitar orgy and cool melodies. 8 tracks, 46 minutes of music....vinyl version
Music recorded in two different studios:
1971, Cleveland Recording Corporation, Cleveland, Ohio. Inzynieria: Ken Hamen.
1972, Peppermint Studios, Youngstown, Ohio. Inzynieria: Gary Rhamy.
and differing in quality, but from start to finish excellent. Guitar overthrow. Playing a very 'American', which is embedded in the blues,near progressive structures almost hard, that is a very psychedelic blues-rock-hard 
The Morly Grey can play loudly of course (phenomenal Our Time with frequent changes of tempo and speedy guitar solos and the album-opener, uncompromising Peace Officer). Sometimes, however, music is a little quieter and more melancholic (Who Can I Say You Are, ballad A Feeling For You). The go-aheads riffs (especially in You Came To Me), a variety of solos and cleverly used a wah-wah effects make the guitar player standing in the foreground on in the album. The album ends with a 17-minute suite The Only Truth. The song opens with heavy guitars, but little by little the music takes the listeners to the world of subtle psychedelia. From the guitar sounds landscape there discretely appears the song from the Civil War When Johnny Comes Marching Home.
When Johnny comes marching home again, Hurrah! Hurrah!
Let love and friendship on that day, Hurrah, Hurrah!
Really a great album. A feast for all who love old stuff and austere beginning of hard rock... Amazing album and real rocker (By Adamus67)

Unofficial page

Tracks Listing
01. Peace Officer (5:30)
02. You Came To Me (4:12)
03. Who Can I Say You Are (3:40)
04. I'm Afraid (4:32)
05. Our Time (6:29)
06. After Me Again (3:07)
07. A Feeling For You (2:33)
08. The Only Truth (17:02)
09. None Are For Me (10:21)
10. Come Down (8:59)
11. Love Me (3:39)
12. I'll Space You (3:47)
13. Be Your King (3:23)

Tim Roller - Guitars, Backing Vocals
Mark Roller - Bass, Lead Vocals
Paul Cassidy - Drums, Guest Vocals (01 to 05)
Bob LaKnave - Drums, Percussion, Lead vocals (06 to 13)
Producer - Floyd Phillips 


The Good Rats - My Father's Place - Roslyn - New York - August 20th 1974 (Wave)

This is a WLIR FM broadcast... Fantastic concert by the Good Rats during their best era ...
Enjoy !!!  

Disc 1
01 - Intro Ken Cole/ WLIR 
02 - Back To My Music
03 - Injun Joe
04 - Tasty
05 - City Acting
06 - Louise The Tease
07 - Poppa Poppa
08 - Fred Upstairs and Ginger Snappers
09 - Phil Fleish
10 - Rat City in Blue
11 - Beat Up Rambler
12 - 300 Boys (Tape Flip)
Time: - 45:50

Disc 2
01 - Klash Ka-Bob
02 - Songwriter
03 - Fireball Express
04 - Hourglass
05 - Yellow Flower
06 - Mean Mother Fucker
07 - WLIR-FM Tasty
08 - Takin' it to Detroit
09 - Does it Make You Feel Good?
10 - Coo Coo Blues
Time: - 43:06

The Good Rats are:
Peppy Marchello: Lead Vocals, Baseball Bat
Mickey Marchello: Rhythm Guitar, Backing Vocals
Lenny Kottke: Bass, Vocals
John (The Cat) Gato: Lead Guitar
Joe Franco: Drums and percussion

Disc 01
Disc 02