vendredi 20 mars 2015

Thunder & Roses - King Of The Black Sunrise (1969 us heavy psych blues rock - flac)

Recorded at a time when prehistoric rock critics were bemoaning Blue Cheer's use of volume over musicianship (But isn't that what rock's all about?), Thunder and Roses firmly inserted themselves into the Cheer's orbit with a late-'60s oh-so-heavy slab of vinyl that was anchored by a Philadelphia rhythm section and recorded at Sigma Sound. 

An early decoder to the glories of the power trio. Creditable sole album from 1969 by this band from Philadelphia featuring the total classic "White Lace And Strange". Largely heavy Hendrix-influenced garage rock, (there's even an excellent cover of "Red House") this is a reissue of a now highly collectable release loaded with acid fret-mayhem...

01. White Lace And Strange - 3.15
02. I Love A Woman - 4.42
03. Country Life - 2.46
04. Red House - 5.43
05. Moon Child - 4.13
06. Dear Dream Maker - 3.37
07. King Of The Black Sunrise - 3.51
08. Open Up Your Eyes - 7.23

Chris Bond: Guitars, Vocals 
Tom Schaffer: Bass, Vocals
George Emme: Drums