mercredi 18 janvier 2017

John The Revelator – Wild Blues (1970 - Great Blues From Netherland Influenced By Fleetwood Mac - flac)

Back in 1966 when Eric Clapton delivered his heavily overdriven wailing blues licks on the “Beano” 
album with John Mayall’s Bluesbreakers, the guitar world was completely shaken up. Legend has it that Eric put his hand flat on the controls of his Marshall combo, moved his hand to the right, setting all controls full power in the process.
Future Revelator singer and bassman Tom Huissen lived in London at the time that the blues scene triggered by Clapton’s trademark guitar work exploded.He became pals with Peter Green, Eric’s successor in the Bluesbreakers, and witnessed the first rehearsals of Pete’s then new band Fleetwood Mac.
 Immediately after returning in Holland Tom started to form a blues band modelled after Fleetwood Mac.Finding the right guys for the job was not too hard and the band started to rehearse with cheap guitars, old tube driven radios for amplifiers and a tyre lever for playing bottleneck guitar.
Early in 1969 the band adopted the name “John the Revelator” after the A Capella blues traditional by the great Son House.John the Revelator took off immediately and extensively started gigging the Dutch and European blues circuits that were thriving at the time.
After winning the prestigious Loosdrecht Jazz contest in 1970 record label Decca offered the band a recording contract resulting in the first album Wild Blues.This highly collectable record was re-released on CD in 2003.

Joseph DeWilde (guitar, slide guitar)
Charles Van Den Heuvel (piano)
Henno Van Donselaar (saxophone)
Fred Huissen (drums) 
Tom Huissen (bass, vocals)
Frans Ten Kleij (guitar, harmonica)
Charles Van Der Steeg (saxophone, flute)
Hans van Hemert (synthesizer, mellotron)
Hille VanDer Galien (percussion) 

01. John The Revelator (Traditional) 0.46
02. I Can't Stop Lovin' You (James) 3.02
03. Worried Dreams (King) 5.41
04. Charlie's Drive Inn (DeWilde/Heuvel/Donselaar/F.Huissen/T.Huissen/Kleij/Steeg)
05. Talk To Me, Baby (James) 5.01
06. Personal Manager (King/Porter) 4.35
07. Wild Blues (DeWilde/Heuvel/Donselaar/F.Huissen/T.Huissen/Kleij/Steeg) 1.37
08. Bleeding Heart (James) 4.42
09. No Woman (DeWilde/Heuvel/Donselaar/F.Huissen/T.Huissen/Kleij/Steeg) 3.12
10. Homework (Clark/Perkins) 3.05
11. Yeah (DeWilde/Heuvel/Donselaar/F.Huissen/T.Huissen/Kleij/Steeg) 3.03
12. Rockin' Squirrel (DeWilde/Heuvel/Donselaar/F.Huissen/T.Huissen/Kleij/Steeg) 3.34
13. One Track Mind (DeWilde/Heuvel/Donselaar/F.Huissen/T.Huissen/Kleij/Steeg) 4.44
14. I Can't Stop Lovin' You (James) 3.22
15. Little Red Rooster (Dixon) 4.17
16. Worried Dreams (DeWilde/Heuvel/Donselaar/F.Huissen/T.Huissen/Kleij/Steeg) 4.50
17. Kokomo (live 2011) (McDowell) 8.32