lundi 14 novembre 2016

Groundhogs - Live UK '76 (1976 uk progressive and hard blues rock - 2004 edition - Flac)

Two years later after the Solid tour, it was again a totally changed band that the audience saw on stage. Actually, Tony McPhee had disbanded Groundhogs (he thought for ever) in 1975 and wanted to tour under his name such as had done Rory Gallagher after Taste. But it seemed it was too late and to tour he had to use again the name of the band. The main change was that Groundhogs was for the first time (and the last) a 4-member band, with a second guitar (the young and talented Dave Wellbelove, great name). And honestly, it's maybe the best live incarnation of the band you got here (yes, I know I also wrote that for the previous one, but let's say they're both are). Still less bluesy and more and more noisy, the music played here will surprise many who may imagine the band to be late bluesboomers. You'll be less surprised why Jack Endino has always been a fan of Tony McPhee). Another main change is the drumming. Mick Cook has often strange choices of drumming (not far from Terry Williams from Man) and this totally transforms the old Groundhogs repertoire, making them having a new youth. But actually, this live LP (released in 2004) could have been called Crosscut Saw Live since the band plays 5 songs from this album they had just recorded some weeks before and which is another underrated masterpiece. As insane as Solid was, but somewhat less muddy in its production and composition, lyrics are some of the best of Tony McPhee and all deal about bitter sentimental separation and are often quite hard. There are some Tony McPhee's peaks here (in the studio and the live LPs) such as "Eleventh Hour" (one highlight of all his career and one of the most moving song ever) and the extremely noisy and derelicted "Fulfilment" (listen to the grande finale and tell me that it's not thrilling). I put them both in streaming. Enjoy this fabulous piece of living music !!! (By Dkelvin)

Recorded on 24th March 1976 at The Kings Hall, Derby

Tony (TS) McPhee : Vocals, Guitar, ARP Synthesiser
Dave Wellbelove : Guitar
Martin Kent : Bass
Mick Cook : Drums

Tracks listing
01- Boogie With Us           4:20
02- Promiscuity              7:33
03- Corn Cob                 5:12
04- Eleventh Hour            6:48
05- Crosscut Saw             5:34
06- Fulfilment               8:01
07- Light My Light           8:35
08- Split, Part 2           11:30
09- Cherry Red              15:34