mercredi 13 avril 2016

McPhee - McPhee (1972 Australian heavy psych prog - Flac)

Recorded in 1972 and re-mastered by producer Martin Erdman in 2009, this rare recording stands as a defining moment in the history of Australian rock. 

  McPhee 'McPhee' In the pantheon of Australian early 70's progressive rockdom, McPhee must rank as one of its most obscure outfits. McPhee's solitary album appeared to little fanfare in early 1972 and simply sank without trace.
  It's likely that only 500 copies were ever pressed so it rates as a significant rarity. More importantly, 'Mc Phee' stands as one of the great lost treasures of Australias progressive rock era, a truly fascinating artefact of tremendous scope. The tapes have been dusted off so that you can hear this hard-hitting underground masterpiece in all its glory.
  McPhee played the local club and bar cicuit around Sydney and in 1971 entered producer Martin Erdman's World Of Sound studio in order to record an album. The sessions yielded material culled from the bands live repertoire including five cover versions. McPhee's influences extended from the prevailing Acid-rock trends of the day, to the emergent sounds of progressive rock with a smattering of contemporary rock hits.
  From the outset it is clear that McPhee is imbued with a crucial kick and gritty sense of purpose. It is brimming with acidy, wah-wah fuelled lead breaks and some of the most awesomely heavy and stunning Hammond organ playing to be heard anywhere on an Australian album.

01. The Wrong Time - 6:35
02. Sunday Shuffle - 3:22
03. Southern Man - 5:50
04. Indian Rope Man - 7:14
05. Superstar - 5:04
06. I Am The Walrus - 8:00
07. Out To Lunch - 10:38

Faye Lewis - Vocals/Percussion
Tony Joce - Guitar
Benny Kaika - Bass
Jim Deverell - Hammond Organ/Electric Piano/Vocals
Terry Popple - Drums

Droogs - Stone Cold World & Kingdom Day (1984-1987- Us great mix of garage & neo-psychedelic rock - Wave)

Los Angeles-based band, The Droogs's greatest success has come in Europe. While their garage band approach has yet to capture an American audience, their recordings have received an enthusiastic response overseas. German record label, Music Maniac, reissued their albums, Mad Dog Dreams and Guerrilla Love-In, and released a compilation of their singles, Anthology. Their 1997 album, Atomic Garage, was released by the Spain-based Impossible Records label.
Formed in the early-1970s, the Droogs chose a cover of Sonic's "He's Waiting" for their debut single in 1973. Their second single, released five years later, "Set My Love On You", showcased the songwriting of vocalist Ric Albin and his brother and guitarist, Roger Clay. Other original tunes were included on the multi-artist samplers, Saturday Night Pogo, in 1978, and Ahead Of My Time, the following year.
The Droogs experienced a major change with the arrival of former Textones and Dream Syndicate bassist and keyboards player, Dave Provost in the early-1980s. Provost made his presence felt on a four song EP, Heads Examined, in 1983 and their debut full-length album, Stone Cold World, in 1984.
Although their future appeared secure, after singing with the PVC/Jem label, the Droogs continued to find fame evasive. While touring the Midwest, in support of their 1987 album, Kingdom Day, the label declared bankruptcy and went out of business.
After building a solid following in Europe, the Droogs turned their focus back on the United States, releasing an album, Want Something, in 1990, that included tracks from their European albums and bonus tracks.

Ric Albin : vocals  
Roger Clay : guitars , vocals  
David Provost : bass , keyboards  
Jon Gerlach : drums , percussion

Stone Cold World
01-Change Is Gonna Come
02-Set My Love On You
03-For These Remaining Days
04-Stone Cold World
05-Mr. Right
06-From Another Side
07-He's Waitin' (Live NYC)
08-Only Game In Town (Soundtrack Version)
Kingdom Day
09-Stranger In The Rain
10-Quarry Street
11-Call Off Your Dogs
12-Jack Of Trades
13-Kingdom Day
14-Webster Field
15-Collector's Item
16-When Angels Fall
17-Countdown To Zero