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Billy TK - Move On Up - The Unreleased 1972 HMV Tapes (1972 great new zealand psych rock - 2009 edition - Ape)

2009 Edition of 1972-1975-1980 Tapes

After three years and three albums delivering electrifying riffs as part of cult progrock trio Human Instinct, Billy T.K was ready to explore more melodic themes. Powerhouse experimented with Latin-tinged blues and funk rhythms with lush layers of vocal harmonies, brass and percussion all woven together with Billy's relentless but unmistakeable riffs and extended solos. Like so much of New Zealand's early recorded history it was feared the debut album from Billy T.K & Powerhouse had been lost forever, or worse taped over, leaving little recorded evidence of this influential guitar-driven rhythmic big band.This CD compilation of the lost Move On Up album recorded at EMI studios in 1972, with selections form the live concert at Wellington's St James Theatre in 1975 and a single recorded with session musicians in Hollywood in 1980, delivers a solid overview of post-Human Instinct Billy T.K. for the first time. 

01. Bottle Of Red Wine
02. Move On Up (Pts. 1 & 2)
03. Hum Along And Dance
04. Into The Mystic
05. Marbles
06. Guajira
07. Goodbye Post Office Tower Goodbye
08. Southern Man
09. Dance With The Spirit 
10. Rhythm Of Your Love 
11. Heaven's Melody (Live) 
12. Beyond The Material Sky (Live) 
13. Race Into The infinite (Live) 

Billy T.K : Lead Guitar, Vocals
John Bilderbeck : Guitar
Steve Webb : Drums
Gav Collinge : Bass
Ara Mete : Rhythm Guitar
Jamie Tait-Jamieson : Keyboards, Saxophone
Arnold Tihema : Congas & Lead Vocals
Mahia Blackmore : Vocals & Percussions
Dick White : Saxophone

Billy TK - Race Into The Infinite (2004 great new zealand rock, blues & other various styles - Wave)

01. Moon Song
02. The Prayer
03. Love, Love, Love
04. Mama Funk
05. Nau Mai
06. Dreamtime
07. Rainbow Warrior
08. Rainbow Dreams
09. Moon Song ll
10. Prisoner
11. Friends

Billy T K has been wooing NZ audiences since the 60s with bands such as The Sinners, Human Instinct & Powerhouse.
1996 saw him on stage in Auckland playing with Carlos Santana. 2002 he was a headliner at WOMAD. These days he performs regular gigs around NZ with such artists as Billy T K Junior and Emma Paki.
2004 saw the release of his first CD of collected works spanning 30 years and includes Powerhouse tracks with Tony Littlejohn and Mahia Blackmore, studio tracks from the 80s & 90s and a track from movie about Indian mystics which Billy laid down some music for.
His music still reflects his early influences of Hendrix, Santana & McLaughlin and every time he plays the young people are gobsmacked and the oldies relive the past.


Billy T.K.'s Powerhouse - Life Beyond The Material Sky (1975 new zealand psychedelic rock with great guitars - vinyl rip - flac)

From the vinyl collection of my friend Cipcal , many thanks to him ...
Billy Te Kahika (Billy T K) left Human Instinct after their 1972 tour of Australia and shortly after began recruiting for his own unit to play more fluid, rhythmic music. He convinced former Blackfeather drummer Steve Webb to come out from Australia and along second guitarist John Bilderbeck from Wanganui and Gav Collinge on bass created Powerhouse.
Initially the band worked in Wellington where at Ali Baba’s and Lucifer’s nightclubs then with only Collinge remaining from the original line-up a new unit was pulled together back in Palmerston North where Billy and promoter Murray Taylor started their own nightclub called the Boulevarde.
The new Powerhouse featured Billy on guitar, Gav on bass, Ara Mete on rhythm guitar, Jamie Tait-Jamieson on keyboards, Bud Hooper (later Neal Storey [Dragon] and Peter Kellington) on drums, Arnold Tihema on congas and lead vocals and Mahia Blackmore on vocals and percussion. Powerhouse remained in that residency about 18 months playing their own brand of contemporary South Pacific rhythms with strong Santana influences.

Tracks :
01 Heaven's Melody (12:54)
02 Beyond The Material Sky (5:49)
03 Guru Deva (9:03)
04 Race Into The Infinite (10:37)
05 Secret Of Life (11:49)
06 City Of Things (3:57)
07 Love Love (13:17)
08 Funky Trucking (5:26)


Travis Wammack – Travis Wammack & Not For Sale (1972-1976 Southern rock from Tennessee - Vinyl rip - flac)

A guitarist, singer, and young instrumental genius from Memphis who cut his first record at the tender age of twelve, Travis Wammack is one of the great unheralded guitarists of rock & roll. A contemporary of Lonnie Mack, Wammack was simply the fastest guitar player in a town bursting at the seams with great guitarists. By the time he was 17, he appeared on the national charts with "Scratchy," a speed-burner instrumental featuring incredible distortion and dazzling technique. Several incredible singles followed, but none charted. By the late '60s, Wammack had moved into session work at the FAME Studios in Muscle Shoals, AL, playing on countless hits. He continues recording and touring to the present day (recently working as musical director for Little Richard), his hot and speedy guitar chops intact. ~ Cub Koda, All Music Guide

1972 - Travis Wammack

01- So Good  
02- How Can I Tell You  
03- Put On Your Shoes And Walk  
04- You Better Move On  
05- Funk #49  
06- You Are My Sunshine  
07- Whatever Turns You On  
08- Darling You're All That I Had  
09- Slip Away  
10- I Don't Really Want You

Guitars : Travis Wammack, Ken Bell, Jerry Bridges
Bass: Bob Wray, Jesse Boyce, Jerry Bridges
Drums : Fred Prouty, Tarp Tarrant, Don Cartee
Keyboards : Clayton Ivey, Tim Hensen, James H.Brown Jr.
Steel Guitar : Leo LaBlanc
Baritone Sax : Ronnie Eades
Tenor Sax : Harvey Thompson
Trumpet : Ben Cauley, Harrison Calloway Jr.
Background Vocals : George Soule, Ronnie Eades  

1976 - Not For Sale

01- Cookin´On The Front Burner  
02- A Lover´s Wuestion  
03- Shotgun Woman  
04- I Forgot To Remember To Forget  
05- Looking For A Fox  
06- Xou´ve Got Your Troubles  
07- (Sho-Do-Pa -Poo-Poop) Love Being Your Foll  
08- Easy Evil  
09- Love Rustler  
10- Greenwood, Mississippi 

Guitar, Percussion, Harmonica, Backing Vocals – Travis Wammack
Guitar – Pete Carr
Guitar, Backing Vocals – Leon Sherrill
Bass – Joe Hamilton, Lenny LeBlanc
Drums – Roger Clark
Drums, Percussion – Don Carter, Jimmy Evans
Keyboards – Barry Becker, Randy McCormick, Ronnie Oldham
Horn – Stacy Goss
Percussion, Backing Vocals – Rick Hall
Producer – Rick Hall