mercredi 20 août 2014

Chris Spedding - Friday The 13th (1981 Uk Classic Rock Live - Wave)

Friday the 13th album by Chris Spedding was released Apr 22, 1997 on the M.I.L. Multimedia label. This is a live set of music featuring guitarist Chris Spedding with bass player Busta Jones and drummer Tony Machine that was recorded in New York City in March of 1981 on--of course--Friday the 13th. The taut trio runs through a clean-sounding and spirited set that includes a number of Spedding's signature tunes ("Guitar Jamboree," "Motorbikin'," "Hurt by Love," "Counterfeit") Friday the 13th music CDs. Though he was a highly successful session musician, Spedding never hit it very big as an act on his own Friday the 13th songs. It seems unfortunate, considering his smart and edgy guitar playing and journeyman rock & roller's voice (think Mark Knopfler or John Cale) Friday the 13th album. And his seemingly straightforward songwriting is actually full of subtle twists, turns, and tensions Friday the 13th CD music. Repeated listenings are amply rewarded. 

01- Guitar Jamboree - 5:45
02- Midnight Boys - 3:33
03- Rush On You - 3:50
04- Motorbikin' - 3:32
05- Hurt By Love - 4:50
06- Hungry Man - 4:02
07- Counterfeit - 2:43
08- Lone Rider - 4:01
09- Hey Miss Betty - 4:55
10- Pogo Dancing - 3:10

Chris Spedding - Guitar, Vocals 
Busta Jones - Bass, Vocals
Tony Machine - Drums, Vocals
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