mercredi 28 mai 2014

Hookfoot - Good Times A'comin' (1972 great uk classic rock With country folk shades - flac)

Back in the day of glorious, analog, pre-Dolby music (you young'uns are being ripped off royally with this crappy digital music: whoever convinced anyone that this was a better format than analog. The human ear picks up analog by nature!), Hookfoot's "Good Times A'comin," was the kind of spin-off band LP from musicians who played for the mega-stars of classic rock when they had free time from touring and cutting albums in studio. This LP is from the era of Elton John's Tumbleweed Connection LP, which extends the great country-western / folk genre that made that LP so great, before EJ became the legendary musician (and oddball) that he is today. Caleb Quaye's guitar work alone makes this a memorable LP. Listen to Tumbleweed Collection and related music, plus Blue Moves (esp. One Horse Town), and the electric guitar version of "Madman Across the Water" to understand Caleb's guitar prowess. Too bad the LP is virtually unknown. It should be on CD, maybe bundled with Bernie Taupin's "He Who Rides the Tiger," which recently came out on affordable CD. Spectacular classic rock LP.(By Jeffrey A. Gross)

01- Sweet Sweet Funky Music (Caleb Quaye) 3:14
02- Living In the City (Caleb Quaye) 4:56
03- If I Had the Words (Duck-Glover-Pope-Quaye) 3-20
04- Gunner Webb's Changes (Ian Duck) 3:12
05- The Painter (Caleb Quaye) 6:01
06- Flying In the U.S.A (Caleb Quaye) 4:17
07- Is Anyone There (Duck-Glover-Pope-Quaye) 4:08
08- Slick's Blues For Jumbo (Duck-Quaye) 1:47
09- Look To Your Churches (Duck-Quaye) 2:38
10- Good Time a' Comin' (Duck-Glover-Pope-Quaye) 6:27
11- Gimme Shelter (Jagger-Richards) 4:22

Caleb Quaye : Guitar, Vocals, Keyboards
Ian Duck : Vocals, Guitar, Harp
Dave Glover : Bass
Roger Pope : Drums, Percussion

Bob Kulick : Guitar, Vocals