lundi 25 août 2014

Privilege - Privilege (1973 Great US Heavy Psychedelic Rock - Flac)

Venturini and Leonetti had previously been in the Soul Survivors and, according to the liner notes, Privilege was formed to mix the influence of Hendrix with the Isley Brothers and The Soul Survivors. 

The resulting album has its moments, especially because of its good guitar parts with loads of effects (fuzz, wah wah etc.). Tracks like Purple Dog and Traitor also have effective vocals with a good rhythm.

01.Trailor - 4.45   
02.It's Yesterday - 4.01   
03.The Quiz - 2.55   
04.Circling - 4.28   
05.People - 3.55   
06.Going Down - 2.45   
07.Purple Dog - 2.33   
08.Easter - 3.06   
09.Taking Care Of You - 3.21   
10.Sojourn - 4.14 

Edward Leonetti - guitar, vocals
Paul Venturini - keyboards, vocals
Jack Douglas - bass
Tommy Brannick - drums, percussion 

vendredi 22 août 2014

Spirit - Rock And Roll Planet (1977-79 Us Psychedelic Rock - Unreleased Material, Alternative & Live Versions - Mp320 & Flac)

While the period 1977-1979 is not quite a completely lost era for Spirit, it is a largely undocumented one. Singer/guitarist Randy California, drummer Ed Cassidy, and, usually, bassist Larry "Fuzzy" Knight, with the occasional contribution of keyboardist John Locke, issued a studio album, Future Games: A Magical Kahauna Dream, at the outset in January 1977, but its poor sales led Mercury Records to drop the act. International touring led to a live album recorded in 1978 before Spirit temporarily went on hiatus in 1979. As part of an ongoing investigation into the band's archive of unreleased recordings, producer Mick Skidmore thoroughly chronicles Spirit's late-'70s activities on this sprawling triple-disc set, which runs about as long as three CDs can, nearly four hours. On the first two discs, one may imagine attending a couple of extra-long sets by Spirit at a venue such as the club My Father's Place in Roslyn, NY (a location mentioned by California in one of his stage remarks). The trio of California, Cassidy, and Knight plays some familiar Spirit songs -- "1984," "Nature's Way," "Animal Zoo," "Fresh Garbage," "Mr. Skin," "It's All the Same," "I Got a Line on You," "Morning Will Come" -- and some rock & roll standards -- "Stone Free," "Like a Rolling Stone," "All Along the Watchtower," "Walkin' the Dog," "Day Tripper," "Wild Thing." But this is not just a hits and oldies act. They play numerous new and unrecorded songs, in many cases songs that never did appear on a regular Spirit or California solo album, probably because the band didn't have a record contract at the time, and by the time they did, they had gone on to newer stuff. Nevertheless, the songs often are good ones that could have appeared on albums if they hadn't been forgotten. On the third disc, Skidmore digs into studio recordings of the period (including some of the same songs the band was performing in its shows) to give a sense of what a Spirit album of 1979 might have sounded like. Whereas the live band tends to rock out and jam, with California taking lengthy guitar solos, the studio tracks tend to be shorter and more eclectic. For example, "Midnight Train" and "In Just a Little While" are even country-flavored. On the collection's final eight tracks, Skidmore regresses things back to the initial demo stage, presenting songs played by California alone on his acoustic guitar. This is an album for established Spirit fans, for whom it will present another piece in the puzzle of the recorded history of a band that made new and worthwhile music throughout its career, even if, at times, there was no record company to preserve it on disc. ~ William Ruhlmann, Rovi 

Disc: 1  
1. Phoenix, (Land of The Rising Sun)  
2. Stone Free  
3. Cold Rainy Night  
4. Zandu  
5. 1984  
6. Rock and Roll Planet  
7. Natures Way  
8. These Are Words  
9. Like A Rolling Stone  
10. Animal Zoo  
11. All Along The Watchtower  
12. Downer  
13. That's My Number  

Disc: 2  
1. Zandu  
2. Fresh Garbage  
3. Looking Down  
4. Cold Rainy Night  
5. Miss This Train  
6. Darlin If  
7. Same Old Naturally  
8. Mr Skin  
9. Its All The Same  
10. I Got a Line on You  
11. Walking The Dog  
12. Morning Will Come  
13. Day Tripper  
14. I've Got Use To My Imagination  
15. Wild Thing  

Disc: 3  
1. Rock and Roll Planet  
2. Something New  
3. Love Charged  
4. Midnight Train  
5. Leavin It Up to You  
6. Bass Feuge  
7. Zandu  
8. In Just a Little While  
9. Hollywood Dream  
10. Same old Naturally  
11. Hawaiian Skies  
12. Brian Berry Blues  
13. Peter Franklin  
14. These Are Words  
15. So Happy Now  
16. Storm in the Night  
17. We've Got a Lot To Learn  
18. (When I See You In The) Morning Light  
19. Open Up Your Heart (instrumental)  
20. Livin In this World  
21. 10,000 Days  
22. Thinking Of You  
23. Don't Give It All Away  
24. Seems Like 1000 Years  
25. Rainbow On The Water  
26. Monkey See, Monkey Do 

Randy California : Guitars Vocals
Ed Cassidy : Drums
Larry "Fuzzy" Knight : Bass

John Locke : Keyboards 

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mercredi 20 août 2014

Chris Spedding - Friday The 13th (1981 Uk Classic Rock Live - Wave)

Friday the 13th album by Chris Spedding was released Apr 22, 1997 on the M.I.L. Multimedia label. This is a live set of music featuring guitarist Chris Spedding with bass player Busta Jones and drummer Tony Machine that was recorded in New York City in March of 1981 on--of course--Friday the 13th. The taut trio runs through a clean-sounding and spirited set that includes a number of Spedding's signature tunes ("Guitar Jamboree," "Motorbikin'," "Hurt by Love," "Counterfeit") Friday the 13th music CDs. Though he was a highly successful session musician, Spedding never hit it very big as an act on his own Friday the 13th songs. It seems unfortunate, considering his smart and edgy guitar playing and journeyman rock & roller's voice (think Mark Knopfler or John Cale) Friday the 13th album. And his seemingly straightforward songwriting is actually full of subtle twists, turns, and tensions Friday the 13th CD music. Repeated listenings are amply rewarded. 

01- Guitar Jamboree - 5:45
02- Midnight Boys - 3:33
03- Rush On You - 3:50
04- Motorbikin' - 3:32
05- Hurt By Love - 4:50
06- Hungry Man - 4:02
07- Counterfeit - 2:43
08- Lone Rider - 4:01
09- Hey Miss Betty - 4:55
10- Pogo Dancing - 3:10

Chris Spedding - Guitar, Vocals 
Busta Jones - Bass, Vocals
Tony Machine - Drums, Vocals
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lundi 18 août 2014

Chris Spedding - Guitar Graffiti (1978 great uk classic rock - flac)

01- Video Life - 3:11
02- Radio Times - 1:30
03- Time Warp - 2:43
04- Midnight Boys - 2:46
05- Bored, Bored - 3:53
06- Walking - 2:54
07- Breakout - 3:47
08- Frontal Lobotomy (live) - 3:47
09- Hey, Miss Betty (live) - 2:14
10- More Lobotomy, Parts 1 & 2 (live) - 3:10
11- Breakout (concert version) - 4:46

Chris Spedding : Vocals, Guitar, Bass
With Davy Lutton, Mick Oliver, Penelope Nesbitt, Ray Cooper, Steve Curry, Tony Newman


samedi 2 août 2014

Cosmic Travelers - Live! At the Spring Crater Celebration Diamond Head, Oahu, Hawaii (1972 us psychedelic rock - vinyl rip - Wave)

The Cosmic Travelers were a group of veteran studio musicians that decided to get together to join the seventh major festival that was held over a four-year period (at the time) in the Diamond Head crater in Hawaii. "Live! At The Spring Crater Celebration" was recorded originally in 1972.
Drake Levin (guitar), Jimmy McGhee (guitar), Joel Christie (bass), and Dale "Mule" Layola (drums) cranked out some high-octane psych-blues.
This entire recording is live and uncut with the exception of two minutes when the tape was turned over at the original recording. What we would consider today as an archaic method of recording a live gig becomes quite good under the careful eyes and ears of experienced engineers and producers. With the help of technological advancements and Akarma Records' precise care with the remastering process, and the colorful informative packaging, what you get is history given a chance to become reborn and relived.
This was good album when it was recorded, and it stands as an above average album now due to the previously mentioned enhancements. The last two songs "Soul" and "Soul Reprise" are real kickers. There are only six tracks, but keep in mind the first track "Farther Up The Road," a blues classic, runs for over nine minutes and Dave Mason's "Look At You Look At Me" for over ten minutes. So you get more than your share of quantity, quality and consistency on this release.
Take a rock and roll revival trip to Hawaii for a day, be a hippie and enjoy the tunes. 

01. Farther Up the Road
02. Jungle Juice
03. Look At You Look At Me
04. Move Your Hands
05. Soul
06. Soul Reprise

Drake Levin - Guitar
Jimmy McGhee - Guitar, Vocals
Joel Christie - Bass, Vocals
Dale Loyola - Drums, Vocals

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