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Jeff Beck - This Blows - Live Detroit & Milwaukee - 1975-05-09 & 1975-05-10 (Flac)

Great concerts by Jeff Beck in 1975 with a soundboard quality .

Disc one :  May 9, 1975 - Masonic Temple - Detroit

01 Constipated Duck
02 She's A Woman
03 Freeway Jam
04 Definitely Maybe
05 Supersticious
06 Cause We've Ended As Lovers
07 Power
08 Got The Feeling
09 Diamond Dust
10 You Know What I Mean

Disc two : May 10, 1975 - Auditorium Theatre - Milwaukee

01 Constipated Duck
02 She's A Woman
03 Freeway Jam
04 Definitely Maybe
05 Supersticious
06 Cause We've Ended As Lovers
07 Air Blower
08 Got The Feeling
09 Diamond Dust
10 Power (Guest: John McLaughlin)

Jeff beck - Guitar
Wilbur Bascomb - Bass
Max Middleton - Keyboards
Bernard Purdie - Drums


Friday, April 18, 2014

Little Joe Featuring John Cipollina & Paul Butterfield - Full Moon Saloon - SF - July 24th 1986 (Flac)

Fantastic concert by Little Joe with special guests John Cipollina & Paul Butterfield .Enjoy !!!
This show is well known as the Butter jam, but actually are Little Joe with John and Paul guesting.
This is also the complete show, since a partial version of it is often circulated.

John Cipollina
Greg Elmore
Greg Douglass
Bobby Vega
with special guest 
Paul Butterfield

Disc One
1. Hideaway
2. Mona
3. All Worth The Price You Pay 
4. Why Do You Act Like That ?
5. Mystery Train
6. Mannish Boy
Disc Two
1. Drums & Bass
2. Steppin' Out
3. Drums
4. Down In The Bottom
5. Ride In Your Automobile
6. Driftin' Blues
7. He Got All the Money

Saturday, April 12, 2014

New Potato Caboose Featuring John Cipollina - Shriver Hall, Baltimore, Maryland - June 27th 1987

01. On the Road Again > JC intro 5:06
02. Third World Blues (or Throw Rug Blues?) 5:43
03. Feelin' Alright 7:18
04. Mona > 11:25
05. Drums > 1:51
06. Space Jam > 2:19
07. Take It Easy (or The Mansion?) 5:48
08. Psychedelia 5:13
09. Fat Man in the Bathtub > 5:22
10. Morning dew 9:05
Total 59:16

Rich Della Fera - vocals, guitar
Doug Pritchett - vocals, acoustic guitar
Don Laux - vocals, guitar
Mike Mahoney - vocals, bass
John Redling - vocals, keyboards
John Trupp - drums
John McConnell - percussions

This is a true and unusual rarity, NPC with John Cipollina,with really interesting versions of Mona, Morning Dew & Little Feat's Fat man in the bathtub. enjoy it !

Friday, March 28, 2014

Too Much - Too Much (1971 Japan Great Heavy Psych Blues - Flac)

Often touted as the Japanese Black Sabbath by blowhards and those who’ve not actually heard the music, the excellently named Too Much hailed from the large city port of Kobe, where the band members grew up sucking in all kinds of western influences from the LPs and 7” singles that came in on the boats.
  One of the band – guitarist Junio Nakahara – had spent the late ‘60s in the blues group The Helpful Soul, whose sole LP features in this book’s Top 50 on account of its deeply inspired 10-minutes plus plodathon ‘Peace For Fools’.
  However, as its audience could never have perceived The Helpful Soul as anything more than another Group Sounds act, guitarist Nakahara decided to jump on the burgeoning New Rock bandwagon by forming the more appropriately named Too Much.
  Nakahara’s inspiration came from the TOO MUCH concert that The Helpful Soul played with the newly-formed Blues Creation, in Kyoto at the end of February 1970.
  The hippy phrase ‘too much’ was already utterly clichéd in the West by this time, but it was iconic and easily pronounceable to Japanese.
  In the process, Nakahara hooked up with hard rock singer Juni Lush, changed his own name to the more substantially New Rock-sounding Tsomu Ogawa(!), and dragged high school mates Hideya Kobayashi and Masayuki Aoki along as the rhythm section.
  They signed a deal with Atlantic Records in the summer of 1970, and wrote a whole slew of mindless proto-metal anthems, including the excellent ‘Grease It Out’, ‘Love Is You’ and ‘Gonna Take You’.
  These were duly recorded and sounded mindlessly, monolithically, perfectly suited to the lowbrow audience Too Much was aiming to please.
  Unfortunately, the Atlantic businessmen saw in the be-afro’d Juni Lush another potential star in the mould of Flower Travellin’ Band’s Joe Yamanaka, and they pressured the band into adding several mawkishly sentimetal ballads to the debut LP in order to widen their audience.
  The results were disastrous. No one needed yet another version of Bobby Dylan’s ‘I Shall Be Released’, particularly the Nipponashville abortion that Too Much delivered. Hey, but neither did they require ‘Song For My Lady’, the arduously phlegmatic 12-minute album closer which arrived replete with megastring sections, Michel LaGrande pianos, Moody Blues flute solos and nere a six-string razor in sight.
  Too Much was just not enough, and they split soon after the album was released...

01.Grease It Out 5:34
02.Love That Binds Me 6:25
03.Love Is You 6:00
04.Reminiscence 6:05
05.I Shall Be Release 4:52
06.Gonna Take You 4:34
07.Song for My Lady 12:13

Juni Lush (vocals)
Tstomu Ogawa [aka Junio Nakahara] (guitar)
Masayuki Aoki (bass)
Hideya/Shuye Kobayashi (drums)


Sunday, March 23, 2014

Happy Birthday Tony

Today it's Tony McPhee's birthday , he is 70 !!!
Many thanks for all the great music you gave us during all those years, for a lot of people you are a guitar living legend , God bless you Tony !!!

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Guitar Army Benefit For Detroit-Area Vietnam Veterans Harpo'S, Detroit, MI - April 1985 Broadcast On WLLZ, Detroit (Flac)

01. Intro/Respect
02. Guitar Army
03. Baby Won't Ya
04. 1969
05. I Wanna Be Your Dog
06. Roadhouse Blues
07. Lucille
08. 2+2=?
09. Looking At You
10. Motor City's Burning
11. Kick Out The Jams

01. A Few Words From John Sinclair 
02. Stagger Lee
03. Donny's Blues
04. The Girl Can't Help It-Motor City Showdown
05. Rock And Roll Music
06. Rock And Roll
07. Oh Well
08. When You Were Mine
09. Devil With The Blue Dress--Good Golly Miss Molly
10. Bad Time
11. Some Kinda Wonderful (with Morgan)
12. Gimme Shelter (with Morgan)


Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Steve Miller Blues Band - (The Matrix - San Francisco - Soundboard - 1967-01-27 - Flac)

The sound quality of this show is extremely good, is it a real stereo, with the vocals parts recorded only on one of the 2 channels, so in the instrumental parts the volume of one channel is it a little bit lower, but i did
not touch the balance of the 2 channels, i left it like the original recording was.....
1st generation reel to reel > behringer ultra curve pro deq 2496 equalizer > tascam cdrw750 > plex tool professional XL > wav > flac.
I finally located this reel to reel that i got in trade 25 years ago from a guy that copied his master reel for doubts that this is an excellent complete
sounboard recording, and probably is taken from a radio broadcast, but i don't know which is the original source....may be we should ask Dave (davmar), those are the kind of shows he may be had recorded...this is a must for a steve miller fan.... (By tillywilly)

Disc 01
01 - Worried About My Baby Too Much
02 - Mercury Blues
03 - Think
04 - Junior Saw It Happen
05 - Superbird
06 - Instrumental
07 - Instrumental
Disc 02
08 - Your Old Lady
09 - Going Down To Mexico
10 - Lovin' Wheel
11 - Instrumental Jam

Steve Miller Guitar, Vocals
Lonnie Turner Bass, Guitar
Tim Davis Drums, Vocals
James "Curly" Cooke Guitar 

James Curly Cooke -- whose middle name is sometimes spelled "Curley" and who is also often referred to as Curly Cooke -- is a great guitar player who's never quite gotten his due, despite very well-known professional collaborations with Steve Miller, Jerry Garcia, Boz Scaggs, and Ben Sidran. Cooke was part of the original Steve Miller Band, and was in the lineup that backed Chuck Berry at the Fillmore West and played at the Monterey Pop Festival. He was later replaced in Miller's group by the leader's boyhood friend Boz Scaggs, and subsequently played with Scaggs as well as returning to work with Miller on Fly Like an Eagle and other 1970s projects. He also appeared with Mother Earth on Make a Joyful Noise (1969), and worked with Garcia and Howard Wales on the Hooteroll? album in 1971. During the 1970s, he was most visible on albums by Scaggs and Sidran.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Barry Melton - The Fish (1975 us rock with bonus tracks - vinyl rip - flac)

Solo album by Barry Melton recorded at Rockfield Studios in 1975 with Welsh musicians .
It's a vinyl rip with 10 bonus track from unreleased album of 1974. Enjoy !!!
01- Long Way
02- Stranger
03- Jessie James
04- Could You Drive Forever ?
05- Mountains In Dreamland
06- Speed Racer
07- Babylon
08- Karma
09- Harbinger
10- Looking For A World
11- Marshmellow Road
12- Ice Cream Man
13- California Seacost
Bonus Tracks From Unreleased Album 1974
14- Jesse James
15- Mountains In Dreamland
16- Looking For A World
17- Babylon
18- Love Is A Mystery
19- Harbinger
20- Sunshine
21- Stranger
22- Karma
23- Could You Drive Forever

David Charles - Drums
Tommy Eyre - Keyboards
Ray Martinez - Rhythm & Slide Guitar
Barry Melton - Lead Guitar & Vocals
Ken Whaley - Bass

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Dschinn - Dschinn (1972 Great German Psych Hard Rock - Wave)

Sole and rare 1972 release from this German band given the high quality Second Battle Treatment. The cover is a great Salvador Dali pastiche, whilst the music inside is powerful heavy rock with some excellent lead guitar riffs and classic hard rock vocals. The CD contains outtakes and a whole bunch of pre - Dschinn tracks.
The Dschinn record had a very convincing Dali plagiate painting on its sleeve, courtesy of one Klaus Holitzka. I can reveal that the music isn't as surrealistic as the sleeve would imply, it's a quite conventional type of hard rock. This is not meant as a criticism, though - it is a great album! The lack of originality is nonchalantly replaced by sheer power, both in the music and the vocals. They wrote all nine tracks together, except for the cover version of "For Your Love". It was recorded at Tonstudio Mitte, Bremen and produced by Rolf Jenzen, a character unknown to me. Sadly this one album is their sole legacy, apart from a track on the 1973 sampler Mama Rock & The Sons Of Rock'n'Roll (Bacillus BLS 5526; 2nd edition BAC 2025), named "Rock'n'Roll Dschinny". Not even a single was lifted from their eponymous album and the group disappeared without trace.(From Chris Goes Rock)

01 - Freedom - 4.47
02 - Fortune - 4.56
03 - I'm In Love - 4.45
04 - Train - 4.55
05 - Let's Go Together - 3.10
06 - Smile Of The Devil - 4.23
07 - I Wanna Know - 3.34
08 - Are You Ready - 4.02
09 - For Your Love - 4.12
10 - Rock'N'Roll Dschinny - 3.09
11 - Hear What I Say (The Dischas) - 2.53
12 - Come On Come Back (The Dischas) - 2.31
13 - Let's Go Together (The Dischas) - 2.18
14 - Never, Never (The Dischas) - 2.52
15 - Take Me Back (The Dischas) - 3.27
16 - Hurry Up (The Dischas) - 3.39
17 - Woman (The Dischas) - 2.26
18 - (The Dischas) - 2.20
19 - Can't You See (Outtake) - 3.10
20 - Give Me A Little Love (Outtake) - 2.58
21 - Day After Day (Outtake) - 2.43

Bernd Capito (Capo) : Lead Guitar, Vocals
Peter Lorenz (Eddy) : Lead Vocals, Rhythm Guitar
Silvio Verfurth : Bass Guitar, Vocals
Athanasios Paltoglou (Jacky) : Drums & Percussion
Uli Mund : Drums & Percussion


Monday, February 17, 2014

Once featuring John Cipollina 1988-02-20 SF Musicworks, San Francisco, CA - Avi

Great video of Once featuring John Cipollina & friends, enjoy !!!

Set I
Everyday I Have The Blues
I Shot the Sheriff
In The Midnight Hour
Bring It On Home To Me
My Babe
Who Do You Love

Set II
Knock On Wood
Evil Ways (missing)
You Got Me Runnin' (missing)
Stormy Monday Blues
Help Me
Gimme Some Lovin'
Mona > Tequila > Mona

John Cipollina - guitars, vocals
Mario Cipollina - bass
Alex Ligertwood - guitar, vocals
Pete Sears - keyboards
Tony Johnson - drums, vocals

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Larry Coryell - The Real Great Escape (1973 us great rock-jazz - vinyl rip - wave)

Ive been a fan of Larry Coryell since his LADY CORYELL release. This early seventies 'return to rock' album was met with little acclaim, but it is one of the most inspired guitar records of the 1970's. Larry plays things on Jimmy Webb's two compositions that rank with the finest playing by any electric guitarist ever. What sets this apart from other jazz guitar records (even his own), is that THE REAL GREAT ESCAPE sounds like an artist who has found his voice(literally and figuratively) and his youthful spirit. I really wish he would 'mine' more great songs in this way today. As great as he is, I cant help thinking he needs to mix it up more, like he did on this release...Afterall, he wrote the book.(By jaybo)

01. The Real Great Escape (7:37) 
02. Are You Too Clever (5:31) 
03. Love Life's Offering (3:27)
04. Makes Me Wanna Shout (5:25) 
05. All My Love's Laughter (4:27) 
06. Scotland II (5:05) 
07. P.F. Sloan (4:03) 

Larry Coryell : Guitar ARP Synthesizer & Vocals
Mike Mandel : Piano, ARP Synthesizer
Mervin Bronson : Bass
Harry Wilkenson : Drums
Steve Marcus : Tenor & Soprano Sax

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Sweet Pain - Sweet Pain (1970 us psychedelic west coast with great vocals harmonies & guitars - Flac)

Sweet Pain consisted of Carl Johnson (guitar), Dave Riordan (rhythm guitar, vocals), Bob Spalding (guitar), Frank Demme (bass, vocals), Marty Foltz (drums, percussion), J.C. Phillips (marimba, vocals). The album is a nice example of West Coast rock with fairly sophisticated vocal harmonies and instrumental arrangements.

Sweet Pain formed in California in the late 1960s and were signed to United Artists by record executive Billy Roberts after the group was close to signing with Liberty Records. Guitarist Bob Spaulding was also a session musician, playing back-up guitar for Chuck Berry and Gabor Szabo and bass for Doug Kershaw. In 1974 drummer Marty Foltz drummed for Tim Weisberg, while Carl Johnson and Frank Demme formed the group Rock Rose in the late seventies. (Prairie Prince Minsky)

01 Upside Down, Inside Out Woman
02 Chain Up The Devil
03 Pine Canyon Stream
04 Be Myself
05 Joy
06 Berkeley Lady
07 Start Off With You
08 Richard And Me
09 Got To Get Your Hands On It
10 The Lover


Third World War - Third World War II (1971 uk hard rock, blues rock and heavy blues - Repertoire records edition - Flac)

Much like their American counterparts Mc5, Third World War were a heavily politicized band from England who made their mark playing heavy rock songs with an overtly left-wing political agenda. They were well known amongst the London Underground scene, playing free concerts with the likes of Arthur Brown, the Pink Fairies, and the wonderfully eccentric Viv Stanshall (before he formed the infamous Bonzo Dog Band).
Their songs focus on the poor, disenfranchised, the uneducated; on rebels, Hells Angels, and semi-skilled laborers fighting for their freedom. The music could at moments be sensitive, but was more often than not a raw, "punk" sound.
This lp, their 2nd (and last), dates from 1972, and musically is a more complete album than their self-titled debut. There are some excellent bluesy numbers, mainly "Coshing Old Lady," (their tribute to Hells Angels), mellow ones such as "Factory Canteen Mews," which offers excellent guitar work by Terry Stamp. Mainly, the lp is heavy rock numbers, such as "Yoko," "Urban Rock," "Rat Crawl," and their classic numbers- "I'd Rather Cut Cane for Castro," and the brilliant "Hammersmith Guerrilla," with very political lyrics such as:

"Get yer arse down to Hammersmith town; Join the urban guerrillas Take up arms against the crown; Don't talk about wrong and right, Get out and fight!"
Pretty heady stuff.
Their 2 lps are wonderful listening, and fans of the "Kick Out the Jams" era Mc5 will find Third World War (the name says it all) as kindred spirits- and even more political!
An exceptional cd well worth getting!(By Sean M. Kelly)

1. Yobo
2. Urban Rock
3. Coshing Old Lady Blues
4. Rat Crawl
5. Id Rather Cut Cane For Castro
6. Factory Canteen News
7. Hammersmith Guerrilla

Terry Stamp - Guitar, Vocals
Mick Lieber - Guitar
Peter Martin - Guitar
Tony Ashton - Keyboards
Jim Avery - Bass
Fred Smith - Drums
Bobby Keys - Saxophone
Jim Price - Horn
Wingy - Harmonica
Neemoi Acquaye - Percussion


Bachman-Turner Overdrive - FM Broadcast - Agora - Cleveland Ohio - Early 1974 (Flac)

BTO recorded live at the Agora in Cleveland between the 2nd and 3rd LP's.  "Not Fragile" was released in August of '74 and considering that all songs come from the first 2 releases this would lead one to believe early 1974 is the ballpark date.

01 Don't Get Yourself In Trouble > Little Gandy Dancer
02 Give It Time
03 Welcome Home
04 Hold Back The Water
05 Blue Collar
06 Give Me Your Money Please
07 Let It Ride
08 American Woman
09 Honky Tonk Woman

Randy Bachman - Lead Guitar & Vocals
Blair Thornton - Lead Guitar & Backing Vocals
C.F Turner - Bass Guitar & Vocals
Rob Bachman - Drums & Percussion

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Short Cross - Arising (1972 us heavy psychedelic blues - flac)

From Sandston, Virginia, this band evolved out of the Hustlers, whose members included, at various stages, ex-Reactors Steve Hicks and ex-Outlaws Butch Owens alongside core members Velpo Robertson, Gray McCalley and Ben Luck. The latter left to join the Barracudas, of A Plane View LP fame.
Their rare album can best be described as heavy psychedelic blues, at its purest on Suicide Blues. There's plenty of good guitar work throughout, Wastin' Time, Just Don't Care, Till We Reach The Sun and Hobo Love Song all have their share, whilst Ellen is a slow bluesy ballad. The album lacks sufficient originality to make it special but if this musical genre is where you're at you shouldn't be disappointed. (Max Waller / Roger Maglio)

GRAY McCALLEY(drums, lead vocals)
BUTCH OWENS(organ, piano, moog)
VELPO ROBERTSON(guitars, vocals)
BIRD SHARP(bass, vocals)

01. Nothin' But A Woman
02. Wastin' Time
03. Suicide Blues
04. Just Don't Care
05. On My Own
06. Till We Reach The Sun
07. Ellen
08. Hobo Love Song
09. On My Own (Stereo Mix)
10. Marching Off To War (Stereo Mix)
11. That's Her Train (Unreleased)
12. Bomb (Unfinished Demo)
13. Before It Rains (Unfinished Demo)


Saturday, January 25, 2014

Randy California - Kapt. Kopter and the (Fabulous) Twirly Birds (1972 us fantastic hendrixian psychedelic rock - Flac)

This album was recorded and released following Randy California's departure from Spirit. Spirit's fourth LP, Twelve Dreams of Dr. Sardonicus, reached the charts but took an inordinate amount of time to receive attention (the album would eventually be certified gold by the RIAA in 1976). As a result, Jay Ferguson and Mark Andes departed Spirit to form Jo Jo Gunne with Andes' brother Matt (whose slide guitar work had previously appeared in "Prelude: Nothin' To Hide" on the Sardonicus album) and drummer Curly Smith.
Following the departure of Jay Ferguson and Mark Andes in early 1971, Spirit recruited John Arliss (and later John Fine) on bass and resumed playing live shows in March 1971". Randy California, however, was also growing disenchanted in Spirit and left the band in July 1971, along with bassist John Fine. They were replaced by brothers Al and John Staehely (on bass and guitar, respectively), and Spirit went on to record the Feedback album without Randy.
Randy spent much of his time afterwards in jam sessions with various musicians in Topanga Canyon clubs, particularly a club known as The Corral. Some of the musicians who appeared in these jam sessions, along with Noel Redding (under the pseudonym 'Clit McTorius'), Leslie Sampson (the drummer from Noel's band Road, under the pseudonym 'Henry Manchovitz') and Ed Cassidy (as 'Cass Strange'), would end up working with Randy when he started recording solo material in 1972. The resulting album featured numerous covers of the works of contemporary acts such at the Beatles and James Brown, with less emphasis upon original material by Randy. The album was also heavily influenced by the death of Jimi Hendrix in 1970, who had been friends with Randy since they played together in Jimmy James and the Blue Flames.(From Wikipedia)

01 Downer (Randy California) 5:36
02 Devil (Randy California) 4:13
03 I Don't Want Nobody (James Brown) 4:25
04 Day Tripper (John Lennon, Paul McCartney) 3:00
05 Mother and Child Reunion  (Paul Simon)  2:51
06 Things Yet to Come  (V. Phillips, Lenny Lee)  8:12
07 Rain  (John Lennon, Paul McCartney)  8:38
08 Rainbow  (Randy California)  3:31
09 Walkin' the Dog (Rufus Thomas)  3:01
10 Live for the Day (Randy California)  3:23
11 Rebel (Randy California)  4:21

Randy California – vocals, guitar, waterbass (credited on the track "Rainbow"), producer
Charlie Bundy – bass
Ed Cassidy (credited as 'Cass Strange') - drums
Roger Dollarhide – engineer
Larry "Fuzzy" Knight – bass
Tim McGovern - drums
Noel Redding (credited as 'Clit McTorius') - bass
Leslie Sampson (credited as 'Henry Manchovitz') - drums
Janet Wolfe - background vocals
Robin Wolfe - background vocals  


Russell Smith - The End is not in Sight (2001 great us country soul - Flac)

"The Greatest Singer You're Not Listening Too" 
Why, in the name of all that's holy, isn't Russell Smith a contemporary country superstar and household name? He's been around for years, both as a solo act and as the voice of The Amazing Rhythm Aces. The Aces have had their moments, and ever so often Smith releases a solo album. But everytime, the mass audience greets his work with a yawn. "The End is Not is Sight" is Russell Smith's latest work and it's beautiful. This collection of mostly new material (with a few nods to the Aces with the title track and "Third Rate Romance") showcases Smith's soulful lyrics and distinctive voice. Smith's style is a dose hill-billy boogie, a dash of blue-eyed soul, a little bit country and a little bit rock and roll, all stirred up in a toe-tapping stew that's mmmmmm-mmmmmm good. Whether it's the rocking rhythms of "Jesse" and "We're Gettin' Out of Here," or the sad-sweet ballads like "Walk These Hills" and "Look Heart, No Hands," Smith nails every track. Russell Smith is the greatest singer you're not listening to right now, and you should. And so should everyone who enjoys great lyrics, great music and inimitable vocals.(By Tim Hewitt)

"An astounding album!"
The luminary musicians that have been assembled to help with the production of this album are testimony to what a talent Russell Smith is. The resulting album doesn't disappoint, with a range of songs lovingly fleshed out by (mostly) sparse productions that allows the vocals of Smith to shine through. The voice is a little deeper than it was back then, but the songwriting is, if anything, better. There are some awesomely good songs here, with satisfying twists to old themes. "Old School" is a good take on cheating songs, and "The Road" reworks views about...well, the road! My favourites are "Don't go to strangers" and especially "What I learned from loving you", which as with so many of Smith's songs resonates with experiences that I can empathise with.I also enjoyed the version of "The end is not in sight", and it bears comparison with a versions that he's recorded elsewhere. A look at the musician name checks suggests that everybody down at Muscle Shoals wanted a piece of this action, including Spooner Oldham and James Hooker.Put starkly, this is an album that whatever your musical tastes you ought to think about listening to, it's that good. Oh, and by the way, there's no mention anywhere in the packaging of the Amazing Rhythm Aces! (By Dr.D.Treharne)

01- Old School
02- The King Is in His Castle
03- The Road
04- Walk These Hills
05- Look Heart No Hands
06- Don't Go to Strangers
07- We're Gettin' Outta Here
08- What I Learned From Loving You
09- Heartbeat in the Darkness
10- Third Rate Romance
11- Jesse
12- Keep It Between the Lines
13  The End Is Not in Sight

Russell Smith : Vocals
James Leblanc : Acoustic Guitar & Backing Vocals
Mac McAnally, Michael Noble, Will McFarlane, Walt Aldridge : Acoustic Guitar
Jeff King, Kelvin Holly : Electric Guitar
Danny Flowers : Guitar, Harmonica, Backing Vocals
Bob Patin, Clayton Yvey : Keyboards
Spooner Oldham, James Hooker, Tommy Patterson : Hammond B3
Wayne Bridge : Steel Guitar
David hood : Bass
Roger Guth, Darryl Burgess, Marcus Pope, Dennis Holt : Drums
Jimmy Hall : Harmonica
Scooter Muse : Banjo
Karl Kaplin : Fiddle, Steel, Accordion
Bobby Whitlock, Cindy Walker, Marie Lewey, Carla Russell, Lenny Leblanc : Backing Vocals
Mickey Buckins, Jimmy Nutt & Rodney Hall : Percussion