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Barry Melton - The Fish (1975 us rock with bonus tracks - vinyl rip - flac)

Solo album by Barry Melton recorded at Rockfield Studios in 1975 with Welsh musicians .
It's a vinyl rip with 10 bonus track from unreleased album of 1974. Enjoy !!!
01- Long Way
02- Stranger
03- Jessie James
04- Could You Drive Forever ?
05- Mountains In Dreamland
06- Speed Racer
07- Babylon
08- Karma
09- Harbinger
10- Looking For A World
11- Marshmellow Road
12- Ice Cream Man
13- California Seacost
Bonus Tracks From Unreleased Album 1974
14- Jesse James
15- Mountains In Dreamland
16- Looking For A World
17- Babylon
18- Love Is A Mystery
19- Harbinger
20- Sunshine
21- Stranger
22- Karma
23- Could You Drive Forever

David Charles - Drums
Tommy Eyre - Keyboards
Ray Martinez - Rhythm & Slide Guitar
Barry Melton - Lead Guitar & Vocals
Ken Whaley - Bass

Barry Melton - We Are Like The Ocean - Level With Me (1978-1979- us west coast rock - vinyl rip - flac)

Third an fourth solo albums by Barry Melton .Many great songs that prove that Barry is a complete artist, great composer, singer and guitarist.  
Some of these songs were regularly played by Barry and John Cipollina in  Dinosaurs or Fish & Chip. (I Can't Dance, Level With Me, The name a few).

We Are Like The Ocean
01- I Have Wandered
02- She's A Love
03- Anagarika
04- Lately
05- Traveling
06- We Are Like The Ocean
07- Passengers
08- Pueblo Pool
09- California
10- Keep The Faith
Level With me
11- I Can't Dance
12- Astral Lover
13- You Gave Me Sunshine
14- Colorado Town
15- Level With Me
16- The Dance
17- Remember The Song
18- Money
19- San Francisco Shuffle
20- Seventh Seal
We Are Like The Ocean
Barry Melton - Guitars & Vocals
Bob Flurie, Ray Martinez, Rob Pizer - Guitars
Paul Cobbold - Bass
Moth Smith - Drums
Bob Hogins - Piano
Elmo Shropshire - Banjo
Dave & Heather Brady,Jim Boyes - Background Vocals 

Level With Me
Barry Melton - Guitar & Lead Vocals
Bob Flurie - Guitar & Vocals
Bob Ashlee - Bass & Vocals
Harold Aceves - Drums & Vocals
Robert Hogins - Keyboards & Vocals


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Hookfoot - Live In Memphis USA 1972 (Uk great blend of rock, soul & blues - 1990 edition - flac)

Hookfoot was a quintet formed at the end of the '60s as a recording unit by a half-dozen session players associated with Dick James' publishing and later with his DJM Records label. They never made much of an impression on the charts, despite their work being licensed to A&M Records, through which they released four LPs in the U.S.A. Ian Duck (vocals, harmonica), Dave Glover (bass), Roger Pope (drums, vocals), and Caleb Quaye (guitar, vocals) were the original lineup, with Bob Kulick (guitar, vocals) coming in alongside Quaye, and Fred Gandy joining on bass later.(Bruce Eder)

Does anyone remember how good this group was besides me? This is the fourth release (after Hookfoot, Good Times A Comin, Communication, and Roaring),that I can find from one of the most underated groups from England in the early 70's;Hookfoot. Eight live tracks(5 from the various studio releases) that show what a great band these guys were! A talented guitar band led by Caleb Quaye, and Ian Duck, this four piece band with Roger Pope and Dave Glover/Freddy Gandy could play it all; loud and funky rock n'roll,electric or acoustic blues, combined with great lyrics and superb musicianship. If you can find this disc check it out, because this may be the only Hookfoot music you'll be able to listen to on CD anytime soon. It's a decent recording(considering the time it was made),and shows a "live" sound most fans like me never got to hear. See if you agree with me, that these guys played great music that sounded like nothing else from England that was being played in 1972- it'll make you feel young again!!(By wwwperkmp)

01 Taxman
02 If I Had The Words
03 They'll Never Find Us Up There
04 Here I Come
05 Cuckoo
06 Cruisin'
07 Nature Changes
08 Freedom

Caleb Quaye : Lead & Rhythm Guitar, Vocals, Keyboards
Ian Duck : Rhythm & Lead Guitar, Vocals, Harmonica
Fred Gandy : Bass
Roger Pope : Drums, Vocals

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Jean-Jacques Kravetz - Kravetz (1972 great germany heavy prog - flac)

Jean Jacques Kravetz is a french multi-instrumentalist (piano, keyboard, sax) and fruitful composer who released his whole career in Germany. He first made a name in Hamburg musical scene. In a relative discretion he published a solo effort simply called Kravetz (1972). In this solo excursion he was accompanied by the famous Udo Lindenberg on drums. Musically, the album is a pleasant combination between heavy fuzzy organs and krauty improvs. Kravetz is mostly known for being the keyboardist of Frumpy, Kin Pink Meh and Atlantis. Today he is recognised as one the great pionniers of German rock.

 This is one of my all time favourite early 70's Krautrock related LP's. Highly underrated, and I've never grown tired of listening to it.
'Jean-Jacques Kravetz' is of course the renowned keyboardist of the great German band Frumpy.
Born in Paris in 1947, he moved to Hamburg Germany in 1967, where he was one of the co founders of the great aforementioned German band.
 This was his first solo album released in 1972. Jean is backed by the superb musicianship of Udo Lindenberg(drums), Carl-G. Stephan(bass) and Thomas Kretzschmer(guitar).
 The lineup here is actually 'The Udo Lindenberg Band' with Kravetz at the helm. Though this was much more in the 'heavy progressive' vein in comparisonn to Udo's much more commercial sounding solo output that came later.
 Female vocalist spectacular 'Inga Rumpf' (Frumpy/Atlantis) also makes a guest appearance on the opening track 'I'd Like To Be A Child Again'. Udo takes over the vocal duties on the rest of the album.
 The band are super tight here, and musically it definitely surpasses anything recorded by Atlantis, and in my opinion, rivals some of Frumpy's best material as well.
 The only real downside I can see are the somewhat patchy vocal arrangements. But the instrumental passages (and there's many) are worth the price of admission alone. Highly recommended!
(Review By Doc_Smiley) 

01- I'd Like To Be A Child Again  9:35
02- Ann Toomuch  7:55
03- Routes  7:27
04- When The Dream Is Over  3:14
05- Master Of Time 9:51

Jean-Jacques Kravetz - Organ, Piano, Percussion, Synthesizer, 
Carl-G. Stephan - Bass
Udo Lindenberg - Drums, Percussion, Vocals 
Thomas Kretzschmer - Guitar 
Inga Rumpf - Vocals On 01
Roger Hook - 12 Strings Guitar On 01 & 04

David Crosby & Friends - The Perro Sessions 1971 - Part 04 - 2 Cds (Flac)

David Crosby – guitar, vocals
Graham Nash – guitar, vocals
Paul Kantner – guitar, banjo, vocals
Grace Slick – piano, vocals
Jorma Kaukonen – lead guitar
Jack Casady – bass
Jerry Garcia – guitar, vocals
Phil Lesh – bass
Bill Kreutzmann – drums
Mickey Hart – percussion
David Freiberg – viola, vocals

Cd 01 New  Link
Cd 02

David Crosby & Friends - The Perro Sessions 1971 - Part 03 - 1 Cd (Flac)

David Crosby – guitar, vocals
Graham Nash – guitar, vocals
Paul Kantner – guitar, banjo, vocals
Grace Slick – piano, vocals
Jorma Kaukonen – lead guitar
Jack Casady – bass
Jerry Garcia – guitar, vocals
Phil Lesh – bass
Bill Kreutzmann – drums
Mickey Hart – percussion
David Freiberg – viola, vocals


David Crosby & Friends - The Perro Sessions 1971 - Part 01 - 4Cd (Flac)

The Planet Earth Rock and Roll Orchestra is a nickname given to artists who recorded together in the early 1970s. They were predominantly members of Jefferson Airplane, The Grateful Dead, Quicksilver Messenger Service, and Crosby, Stills and Nash. Their first album together was Blows Against the Empire, when they were known as Jefferson Starship. The name changed to Planet Earth Rock and Roll Orchestra for the next album, David Crosby's If I Could Only Remember My Name. During the sessions for Crosby's album at Wally Heider Studios, the musicians of each band were invited to the sessions and rehearsed hours of material, and everything was recorded. Material played during these recorded sessions in 1971 was used for Crosby's album (the "PERRO Chorus" is credited on the song, "What Are Their Names") and several other solo albums after Crosby's (see discography). The name Jefferson Starship was later used for Paul Kantner and Grace Slick's new band formed in 1974. Paul Kantner recorded a solo album in 1983 as a tribute to this time, Planet Earth Rock and Roll Orchestra.

David Crosby – guitar, vocals
Graham Nash – guitar, vocals
Paul Kantner – guitar, banjo, vocals
Grace Slick – piano, vocals
Jorma Kaukonen – lead guitar
Jack Casady – bass
Jerry Garcia – guitar, vocals
Phil Lesh – bass
Bill Kreutzmann – drums
Mickey Hart – percussion
David Freiberg – viola, vocals

PERRO Discography
1970 Blows Against the Empire by Paul Kantner and Jefferson Starship
1971 If I Could Only Remember My Name by David Crosby
                Songs for Beginners by Graham Nash
                Sunfighter by Paul Kantner and Grace Slick
1972 Graham Nash David Crosby by Graham Nash and David Crosby
                Rolling Thunder by Mickey Hart
1973 Baron von Tollbooth & the Chrome Nun by  Kantner,  Slick, and  Freiberg
1983 Planet Earth Rock and Roll Orchestra by Paul Kantner

Eric Quincy Tate - Chattahoochee River - Atlanta - Georgia - May '74 (Flac)

Tracks Listing
01.White Line
02.Papst Blue Ribbon
03.Father Michaels
04.The Bream are still biting in Ferriday
05.Flying Machine
06.Half ain´t been told *

Donnie McCormick - Lead Vocals,Drums,and everything else at one time
David Cantonwine - Bass
Joe Rogers - Piano
Wayne "Bear" Sauls - Guitars,Lead Vocals on *
Jerome Joseph - Congas

Great Blend of R&B,Blues,Rock,Psychedelic......played the southern way.
They just owned the Strip ,Piedmont Park...... just like the Booger Band,The Sweet Younguns,the Allman Bros. etc.....everybody played with places like the Bottom of the Barrel,The Bowery,Hot´Lanta.......(Many Thanks to Traink)


Eric Quincy Tate - Old Fairfax Th. - Fairfax - Va - December 12th 1975 (Flac)

01.Whiskey Woman Blues
02.Flying Machine
03.White Line > Half ain´t been told *
04.Brown Sugar
05.Texas Sand > The Bream are still biting in Ferriday
06.Who´s got the time to bother
07.What´s nude
08.Honky Tonk Man > No rollin´Boogie
09.Food,Phone,Gas and Lodging *
10.Chattahoochee Coochee Man
11.Things I think I think I´ll find
12.Texas *
13.Whiskey Woman Blues (different mix)

Donnie McCormick - Lead Vocals, Drums,and everything else at one time
David Cantonwine - Bass
Joe Rogers - Piano, Hammond B3
Wayne "Bear" Sauls - Guitars, Lead Vocals on *


Eric Quincy Tate - Lake Spivey - 1974 (Flac)

You can tell by this Show....they never played the same show twice the same way.......pure energy !! The took the late night club onto the big Stage.
They had about 130 songs at this time

01. Instrumental
02. I love the life I live > The Thrill is gone
03. Can´t get home for your Party
04. Big Legged Mama *
05. No rollin´ Boogie // No rollin´Boogie
06. Brown Sugar > Things
07. Past Blue Ribbon
08. Chattahoochee Coochee Man
09. The Letter
10. Summertime
11. Whiskey Woman Blues //

Donnie McCormick - Lead Vocals,Drums,and everything else at one time
David Cantonwine - Bass
Joe Rogers - B3 organ
Wayne "Bear" Sauls - Guitars,Lead Vocals on *
Tommy Carlise - Guitar,Slide
Jerome Joseph - Congas


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Eric Quincy Tate - Live At The Whippin' Post - Augusta Georgia - 1977 (Vinyl Rip - Flac)

Eric Quincy Tate were not a person, they were a band - a quartet of down-and-dirty swamp rockers, Naval reservists stationed in Quincy, MA, but based down South, playing regularly in Texas where they were discovered by Tony Joe White, who shared a similar taste for blues, R&B, and soul.
Eric Quincy Tate is pure swamp pop, mixing up soul, blues, country, and rock & roll into a dynamite concoction of thick, funky roots rock.

01. Brown Sugar
02. Hit The Road Jack
03. Cherry Pie
04. Shake Rattle & Roll
05. Whiskey Woman Blues...I Can't Turn You Loose
06. Whiskey Woman Blues...Reprise
07. White Line
08. Crazy Arms
09. Worms
10. No Rollin' Boogie  


Eric Quincy Tate - Summer 1975 - Hot´Lanta - Atlanta - GA (Soundboard - Flac)

Great Blend of R&B,Blues,Rock,Psychedelic......played the southern way...
They just owned the Strip ,Piedmont Park...... just like the Booger Band,The Sweet Younguns,the Allman Bros. etc.....everybody played with places like the Bottom of the Barrel,The Bowery,Hot´Lanta....... 
Enjoy !!! (By Traink, many thanks to him)

01. Misty
02. How many ways a man can get the Blues
03. Don´t let me loose this Dream
04. The Letter
05. No rollin´ Boogie 
06. Father Michael
07. Drivin´Wheel

Donnie McCormick - Lead Vocals,Drums,and everything else at one time 
David Cantonwine - Bass
Joe Rogers - B3 organ 
Wayne "Bear" Sauls - Guitars
Tommy Carlise - Guitar,Slide 


Eric Quincy Tate - Live At Tuscaloosa - Alabama - April '73 - Flac

01 Funky Instrumental
02 Season of the Witch
03 Honky Tonk Man >No rollin´ Boogie
04 Brown Sugar
05 Things (I think I think I´ll find) fade out

Donnie McCormick - Lead Vocals,Drums,and everything else at one time
David Cantonwine - Bass
Joe Rogers - B3 Organ,Piano
Wayne "Bear" Sauls - Guitars (Just joined the Band)
Jerome Joseph - Congas

Eric Quincy Tate was one of the greatest Southern Rock bands of all time, but they just never got the recognition they so richly deserved. The Texas based band was compared by many to fellow Capricorn Records artists The Allman Brothers Band, due mostly to their extreme talent and ability to take the music to another level in concert, playing extended jams and brilliantly executed rock songs.Two of the band’s founding members died during the past year or so, leaving behind a musical legacy of great importance to any who ever heard them live or on record, because onc you herd the band, you were hooked for life.(Many Thanks to Traink)


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Copperhead - 1st unreleased Lp (November 1970, SBD from John Cipollina's master cassette - wave)

Recorded at John Cipollina's home's studio, Mill Valley, California.
This is exactly the copy of the original John's notes reported on his reel.

This is a rare recording. Copperhead's story is long, but in a few words: first Copperhead attempt in this, John tried to shopthis at various record companies with no luck. Two years later his father Gino paid for the recording of a demo that finally was sold to CBS (= First Lp).
A year later the second album was ready to release, but Columbia stopped the project because the first one sold nothing. Columbia still have the masters of the 2nd lp. John's brother Mario tried to rebuy it from them to release it, but did not get a reply from any Columbia executive.  
Nice to hear Jim McPherson. I wonderif anyone's got/heard much of Jim's previous band's Stained Glass and before that, "The Trolls". The Trolls had a monster song called "Walkin' Shoes". It's a must have in my book...(38f Fabio) 

01. Rocket Ship
02. Putting It To You (I Just Gonna Move You)
03. Drunken Irish Setter (1st ever known version)
04. Motel Party Baby (tape's speed is not stable on the original recording)
05. Highway No.9 (acoustic version)
06. Mama (title of the first incarnation of Bigelow 6-9000)
07. Chameleon (Unobsky & McPherson on vocals)

John Cipollina - lead guitar, hawaian steel guitar, steel guitar.
Mark Unobsky - guitars & vocals
Jim Murray - guitars, tablas & Harmonica
Jim McPherson - Piano & vocals
David Weber - drums
Cyrus - bass


Terry & The Pirates - The Last Day Saloon - San Francisco - 1985-01-19 (Flac)

Amazing show by Terry Dolan & his Pirates : John Cipollina, Greg Douglass, David Hayes & Greg Elmore ....

Disc 1
01 Instrumental 1:39
02 Vain River 5:10
03 Genoa 3:22
04 Shadow Of The Buffalo 3:46
05 Heartbeatin' Away 5:33
06 Higher And Higher 4:49
07 Razor Blade 2:56
08 Montana Eyes 4:56
09 Soul Serenade 5:42
10 Highway 4:52
11 Yankee Son 4:13
12 Inside And Out 3:41
13 Something To Lose 4:58
14 I Put A Spell On You 5:44
15 All Worth The Price You Pay 12:35
16 Silverado Trail 5:51

Disc 2
01 Train Kept A Rollin' 3:52
02 Ain't Livin Long Like This 5:51
03 Hideaway 5:20
04 Rising Of The Moon 5:20
05 Country Plow 5:05
06 Writing You A Letter 3:46
07 Outlaws And Inlaws 8:23
08 Into The Wind 4:01
09 Gunmetal Blues 3:54
10 Follow Her Around 4:31
11 Rainbow 5:13
12 Wish I Was Your River 6:22
13 Don't Do It 10:32

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The O Band - The Knife - (1977 Uk classic rock blended progressive rock - Flac)

The Band Called "O" final studio LP contains stunning versions of Spirit's "Look To The Left Look To The Right" and Creedence Clearwater Revival's "Almost Saturday Night" as well as nice quality self composed songs. Through never achieving the commercial success they merited there's no doubting that the O-Band were one of the UK's finest Rock bands of the 70's. However, this album is excellent, and can be regarded as a swan song succeeded ...
 Musically, their style had already evolved from progressive rock to soft-rock, but it then moved towards a pop style. They changed their name to "The O Band" and released a 12" EP Look to the Left, Look to the Right in 1977. before recording their final album The Knife, from which the single "Almost Saturday Night"/"Love Ain't A Keeper" was taken, also in 1977. Shortly before a planned change of management, Pix Pickford decided to leave for a solo career. The O Band later disbanded at the end of 1977. 

01. Look To The Left Look To The Right
02. Almost Saturday Night
03. Im Gonna Leave You
04. Strange Lovin
05. Back Alley Lightning
06. Time Seems To Fly
07. The Knife
08. Got To Run
09. Venus Avenue
10. A Smile Is Diamond ( Maxi Version)
11. Fine White Wine

Mark Anders - Bass Guitar
Pix Pickford - Lead Vocals, Guitar
Greg Anders - Vocals, Guitar, Slide Guitar
Jeff Bannister - Vocals, Keyboards
Derek Ballard - Drums, Percussion

A Band Called O - Within Reach - (1976 Uk classic rock blended progressive rock - flac)

I saw this band three times on the UK college circuit (at UCW Aberystwyth in the mid-70s) and they sounded almost exactly as they do on this album: wonderfully melodic very tight musicianship led by Pix on lead guitar; West Coast US inspired, but nevertheless 'English sounding'. Pix is still playing with a band called Racket: he is better than Mark Knopfler, but having just as distinctive a signature sound. Pix was from the Channel Islands. A picture of him shows him playing a strat and still looking in good health. There is a telephone number given on which you can book gigs, by Racket, that is, but sadly not by The O Band. 
  The band used to be obsessed about getting the sound-engineering just right on stage and would keep us waiting for 10 to 15 minutes, playing to an empty, locked auditorium while the engineer made fine adjustments on the desk. You could watch through the windows in the doors. The wait was always worth it. The band were fine vocalists as well as great players. When I saw them they were first called Oasis! I do not know why they changed name. I remember Pix played with a slightly distracted look of concentration and absorption by the music. He used to look above the heads of the audience, apparantly studying the wall behind us, but seeing nothing I guess. He took his picking really seriously.
  So to the album. Each track has a complimentary momentum and feel so that the overall effect is very coherent. The last track is a kind of gentle 'goodbye'. Smile is a Diamond seems to be the most highly regarded track, but I find them all equally good.
  If you want a benchmark, I would place Crosby Stills Nash and Young 'Deja Vu' and The Band 'Stagefright' slightly ahead of this album. In other words Within Reach by The O Band is World Class Country Rock and an essential album for any blissed-out soft rocker. I love it.
  Dear Pix: any chance of an O Band reunion gig? You'd find me in the front row and before that, trying to get in just to enjoy the sound check. Dig your style! How did you develop it and what set up did you use back then? Stay in good health: too many rockers die young!!
(By Dr. S. L. Smith "Steve Smith"

01. Smile Is Diamond
02. Feel Alright
03. Lucia Loser
04. Don't Cha Wanna
05. Money Talk
06. Still Burning
07. Paradise Blue
08. Long Long Way
09. Within Reach
10. A Smile Is Diamond (Single Version)
11. Coasting (Single B-Side) 
12. Love Ain't a Keeper (Single B-Side) 

Pix - Lead Vocals, Guitar
Mark Anders - Bass
Derek Ballard - Drums, Percussion  
Craig Anders - Vocals, Peddle Steel Guitar, Slide Guitar 
Jeff Bannister - Vocals, Piano, Electric Piano, Organ, Synthesizer