Monday, July 18, 2016

Mike Bloomfield All Stars Featuring John Cipollina - Prisoner's Benefit, Old Waldorf - San Francisco - April 20th 1977 (Flac)

1. I Don't Want No Wife
2. Movin'
3. You Send Me
4. Feel So Bad
5. Mr. Pitiful
6. Tell It Like it Is
7. When I Was a Cowboy
8. Women Lovin' Each Other
9. Try It Before You Buy It
10. Too Much Monkey Business
Mike Bloomfield - guitar, vocals & piano
John Cipollina - guitar
Mark Naftalin - piano
Roger Troy - bass, vocals
Robert Jones - drums, vocals
Bloomfield & Cipollina playing together !!!!
Enjoy !!!


Pedro said...

Thanks for posting and posting Cipollina stuff.By the way, do you know of the blog bluestown is somewhere in internet with another name?.Regards.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this rare Bloomfield music, i was searching for it a long time.


Anonymous said...

please repost this i missed it

Angelique Hossein said...

Thanks so much, I lookked for it since a long time