lundi 24 octobre 2016

Chocolate Watch Band - Cafe du Nord, San Francisco CA - 2001-08-01 (Flac)

Great reunion concert in 2001 with special guests : Cyril Jordan, Mike Wilhelm & Alec Palao
Enjoy with a soundboard quality !!!

01 Introduction > Instrumental
02 Gone and Passes By
03 Misty Lane
04 Are You Gonna Be There (At the Love-In)
05 It's All over Now, Baby Blue
06 No Way Out
07 So Screwed Up
08 I'm Not Like Everybody Else
09 Sweet Young Thing
10 Let's Talk About Girls
11 band introductions
12 Don't Need Your Lovin'
13 I Just Want to Make Love to You
14 I'm Movin' On


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Anonyme a dit…

thanks a million! that's a great team!
dirty vagabond

Anonyme a dit…

I been sitting here a very long time waiting for an update.Guess it aint gonna happen

Anonyme a dit…

hi Silver, could you re-up this one, JM from st emilion