samedi 19 novembre 2016

The Doobie Brothers - Pacific High Recorders - San Francisco CA - 1972-01-16 - KSAN-FM (Flac)

01-Jesus Is Just Alright 4:18
02-Disciple 8:54
03-Feelin' Down Farther 5:21
04-Nobody 4:43
05-Slippery St. Paul 3:32
06-Greenwood Creek 4:30
07-Road Angel 5:03
08-Going Down 7:10
09-Tilted Park Crud Hunchery 10:23
10-Jam* (includes some vocals from 6:20 > 7:02) 15:24
11-Morning Blues* > 12:15
12-unknown title* [cut] 3:24

Tom Johnston Guitar
Pat Simmons Guitar
Tiran Porter Bass
John Hartman Drums
*with Gregg Rolie of Santana (keyboards) and Mike Wilhelm of the Charlatans (guitar).

Great FM concert from the earlier (And best) period of the Doobie Brothers...

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Jagged a dit…

Love the Doobies, thank you so much.

Anonyme a dit…

oldfuzzface:I like the early Doobies too.This is a good display of there talent.Thanks for sharing,Silverado

santino a dit…

thank you Silverado--a great band!
Also really like mirrorcreator

n8w8 a dit…


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