mercredi 20 mai 2015

Eric Quincy Tate - Live At Tuscaloosa - Alabama - April '73 - Flac

01 Funky Instrumental
02 Season of the Witch
03 Honky Tonk Man >No rollin´ Boogie
04 Brown Sugar
05 Things (I think I think I´ll find) fade out

Donnie McCormick - Lead Vocals,Drums,and everything else at one time
David Cantonwine - Bass
Joe Rogers - B3 Organ,Piano
Wayne "Bear" Sauls - Guitars (Just joined the Band)
Jerome Joseph - Congas

Eric Quincy Tate was one of the greatest Southern Rock bands of all time, but they just never got the recognition they so richly deserved. The Texas based band was compared by many to fellow Capricorn Records artists The Allman Brothers Band, due mostly to their extreme talent and ability to take the music to another level in concert, playing extended jams and brilliantly executed rock songs.Two of the band’s founding members died during the past year or so, leaving behind a musical legacy of great importance to any who ever heard them live or on record, because onc you herd the band, you were hooked for life.(Many Thanks to Traink)


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kobilica a dit…

Many thanks...

David Cantonwine a dit…
Music and pictures on every page...
Turn it up!!

Emilio Almeida a dit…

Hello, friends!
I suggest posting to your blog discography of studio and live band Eric Quincy Tate.
Greetings from Brazil.
Emilio Almeida

Emilio Almeida a dit…

Thanks for posting Silverado. I suggest also posting the other discs from this great band.
Big hug. Emilio Almeida - Brazyl

Anonyme a dit…

it's a pitty, but file was deleted
pls reupp - this is a good record

Jared Estes a dit…

Thank you for posting this. But what are the passwords for the links on your page? I could not find them. Thank you! Peace & Love

DSB a dit…

Saw these guys open for Wet Willie - 2 bands for $1. The singing drummer looked like a young Leon Ruasell, and they were damn good. Wet Willie were just kids too. Fun show.