dimanche 19 avril 2015

Terry & The Pirates - The Last Day Saloon - San Francisco - 1985-01-19 (Flac)

Amazing show by Terry Dolan & his Pirates : John Cipollina, Greg Douglass, David Hayes & Greg Elmore ....

Disc 1
01 Instrumental 1:39
02 Vain River 5:10
03 Genoa 3:22
04 Shadow Of The Buffalo 3:46
05 Heartbeatin' Away 5:33
06 Higher And Higher 4:49
07 Razor Blade 2:56
08 Montana Eyes 4:56
09 Soul Serenade 5:42
10 Highway 4:52
11 Yankee Son 4:13
12 Inside And Out 3:41
13 Something To Lose 4:58
14 I Put A Spell On You 5:44
15 All Worth The Price You Pay 12:35
16 Silverado Trail 5:51

Disc 2
01 Train Kept A Rollin' 3:52
02 Ain't Livin Long Like This 5:51
03 Hideaway 5:20
04 Rising Of The Moon 5:20
05 Country Plow 5:05
06 Writing You A Letter 3:46
07 Outlaws And Inlaws 8:23
08 Into The Wind 4:01
09 Gunmetal Blues 3:54
10 Follow Her Around 4:31
11 Rainbow 5:13
12 Wish I Was Your River 6:22
13 Don't Do It 10:32

12 commentaires:

Sir Billy Himalaya a dit…

Cheers for this, bud. Can't have too much Cipollina. Come across any mor Spirit?

phil 2964 a dit…

un bonjour pour commencer et merci pour toute cette musique que tu met a notre disposition !!! merci pour Cippollina

adamus67 a dit…

Though this kinda music it's not my cup of tea,anyway thanks

Anonyme a dit…

Just back from a trip to Concord NH - super surprise to see this posting. Great treat for the new week. Once again thanks for all of the last run of Cipollina related music - hope you have some more? Thank you.

Anonyme a dit…

We are here. You are loved.

Sadness a dit…

i`ll give you some praise my friend.. help out all of us..many thanks for the past few years..
all best..
i didn`t even see your posts for last few weeks.. will try to collect myself..
all best S

Anonyme a dit…

Back in the day i used to collect Relix magazine label cds. These Cipollina shows have that great SF period sound and the cd covers are really nice. They remind me of the Relix cds. Keep up the good work.

mitches a dit…

Thanks a lot Silverado for another great share!

Anonyme a dit…

More terry & the Pirates! Never go wrong with that! Thanks for all of these chunks of Cipollina - working my way thru them gradually

Anonyme a dit…

Thanks for a great blog. I have been revamping my T&TPs lately and discovered this post while looking for images. Is there any chance of a re-post of Last Day Saloon?? Bill

Anonyme a dit…

Thank you very much. Bill

richheart@live.com a dit…

Bonjour Silverado ! Do you know the source of this recording (audience ?)and how listening it ? I was at this show, made a recording and maybe it is the master. I am curious to compare.