lundi 13 avril 2015

Bachman-Turner Overdrive - FM Broadcast - Agora - Cleveland Ohio - Early 1974 (Flac)

BTO recorded live at the Agora in Cleveland between the 2nd and 3rd LP's.  "Not Fragile" was released in August of '74 and considering that all songs come from the first 2 releases this would lead one to believe early 1974 is the ballpark date.

01 Don't Get Yourself In Trouble > Little Gandy Dancer
02 Give It Time
03 Welcome Home
04 Hold Back The Water
05 Blue Collar
06 Give Me Your Money Please
07 Let It Ride
08 American Woman
09 Honky Tonk Woman

Randy Bachman - Lead Guitar & Vocals
Blair Thornton - Lead Guitar & Backing Vocals
C.F Turner - Bass Guitar & Vocals
Rob Bachman - Drums & Percussion

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AussieRock a dit…

Thanks for this boot Silverado - these FLACs are gonna be a great upgrade to my old low bitrate MP3's

Cheers from Down Under