samedi 19 juillet 2014

Spirit - Paramount Theatre - Seattle - Washington - KSIW-Broadcast - 1971-12-31 (Flac)

Disc One
01. Radio Comment > Something You Must Say (9:40) >
02. Nature's Way (2:53)
03. Just Care About Me (8:02) - (tape flip, 3 seconds are missing)
04. Hey Joe (9:02)
05. Improvisation (11:32) >
06. Veruska (3:15)

Disc Two
01. Going Away Somewhere (5:23)
02. Tow The Line (5:46)
03. It's All The Same (14:29)
04. I Got A Line On You (3:52)
05. Set Me Free / Comment (9:33)

Randy California - guitar, vocals
Ed Cassidy - drums, percussion
John Locke - keyboards
John Arliss - bass

This is one of the most intense Concert by Spirit. Powerful and perfect in Harmony. It's a Radio-Broadcast-Show.
The Sound Quality is near excellent Hey Joe is incredible.


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Anonyme a dit…

Thanks. Had this for a few years, and yes it is very intense. Several long hot jams. You used to have some Moby Grape shows posted. Would you have any others to post at some time, please? I think I got most of what you had back then, that I needed.

Woody a dit…

Thank you very much for this and for all music. Very very good blog

Potatoland a dit…

I cannot find this- how do you download this? I went to other bootleg type sites and the links do not can I buy this in CD format? HELP! Thank you

Potatoland a dit…

After downloading- my MAC computer did not have the file to open it- so I got the free stuff to open file- and the tracks play on a VLC file which means playsback only on my computer- I want to burn the songs onto a CD to play on my stereo- but the CD will only play on my computer- what is the file to transfer /open the download into a format that can burn to a CD that can play anywhere like other normal music Cd's?

musiclova a dit…

thanks for all the great music on your site!
could you please repost this posting? I came too late ....

greetings from bavaria

Timmy a dit…

Only the CD! gets through in the download link...
Can you help out with the complete show?

Timmy a dit…

* That should have read: CD 1.

danilo a dit…

Thanks ,I like Randy California a lot.

KNIGHT74 a dit…

Awesome post, Spirit are one of the most underated major label bands of the time,what a shame. BTW, The correct station is KISW (The ROCK of Seattle). Thanks for building such an amazing treasure trove with your site. If it weren't for you, I may have never heard of White Lighting,what a gem.