jeudi 21 mai 2015

Eric Quincy Tate - Chattahoochee River - Atlanta - Georgia - May '74 (Flac)

Tracks Listing
01.White Line
02.Papst Blue Ribbon
03.Father Michaels
04.The Bream are still biting in Ferriday
05.Flying Machine
06.Half ain´t been told *

Donnie McCormick - Lead Vocals,Drums,and everything else at one time
David Cantonwine - Bass
Joe Rogers - Piano
Wayne "Bear" Sauls - Guitars,Lead Vocals on *
Jerome Joseph - Congas

Great Blend of R&B,Blues,Rock,Psychedelic......played the southern way.
They just owned the Strip ,Piedmont Park...... just like the Booger Band,The Sweet Younguns,the Allman Bros. etc.....everybody played with places like the Bottom of the Barrel,The Bowery,Hot´Lanta.......(Many Thanks to Traink)


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Jamie (tacobueno) a dit…

This is a reposting by you isn't it? I think I've seen this one here before - along with several other EQT's.

Blue DeVille a dit…

Merci Beaucoup Silverado,tu n'as pas
EQT- 1989 - Rock'n roll Transfusion
- 2006 - Thirty Seven (37th anniversary reunion show in Atlanta)
- 1979 - Six Pack

ou -Real to reel, Red Hot ,Trio albums ??
Merci :))


@Bluesbeat , non je ne les ai pas, j'en ai vu certains sur le site EQT, mais il semble qu'ils ne les vendent qu'aux states...Je vais quand même creuser l'affaire...