mardi 3 février 2015

Love & Arthur Lee - Fillmore West, San Francisco, CA - November 21, 1970 (Great Audience Flac)

1st Set
01 Product Of The Times
02 Stand Out
03 Keep On Shining
04 Andmoreagain
05 Singing Cowboy
06 Good Times
07 Announcements
2nd Set
08 Stand Out
09 Product Of The Times
10 Bummer In The Summer
11 Find Somebody
12 Signed D.C.
13 Slick Dick
14 Always See Your Face
15 Singing Cowboy

Arthur Lee - Vocals, Rhythm Guitar 
Gary Rowles - Lead Guitar 
Frank Fayad - Bass 
George Suranovich - Drums


5 commentaires:

jhony b a dit…

bad quality on this at the sound.....great blog...thanx....

wcpaeb a dit…

Any live Love is always appreciated.

Marty a dit…

Thank you very much for reposting. Given the nature of the recording, I thought it sounded quite good.

Anonyme a dit…

My ears start to bleed after the first song,this is real bad sound at this Audience!would never bother to listen to the entire recording!but after the comments here, it's a part that appreciate it despite this bad sound !Great that you satisfy their ears anyway ;-)thx anyway for all other great stuff you have post here

Unknown a dit…

I appreciate you work for making wonderful music blog. I will visit frequently keep posting on the blog. Thanks!!

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