dimanche 4 août 2013

DR Fong & Friends - Cataclizm On 8th Avenue - (2007 Spacy Psychedelic Rock - Wave)

Don't miss this record . It's 45mn of Spacy , Psychedelic , Cosmic etc....GUITAR
One of the best instrumental track I've heard since a long time !!!
Long ago and far away, way out in the boonies of rural Hoosierland a young boy picked up his ax and started hammering out riffs. From tiny garage bands to eventually performing with some of the best musicians on the planet, Dr. Fong is no doubt one of rock's best kept secrets!Cataclizm is a bold move into a totally real, unrehearsed, unedited long jam.... Cataclizm was not rehearsed and was done in one take without any overdubs of any kind.
Cataclizm is 45 minutes of lettin' a Strat rip, rock, cry and weep in every way imaginable! Check out the good Doc's super guitar licks and the amazing bass work of Gary "Brotherman" Branchaud, Nashville "Alister"!Crank it way up and hit play! Have a taste of CataClizm on 8th Avenue!

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spunkie a dit…

YES YES YES Great find.

Many thanks

Ray a dit…

Yes, this is amazing !!

Rodney a dit…


Knowing of Jay Wilfong from Primevil (and Buccaneer), I was anticipating something more like the raw screaming guitar psych of Terry Brooks and Strange. This is very nice but more restrained guitar psych (verging on jazz at times). I quite like it. It's amazing that it's one take.

His "Beethoven of the Blues" is a really good album too.



Anonyme a dit…

Please repost. Thank you.

kobilica a dit…

Superb guitar work.Many thanks...