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Bedlam (Cozy Powell) - Live In London 1973 (1973 uk hard-blues mp3 @320)

Liner Notes from Denny Ball:
 Monday 22nd October: Command Studios Theatre in Picadilly. Show set up by Chrysalis records and our management. The idea was to record the band in a live environment and then send those recordings out to America for use by FM radio stations to promote our forthcoming support slot on Black Sabbath's 1974 tour there. 
 We were actually quite rude to the audience that night, treating them as extras in the evening's proceedings. We were so focused on getting the music down on tape that, when the tape ran out during the show, the audience were expected to amuse themselves whilst the engineer got things back on track.
 They hadn't paid to see the show; Chrysalis had sent free tickets out for the event.

Frank Aiello - Vocals
Dave Ball - Guitar
Denny Ball - Bass Guitar
Cozy Powell - Drums

01- I Believe In You (Live/London) (4:29)
02- Hot Lips (Live/London) (6:15)
03- Putting On The Flesh (Live/London) (4:23)
04- Sarah (Live/London) (4:58)
05- Drum Solo/Seven Long Years (Live/London) (5:47)
06- Mother In Law (Live/London) (1:10)
07- The Fool (Live/London) (11:30)
08- The Beast (Live/London) (5:57)
09- Set Me Free (Live/London) (6:43)


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AussieRock a dit…

Very interested in hearing this early Cozy Powell material
Thanks for the share
Cheers from DownUnder

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Any chance of a re-up?
Looks really interesting.
All the best, bosshoss