mercredi 6 février 2013

Snafu - All Funked Up (1975 uk heavy classic rock blended funk & country - flac)

Solley left the band to join Procol Harum. Brian Chatton and Tim Hinkley was recruited to complete the lineup that would record the band’s third album.
As the title suggests, the overall sound is very funky rock with an evident blues debt. Micky Moody’s overdriven slide adds a touch of Southern boogie to the mixture. The laidback country-rock groove sustained throughout has held up remarkably well in the quarter-century since its release.
Shortly after the release of the album, the general feeling of disillusionment and loss of direction which dominated the established British rock scene in the mid-seventies finally caught up with Snafu as well. During a tour of Germany, Micky Moody was invited to join David Coverdale (for the band which would become Whitesnake) and he accepted. Snafu was no more.

01. Don’t Keep Me Wondering – 5:21 
02. Bloodhound – 5:25
03. Lock And Key – 2:56
04. Hard to Handle – 3:22
05. Every Little Bit Hurts – 4:41
06. Turn Around – 4:23
07. Deep Water – 5:27
08. Keep on Running – 3:24
09. Barroom Tan – 3:48
10. Dancing Feet – 5:51
11. Are You Sure (Bonus Track) - 3:43

Bobby Harrison - vocals
Micky Moody - guitar
Colin Gibson - bass
Brian Chatton - keyboards
Tim Hinkley - piano, organ
Terry Popple - drums, percussion
Mel Collins - saxophone
Liza Strike, Viola Wills - background vocals


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